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   Chapter 39 I Have A Very Simple Idea. (Part Two)

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What angered them more was that Zen was able to resist damage from their attacks. This was beyond their imagination!

"Damn it! I've used up all my strength!" One of the men stopped and gasped. He felt so weak that he couldn't even raise his arms.

Under the weight of the pressure on this stretch of the road, the man's body gave out. He collapsed on the ground, shook his head, and said, "This terrible pressure and the running have made me very tired, not to mention beating that brat. Holy crap!"

The pressure of 4, 000 pounds was originally designed for cultivators at the marrow refining level. Under normal conditions, these men wouldn't have tired. However, their strength ran out faster as they were attacking Zen while bearing the great pressure. They soon felt weary.

Just as they were about to give up, the scholar-like man suddenly called out with excitement, "He is bleeding!" He saw the red liquid flowing out of Zen's body and assumed it was blood. He said with pleasure, "I doubted whether this kid's body could be injured. Now, look at him! We have wounded him. He's done! Let's carry on hitting him!"

Seeing that Zen was bleeding, the four men were overjoyed. They didn't want to fail the client.

They motivated themselves to keep striking Zen as hard as possible.

When Zen thought they were going to give up hitting him, he felt upset. He could feel his body growing stronger with each blow. It was disappointing that they were giving up. He did not want it to end s

in the entrance exam! Then the other masters won't be upset that I pick a strong disciple, right?"

"Ah..." the chief examiner had not expected Master Su to come up with such a surprising idea. The idea did not sit well with him!

Cloud Sect provided the inner and the outer disciples with 33 peaks for cultivating. To stimulate all of the disciples to cultivate hard, Cloud Sect had made a set of very rigorous, scientific rules. The most important rule was about the competition among the 33 peaks.

The competition affected not only the disciples but also their masters. Each master had their tasks and goals. To produce better disciples, they would naturally scramble for the gifted ones.

If a person passed both the initial and the entrance exam and showed great talent and strength, every master would be eager to pick that person as their disciple.

If Master Su broke the rule for the benefit of the Drizzle Peak, she would incur several complaints from the other masters.

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