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   Chapter 40 Shock (Part One)

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Master Su had displeased the masters of the other peaks by disobeying the rules for the benefit of Drizzle Peak.

However, considering Master Su's background, no one really dared to confront her. The chief examiner was only in charge of the initial exam. He would never have the courage to offend Master Su. What he could do was preach to her, given his seniority. If Master Su did not listen to him, he would not say anything else.

As for the boy who was being beaten, the chief examiner thought that it was likely that he had practiced some unique refining skills or had some peculiar physique. These were the only explanations to justify how he could be beaten to this extent and not be injured.

While the chief examiner was surprised to see such a talent, he wasn't entirely shocked. Cloud Sect recruited many gifted people from among the imperial geniuses. This boy was nothing in comparison to the evil geniuses of the empire. Yes, he had passed the initial exam. But the next test was not as simple. Who knew whether or not he would pass the next test?

Thirty miles away, the four men surrendered to exhaustion. They fell to the ground, gasping for breath. They were so tired that they were no longer able to continue.

They had also registered for the initial exam. Killing that boy was only an incidental task. But now they were too tired to pass the initial exam, much less kill the boy. There were still about five or six miles away from the stone tablet that denoted their goal. But in their current state, the thought of standing and trying to run the last few miles was too much to bear.

Zen swung his arms. H

d them so much that they could barely stand. Even if they wanted to run away, they couldn't. What terrified them more was that they didn't have the power to fight back.

Zen looked at the strong man and asked, "Did you hear what I just said? Or would you like me to repeat the message?"

"No, no," said the strong man. A weak smile grew on his face as he attempted to disguise his trepidation. "I heard you clearly. I will convey your message to Mr. Wang." The strong man was smarter than the scholar-like man. He knew that if he didn't obey Zen, he would end up as hurt as his companion. He would not ask for trouble.

Zen nodded contentedly. He stood and continued his journey without another look at the four men.

Zen was the only person on the road now. Although he had succeeded in passing the initial exam, he wanted to see if he could move on.

When he tried to run for a while, Zen found that he could advance more miles. He knew that if he continued, he would reach the end of the test for participants at the marrow refining level. He wanted to push his limits.

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