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   Chapter 45 I Refuse To Accept It (Part One)

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Everyone's attention was drawn to Zen and the astonishing aura he was sending out.

Even the large group of noble clan disciples that stood further away looked over with spirited looks. Everyone seemed to pivot their attention toward what was happening automatically.

"Haha, Billy sucks. He led a group of people against a weak person from the bottom. Shouldn't he know that a cornered dog will jump over the wall in desperation? I guess this boy is building up the strength to fight back," a young noble clansman dressed in white shaking his jade fan whispered.

"So what? Trust me. You are way over-thinking this. Although this boy is in a desperate situation, he's not strong enough to strike back. Moreover, he is just at the organ refining level, and there's no way he could fight someone that much stronger than him. But, then again, Billy really knows how to have fun, to even bother dealing with a guy at the organ refining level..." another noble clansman nodded in agreement with what he heard.

The bodyguard, however, standing beside him saluted, glanced at Zen and said, "Mr. Huo, you will take part in the Blooded Test later. You'd better watch out for this young man."

"Why? What do you mean 'watch out for this young man'? Tell me what you know." Mr. Huo asked patiently. Mr. Huo knew his bodyguard wouldn't speak up for no reason, and things must be not as simple as they seemed. His bodyguard had spent many years at the nature level and was strong. Besides, he recently safely returned from the cruel Shura battlefield as a master at reading people. Mr. Huo trusted him a lot.

The bodyguard continued, "I don't know why, exactly, but I have a feeling, even though he is only at organ refining level, he is a very dangerous and mighty opponent. We'd better be careful."

Hearing his trusted bodyguard, Mr. Huo raised his eyebrows. He noted with interest, "Things are getting more interesting. So, Billy will be in a little trouble this time."

The relationship of the young men from these noble clans was not unbreakable, and they were not united as one. There were

n if he didn't kill them all, he would take as many as he could before his life ended.

At this point, a booming voice was heard, "What the fuck are you doing? Today is your Blooded Test day. You are not here to fight each other!"

Looking around, they saw thirty chariots headed towards them, and the one who shouted stood on the first flying chariot. Joshua wore ragged overalls and had a squared face. He was the supervisor of the Blooded Test.

Joshua jumped off the flying chariot and strode up to Zen purposely, demanding loudly, "Who was fighting just now?"

"It was him! He was fighting, examiner!" accused Perrin as he stepped forward pointing at Zen.

"It takes two to fight. Who is the other one?" asked Joshua.

"It was me," admitted the tall young man from Wang Clan.

Joshua nodded and said gravely, "Very well, your eligibility to compete in the Blooded Test is canceled!"

Zen's face paled immediately. It would be unfair if he were disqualified. He was forced to defend himself. "Examiner, I didn't start the fight. I was forced into fighting. Why should I be disqualified from the test?"

"No matter who you are, if you dare to fight here, then you should have the mindfulness that you will be driven out of the Cloud Sect, without exception!" Joshua did not want to listen to Zen's explanation at all. He asked nothing more before making his decision.

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