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   Chapter 50 Ryan Fang (Part One)

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Unknown to Zen, someone stood straight-faced outside the Bloody Mountain, clenching his fists indignantly.

Outside the mountain, all the tutors from the Cloud Sect were standing next to a Picture Slab, carefully monitoring the performance of each participant within the Bloody Mountain.

Because they assigned the disciples based on ability and performance. However, according to the rules, disciples who passed the test would be allowed to choose their tutors.

These tutors monitored as early and carefully as possible, so that they had a general assessment of the disciples who participated in the blooded test. Then they made their decisions. They all wanted to find and draw the talents into their folds.

Anyone participating in the blooded test received a disciple card. Through the disciple card they carried, the tutors could see where each participant was and what they were doing.

At that moment, Dylan Fang was expressionless. Although he was the Dragon Peak tutor, he was also a member of the Fang Clan.

Fang Clan sent four clansmen to participate in the blooded test. And Dylan was instructed to ensure that no matter what happened, those four were to pass the test.

As a matter of fact, the pass rate of the disciples from the noble clans was much higher than any of the disciples that were commoners.

Among over one thousand lowborn disciples, approximately two hundred might pass the blooded test.

About one hundred and seventy of the two hundred noble clansmen would pass the test.

There was always a large gap between the classes because most of the commoners were fearful of the noble clans from birth. They also were fearful of offending the families behind th

d, seeing heads shake and watching them move on to the next candidate; a mischievous grin spread across Master Su's pretty face. She attended the Picture Slab intently. If anyone was next to her, he would see Zen on the Picture Slab in front of her, instead of a blurred picture.

The reason no one could see Zen's performance but her was that she tampered with Zen's disciple card when she made an excuse to check his card.

Only by making sure that no one could watch Zen's performance would no one pay any attention to him. Zen should join her peak.

But, now she worried, 'Did the previous battle catch the attention of others?' Master Su sighed nervously. Although others could not trace Zen, and could not see Zen's performance, they were able to perceive signs through other participants.

She prayed that Zen got enough crystals to pass the test, and she hoped that Zen would not become involved in any more fights. But, then again, those noble clan children were annoying, and always caused trouble. Master Su couldn't help but curl her lips upward in a sly grin.

Things didn't always go as master Su expected.

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