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   Chapter 53 The Best Way To Dispense With Fools (Part Two)

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By the time they reacted, quite a few ordinary disciples had slipped through the gate and entered the third level of Bloody Mountain.

"Stop them!" cried one of the noble clansmen who was dressed in blue.

Seeing the scene, the other noble clansmen knew they wouldn't have anyone to rob if more commoners slipped by.

It was worth pointing out that while these noble disciples were not strong, with the weapons and magic tools their families provided, they could still fight.

They clustered together quickly to fill the breach and restore their checkpoint.

While this was happening, the disciples who were trailing after the towering man continued attacking. The cruel and unrelenting enemies left them only the choice of brave resistance or dropping out of the game. Anyone at this time could burst with increased strength.

So the scuffle escalated.


wailed a disciple as three noble disciples attacked, leaving him gutted. His enemy stood over him with a bloody long sword that shimmered a brilliant green light.

Although each disciple was in the magic array, protecting them from real death, the pain was still real.

After screaming, the disciple was immediately encircled in a light, and he was gone.

But the noble disciples were not faring well. During the fighting, a noble disciple gently pushed against a commoner to stop him. The ordinary disciple appeared unimpressive but was, in fact, more powerful.

The noble clansman felt a strange stab force its way into his body. He began to twitch, tremble, and fell to the ground, dead. Countless dots encased him in light instantly, and he vanished, too.

Zen moved with a deft prowess, like lightning during a storm. Many disciples from noble clans tried stopping him. He dodged the attacks easily, weaving between them as he advanced.

He managed to shake off the interception, and passed the chaotic checkpoint, nearing safety. The outco

were depressed, and they found no way to vent. Seeing what Zen did, they promptly gathered together to launch an attack on him.


one shouted. Watching the noble clansmen surround him, Zen shoved Nory to a safe distance.

"Kill him!"

"It's so discouraging that my cousin was eliminated!"

"I didn't believe these common men would resist! Kill him!"

The noble clan disciples were so furious that they lost their reasoning. They raced at Zen, attacking him madly.

Half of them were at the organ refining level, and half were at marrow refining level. Every one of them wielded a powerful weapon. Each weapon was above the grade of medium mysterious weapon.

Zen remained unflustered in the face of the insanity rushing toward him. He knew if he panicked, there would be more trouble than he had now.

His eyes narrowed to slits, and he observed the disciple in blue, secretly selecting him as a target.

As soon as the noble disciples began to rush him, Zen ducked in the opposite direction, bypassing the bodies in front and headed past them at the man in blue.

Zen noticed they were all following the lead of the man in blue. Taking on the leader first, to defeat his bandit followers, had proved to be the proper strategic choice. So, Zen got him first.

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