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   Chapter 44 Zen’s Anger (Part Two)

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In addition to the thousand disciples who had passed the initial exam, another group of people would also take part in this Blooded Test. This group of disciples came from the noble clans.

Because of their status, the participants from noble clans did not need to pass the initial exam. They could join the Blooded Test directly...

Compared to ordinary disciples, the disciples from noble clans followed different rules and had special privileges during the test.

Hundreds of chariots filled the sky and hid the sun. The flying chariots flew lower from the sky and landed on the ground, neatly parking in front of the mountain. Three or four people accompanied each participant from the noble clan. Masters who radiated a strong aura were among the people accompanying the participants from noble clans.

When disciples of noble clans saw the thousand ordinary disciples on the ground, their expression conveyed the disdain they had. Considering their families and upbringing, these disciples from noble clans felt superior to the other disciples.

After dismounting from the flying chariots, the disciples of noble clans formed a small group, but they did not come near to the ordinary disciples.

At this time, the thousand ordinary disciples were resentful toward the attitude shown by the disciples from the noble clans. Under normal circumstances, these ordinary disciples would not feel anxious about being asked to wait for several hours. However, they felt that by waiting for the disciples from noble clans to arrive, their time had been wasted.

Although they were angry, the ordinary disciples didn't dare to speak out loud. They mumbled few curse words in a low voice. As they had no influential background, the ordinary disciples knew they could not challenge the disciples of noble clans. They did not have the power or resources to afford offending the noble clans.

What added to their resentment was the unfair advantage the noble clans had. The disciples from noble clans had access to better training since childhood. They also had the resources to acquire all kinds of magic pills that would refine their bodies and skills. As such, their abilities and power would be higher than those of the ordinary disciples. Now, they were competing against the disciples from noble clans. Provoking the disciples fr

i River Bridge and kill yourself. After you have done all this, I will not get involved in your family affairs," said Billy. His tone was indifferent as though he was talking about a trivial matter.

After hearing Billy's words, a flush of red rushed to Zen's cheeks. Anger exploded in his heart. However, a moment later, Zen suddenly burst into laughter.

"Hahaha. What a funny joke!"

Zen had sworn to avenge his father's death a long time ago. Even though Billy sent four men to beat him during the initial exam, Zen had not retaliated much. One of the reasons was that he did not want to provoke Billy. After all, the Wang Clan was a noble clan, and Zen was alone.

After everything Zen had done, Billy was still being inconsiderate and meddlesome. To Billy, it must seem as though Zen was a small ant who could be killed easily. Billy had not taken Zen seriously at all. It appeared as though to Billy, Zen was already a dead man and hence, in no position to negotiate with him.

Compromise was useless when dealing with such people. The only way to get Billy to back off was to use fists, not words.

"Billy Wang, do you think that I'm afraid of you? You want me to quit the Blooded Test? You want me to kill myself? This is the most ridiculous joke that I have ever heard. I am standing here now. If you think you can take my life, just try. Let me see whether you have the ability to kill me!" After saying that, a strong aura burst from Zen's body. Although his face was expressionless, Zen's heart pounded with the anger he felt.

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