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   Chapter 36 Passing The Initial Exam (Part One)

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After all, they were at the Cloud Sect. So, they probably didn't dare harm anyone directly or act recklessly. With those thoughts, Zen went over to Nory.

Nory was lying on the ground. His face was pale, and he panted for breath. Seeing Zen heading over to him, he struggled to sit up again, but in vain. He turned his head to Zen. "Zen, I'm exhausted. You go on without me. I don't think I can even sit up, let alone finish the race," said Nory. He turned his head back, staring at the sky. "People at the bone refining level only need to run ten miles to pass the initial exam. There's only around one or two miles left. If I had the strength, I could finish the exam. Unfortunately, I cannot go on any longer."

"I'm sorry. I caused you trouble," Zen said apologetically. Those people had wanted him to fail by making trouble for him, but it impacted Nory.

Nory waved his hand and said sadly, "Forget it. This is my destiny. My fate has been bad since birth. I'm used to it..."

From Nory's words, it wasn't difficult to figure out that Nory had experienced hardships too.

"Get up, Nory!" said Zen sternly. He couldn't let Nory give up without making any efforts at all.

Smiling wryly, Nory shook his head. "I cannot stand up," he grumbled hopelessly.

"You haven't tried, so, how do you know you can't stand up? We practice martial arts to explore the limit of our body continuously. No one can reach the pinnacle in martial arts without experiencing difficulties and obstacles. Stand up and give it your best try!" encouraged Zen.

The words rang in Nory's ears.

Practicing the martial arts was not for the sake of glory, wealth or power. It was to achieve one's ultimate strength, which meant facing and overcoming many difficulties and dangers. Once started on that road, the way would never be smooth and required many factors for people who wanted to continue. The most important factor was to push oneself to exceed the limits.

Listening to Zen's powerful thoughts left Nory pondering and struggling in his mind. His usual smiling face turned solemn.

Finally, he nodded and said, "You're right. If I give up so easily

to double the burden on people every ten miles. He adapted to the hard pressure, taking a few moments to move his hands and feet before starting again. Two thousand pounds of force had an inevitable impact on his movement, which slowed his actions by nearly half of his previous speed.

However, running the next ten miles under the added weight wouldn't be a problem for Zen, thanks to his unique and abnormally strong physical body.

While Zen had remained with the injured Nory, he walked very slowly and consequently, he wasted a lot of time. The applicants of bone refining level passed the initial exam at 'Ten Miles' stone tablet and those at the organ refining level had already run further, leaving Zen alone on the road.

Keeping his speed steady, Zen walked alone, like a lonely traveler.

After running three more miles, he was only winded slightly.

After another two miles, Zen was breathing a little heavier.

When Zen hit the eighteen-mile mark, his breathing was labored. Looking ahead, he squinted and saw his goal was in sight. He felt confident that he would pass the initial exam easily.

When he had still one mile ahead, Zen found four people standing there, waiting for him.

Judging them from their breathing, the men waiting for Zen were at the marrow refining level. Three were strangers, but Zen recognized one of them as the powerful man who bumped Zen and Nory with his shoulder just now.

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