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   Chapter 51 Ryan Fang (Part Two)

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As two disciples from Dylan's family were eliminated from the test, his eyes blazed with anger, and he was fuming. Fang Clan had sent four disciples to participate in the blooded test. Three were from offshoot branches and were not as strong. However, one of them was Dylan's immediate family and the third son of the family's leader. His name was Ryan Fang, and he was a mighty, talented young man.

Dylan gave his word to the clan that all four would pass the test. Now, two were cut from the ranks. He waited impatiently. He connected to Ryan's disciple card via the Picture Slab, and without hesitation, he called out, sending his voice over the slab.

According to the blooded test rules, this was a violation. However, Dylan didn't care about anything.

"Ryan, Noah and Peace were eliminated from the blooded test! Someone did that to them!" Dylan said in a low but passionate voice over the Picture Slab to Ryan.

"What did you say? Who dared to do that to my people?" Ryan replied as he ran swiftly on the third layer of the magic array. Behind him, six three-grade unreal beasts were chasing him. But he didn't rush in confusion. He didn't frown, and instead, he started chatting with Dylan.

"It was some guy named Zen Luo! Do you know him? He just doesn't quit! He dared to touch Noah and Peace," stated Dylan, as he ground his teeth. He was so angry because Noah was his nep

ing manner, "No, that isn't what I meant. Maybe, I worry too much. You have superior strength and are unbeatable in Bloody Mountain. I have sent you Zen's location. Check it now."

When Dylan was finished, Ryan's expression went blank. He turned and walked in the direction that Dylan directed.

At that point, Zen was continuing going deeper into Bloody Mountain, having killed two second-grade unreal beasts. Able to have a small break from battling, he breathed a sigh of relief. He was exhausted, but, within moments, he heard an unnatural laugh and his face contorted.

There, standing in front of him, were twenty disciples from noble clans. They had set up a tollbooth, and anyone who wanted to get through was forced to hand over all their crystal fragments.

The first thought came into Zen's mind was 'These stupid guys are surely crazy' and it was evident, there wasn't going to be even a small break.

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