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   Chapter 41 Shock (Part Two)

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Under the pressure of four thousand pounds, his speed was already extremely slow. Zen managed to cover the distance by jogging slowly. It took him half an hour to complete the distance to the stone tablet.

If a cultivator at the marrow refining level reached this stone tablet, it would show that he had passed the initial exam. But the end of the road was not in sight yet. Zen didn't know how much the pressure would increase by if he crossed this stone tablet.

After mulling over the situation, Zen decided to try. He stepped over without any hesitation.

Just after, Zen felt a terrible pressure enclose him.


Zen was pinned to the ground as though someone had placed a mountain on him.

"The pressure is too much!" Zen moaned.

His face, stomach, and limbs were firmly attached to the ground as if they were stuck in viscose. He could not budge an inch.

He tried to lift his head, but Zen's head felt as heavy as tens of thousands of pounds. No matter how hard he tried, Zen could not raise his head again.

Disappointment filled Zen. The first 10-mile road was under a pressure of 1, 000 pounds. The second 10-mile road was under a weight of 2, 000 pounds. The final distance Zen had managed, the third 10-mile road stretch was under a pressure of 4, 000 pounds. If the same math was being followed, this section of the 10-mile road should be under a pressure of 8, 000 pounds. But now Zen felt the force of tens of thousands of pounds. The pressure seemed to have increased tenfold!

'I'm confident that I can overcome this pressure!' Zen tried to motivate himself to continue struggling under the immense pressure.

The pressure gave him a lot of energy. He communicated with the two dragon scales in his body before putting their power into his body. With a roar, Zen mustered all his strength.

"Get up!"

He fe

ants at the marrow refining level, and even those who had just stepped into the nature level were deterred. The pressure could only be borne by participants who had stepped into the nature level completely.

General cultivators at the bone refining level and the organ refining level would be crushed immediately upon entering the area.

Though the boy's body was strong enough to bear the attacks of the four men at the marrow refining level, he should have died under the pressure of 50, 000 pounds.

Aware of the seriousness of the problem, the chief examiner and Master Su jumped into their flying chariots and rushed over to the site.

With the speed of the flying chariots, they arrived in an instant despite the distance being 30 miles.

When they jumped off their flying chariots, they found that Zen was not only alive, but he had managed to get up from the ground.

Seeing this, the chief examiner murmured, "I have presided over so many years of the initial exam, but I have never seen …this is the first time... ..."

Master Su put her hands over her mouth in surprise. She was startled, too. The boy was only at the organ refining level. How could he resist the pressure of 50, 000 pounds and stand up?

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