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   Chapter 46 I Refuse To Accept It (Part Two)

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The tall young man from Wang Clan said, "Supervisor, I am an inner disciple of Cloud Sect and not a participant in the Blooded Test.

"Inner disciple?" Joshua asked, "Which peak do you belong to?"

"I am from the Skytop Peak, examiner," responded the tall young man.

"Hmm, Master Xu of Skytop Peak is here too. Since you are an inner disciple, the punishment is that one hundred points will be deducted from the peak!" declared Joshua.

There was a smile on the tall young man's face, and he looked relaxed. As everyone knew, one hundred points was a lot to the helpless grassroots, but for the noble clan disciples, it was nothing. Such a punishment was meaningless to him.

They might have lost a hundred points, but Zen would be kicked out of the Cloud Sect, which was precisely what they wanted.

More than one thousand students stood there, looking angry about the unjust decision. This punishment was close to no punishment at all. Joshua was helping the influential.

At that moment, all thirty-three peak masters in the Cloud Sect arrived on flying chariots.

After the students passed the Blooded Test, each master would pick students who met their requirements. They would choose the right talents for their folds, based on the performances and examination results of the students.

To have better development of their respective peaks, each master followed the principles of selecting the best students for their peaks.

Of course, Zen understood how bad his situation was. Joshua was obviously on the side of the noble clans. But, he continued to think that he didn't want to miss out on his life for something he had no control over. He argued, "Examiner, I wasn't the one who started the fight. You have to believe me. Everyone here saw it. I was forced into the fight. It's unfair to disqualify me from the competition arbitrarily like this!"

"It's not fair? Now then, tell me, were you fighting?" Joshua had no expression as he asked.

"Yes," Zen responded honestly. He did fight, but, he was forced into it. If he hadn't, he would be dead now.

"Okay t

ideal. Hearing the anger in her voice, Joshua realized he wasn't getting through this matter easily. Smiling complacently, Joshua said, "Master Su, it's such a small matter, surely it's not worth getting angry about......"

"Well, if it's a small case, then let him clarify! You, tell all of us. What happened?" asked Master Su.

"They did it!" declared Zen as he pointed to Billy, Perrin, and their followers. "They came at me with no reason. One of them rushed at me and hit me, forcing me to fight back!"

Joshua sneered. "Young man, you'd better think over what you are saying. Your accusations are one-sided. Do you have anyone who can prove your tale?"

Everyone stopped talking at once, and the noisy crowd suddenly became deathly quiet. A light smile spread across Billy's face, while Perrin gloated silently. They knew that the sons of the noble clans would not offend Billy, and among the more than one thousand disciples from ordinary families, if they were smart, none would stand up for Zen.

Just as expected, even though this happened in full view of all of them and they were outraged moments ago, none of them dared step forward and speak out for Zen.

Anyone who would stand up for Zen would be a target of Billy's, and who would be stupid enough to risk getting his ass beaten? It made no sense to offend Billy without strength to back it.

"I can prove it!"

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