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   Chapter 42 Longevity Pill

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Over the years, there had been a large number of gifted students who studied at the Cloud Sect.

Some disciples had a penchant for learning and progressed rapidly. Within a year, those disciples passed several levels, going from bone refining level up to the level of nature refining.

There were also disciples still at the bone refining level that were comparable in strength to those who were a half-step into the nature level, and could easily move objects that were as heavy as a mountain.

In contrast to them, Zen seemed so ordinary.

For someone at the organ refining level, Zen's execution was perfect. He not only withstood an assault from four men at marrow refining level but, after that, he was still strong enough to run past the 30-mile stone tablet. However, in the eyes of the elder whose eyebrows were silver, and master Su, Zen was an intermediate, not excellent candidate.

Took Master Su's Drizzle Peak as an example, while it ranked last among the thirty-three peaks at the Cloud Sect, there were three disciples at least, who were able to resist that kind of attack and were able to pass the initial exam successfully.

Therefore, neither of them believed Zen was remarkable.

To be fair, ordinarily, it was impossible for someone at the organ refining level to withstand the enormous pressure of 50, 000 pounds. Yet, Zen had, all the while been standing erect with no sign of giving up.

It was a miracle that he managed to beat any challenge. Whether it had been the Drizzle Peak, or any of the other thirty-two peaks at the Cloud Sect, there weren't many people who were as strong or powerful as him.

Sensing tension in the air, Master Su had the urge to save Zen from the mighty force. But, just as she was about to step forward, the elder with white eyebrows stopped her.

"Don't be in such a hurry! Watch him," stated the chief elder as he watched Zen.

Viewing Zen carefully, Master Su was amazed to see streaks of red, blood-like liquid trickling from Zen's body. "He's refining his organs. This is absolutely astounding!" she exclaimed in awe.

Unlike the four men who attacked Zen earlier, both Master Su and the chief elder with white eyebrows were experienced and knowledgeable. At one glance, they recognized that the red fluid wasn't blood. Instead, it was the impurities being flushed from the organs. For most people, it took a long time to cleanse their organs. To their astonishment, Zen exuded a great deal in a short period.

"The boy's future ..." the chief elder stopped talking mid-sentence. He started asserting that Zen would have a bright future ahead of him.

However, in a high pitched voice, Master Su suddenly cut in, "His future will be gloomy, won't it?"

"Master Su, what do you mean?" asked the elder confused.

"I don't think he is very competent," said master Su, smiling, "It was pure luck that he scraped through the initial exam. Well, as for the present scene, we should act like it never happened."

Of course, the chief elder was not an idiot,

ke your jade pendant to substitute an entrance card, then go wait for your entrance exam," commanded the chief elder examiner.

Not wanting to irk the chief examiner, Zen began to walk away politely. After a few steps, he looked back and asked, "Excuse me, Sir. If I am lucky enough to be accepted into the Cloud Sect, may I come back here?"

Using pressure to refine his body, Zen had accelerated his refining speed and was slightly addicted to it.

At Zen's request, the elder smiled coldly and said, "This is the place for those who have reached the nature level to practice. If you want to come, you need to use your earned points. We won't hold you accountable for today's illegal trespassing. But, don't tell anyone! You have to remember to keep today a secret!"

Nodding meekly, Zen scurried away.

After Zen was gone, the elder turned to Master Su and asked, "What do you think?"

"Well," Master Su answered offhandedly, "In return, I have this for you." She felt some compassion for the old man. On Master Su's finger was a beautiful five-colored floret ring, studded with five different colored gems. As the chief elder watched, she gently touched the ring with her finger, and instantly, a bright silver pill popped up which she casually tossed at him.

The chief elder was tremendously shocked when he saw what it was.

"What an extraordinary and generous person you are!" the chief elder's voice trembled as he thanked her.

In the chief elder's palm was a Longevity Pill. One of these pills could extend a person's life a year. The Longevity Pill was extremely rare, precious medicine, especially to an elderly man.

They said time was money. But, even the wealthiest people in the world didn't have enough riches to buy time. One more year meant a lot to those who were in their waning years.

It was entirely unexpected for Master Su to award the chief elder examiner with such a precious gift. Had it not been for fear of being humiliated, he would have been in tears right there.

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