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   Chapter 38 I Have A Very Simple Idea. (Part One)

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As Zen walked by the stone slab, his jade pendant slowly turned from green to blood-red.

A big smirk appeared on his face as Zen turned and waved his jade pendant at the four men behind him.

The four men following Zen were enraged when they saw his victorious smile.

Before the start of the initial exam, someone gave them the task of dealing with a boy at the organ refining level.

As the men were more powerful, they had scoffed at the mission. They believed that dealing with a person at such a low level was beneath them.

They had assumed that they would be able to defeat Zen. However, they did not expect that he would be able to escape. Moreover, Zen dared to provoke them by being openly triumphant. How dare he behave like that?

The four men fumed at the humiliation.

The scholar-like man glared viciously at Zen as he spoke, "Guys, let's terminate this boy by any means necessary!"

"He passed the initial exam, so killing him in front of the examiners may be too..." The strongest of the four men grunted in response. On his face was an expression that conveyed his hesitance.

The scholar-like man was furious. "Billy said that he could deal with any consequence. This boy is not a native of the Imperial Capital. He doesn't have a high social background either. Even if we kill him, who will take revenge on us on his behalf?"

The other three men glanced at each other when they heard the scholar-like man's explanation. What he said seemed to assuage their fears.

Without further hesitation, the gang acted on the resentment they we

a bitch!" He used all his strength to make eight successive palm-strikes. Under the pressure of 4, 000 pounds, even though he was at the marrow refining level, the man was still out of breath from the effort.

The man's palm connected with Zen's back. Not only did the force of the impact push Zen forward, but it also helped release the warm currents. Zen moaned with satisfaction when he felt the warm currents remove impurities in his body.

By the time Zen had absorbed the warm currents, the rest of the men had caught up to him.

"Frost Wolf Fist!"

"Bursting Elbow Strike!"

"Vigorous Collapsing Fist!"

The four men attacked Zen; each strike landing on his back and pushing him forward. The impurities in Zen's body mixed with sweat and were released from his skin at an incredible rate. The result was a dark-red mixture that was being exuded.

The more the four men attacked Zen, the more upset they became.

Zen's body seemed unusually firm! Even the body refiner of the Ogre race did not have such a strong body.

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