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   Chapter 52 The Best Way To Dispense With Fools (Part One)

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The noble clansmen pupils enjoyed many magic pills, learning the best training skills, and there were even some endowed with excellent bloodlines of the family elders.

Most of them were born with exceptional advantages over ordinary people.

Quite a few of them turned into dandies, living a life of extreme depravity due to their special status. Through magic pills, they cultivated smoothly, but they lacked strength and fighting power.

Zen did not think that all the children of the gentry were like this. Otherwise, the noble clans in the Imperial Capital wouldn't have thrived for as many years. There must be many children among the nobles, who were gifted, diligent and practiced hard.

But, obviously, the men he faced now weren't in that league.

These guys didn't want to work hard nor did they want to kill the beasts, so, instead, they robbed other participants of their crystal fragments. He was indignant that they wanted something for nothing. How could such shameless people exist in the world?

He watched momentarily, noticing that they were robbing the ordinary disciples, not letting them pass, and yet, the noble disciples were left to pass through without saying a word.

They were bold enough to rob participants in broad daylight, and the Cloud Sect didn't care?

Zen didn't actually know if that was true. These guys had been doing this for a while. A few years ago, some disciples from the noble clans discovered this was an ideal location to set up a blockade here, between the second and third level, and collect tolls in the form of crystal fragments from the commoners passing through. It was an easy way to make a fortune, prevent some from gaining admittance and they s

challenging to intimidate.

The towering man swung his great sword and rushed the pass. He was a burly man with big arms, and as he wielded the great sword, the wind roared, whipping the faces of the noble disciples which caused them discomfort.

The men from the noble clans were not strong, or they wouldn't be there robbing others.

In the face of the towering man's attacks, the bullies cursed. Unable to resist his attacks, they fell back to each side of the passage, exposing a gap through the middle.

Some ordinary disciples who had been hesitant saw the gap and emboldened, took the opportunity to follow the towering man and race through the pass.

More and more disciples joined the group when they saw the others succeeding.

The checkpoint of the noble clansmen was collapsed. The ordinary disciples hurried as a mob at the pass, like fish released from the floodgate. Zen followed the crowd, speeding forward.

Seeing what was occurring, the noble clansmen's faces were filled with anger. They didn't expect this at all. They didn't expect to let one man through, let alone so many people along with him.

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