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   Chapter 34 Invisible Pressure (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-03-16 19:35

Paved with ordinary limestone slabs and decorated with neatly trimmed verdant grass on both sides, it looked like any other road in the empire. The road turned and twisted, stretching away as far as the eye could see.

Participants who had registered for the initial exam seemed pretty confident and relaxed as they stood in line. Refining had strengthened their body, so for them, running was child's play. Most of them were quite sure that they would breeze through the exam.

The white-bearded old man gave a signal, and the exam began.

All candidates broke into a run. Just then something strange happened. The lead runners stumbled and sank to the ground, making a perfect pratfall.

Only a few people reacted quickly enough to recover their balance. They pulled themselves together and carried on running forward.

This incident gave the others an indication that there was something unusual about this road. They were more careful where they set foot on the road. Although no one else fell, since the candidates were being careful, their speed reduced. It looked as if they were carrying a thousand pounds of weight.

After the first few batches set off on the road, it was Zen's turn.

He approached the edge of the square and stepped out slowly. Instantly he felt an invisible pressure. As he tried to lift his foot, he found that his legs felt leaden.

It was an odd feeling.

Once he had stepped on to the road, the pressure encased him completely. Every inch of his skin felt weighed do

ulled a face and raised his hand. He showed Zen a bangle around his wrist. "Last time, I didn't even make one mile in the initial exam. Now, thanks to this bangle, I can run this far. It helps me counteract half the pressure."

"Bangle?" Zen glanced at the accessory on Nory's wrist. It looked rather unimpressive as it appeared to be a plain gold bangle. Who could have guessed that it could counteract the invisible pressure?

"It must be a mysterious weapon, right?" Zen blinked at Nory as he asked.

Nory grinned, "Yes. It is a mysterious weapon. It cost me two cubic crystals, almost all my savings."

"Two cubic crystals? That's all? Is a mysterious weapon that cheap?" Zen asked incredulously. If what Nory had said was true then he could buy dozens of mysterious weapons, considering that he had hundreds of cubic crystals lying in his space ring.

"Nah, you misunderstood me," Nory added quickly, "The rent is two cubic crystals. After I pass the exam, I will have to return the bangle."

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