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   Chapter 30 Provocation (Part One)

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Zen knew that he would meet Perrin at Cloud Sect sooner or later. However, he did not expect to encounter Perrin even before he had taken the initial exam.

After hearing what Perrin said, Zen realized that his cousin knew about the events that transpired on Family Practicing Day. If that was true, then Perrin would be aware that Zen had maimed Andrew in such a way that he would be unable to cultivate permanently.

"Cloud Sect is open to people from all over the world. You can join it, so can I!" Zen said calmly.

Perrin laughed and replied, "You are the rebel of the Luo Clan. After all that you have done, everyone in the Clan wants to kill you. You want to join Cloud Sect? Dream on! I'm gonna maim you today!"

Then, Perrin's body shone with a purple light. He stepped toward Zen with a contemptuous sneer.

Zen snorted. Perrin was behaving just as he had predicted! All of Zen's muscles tightened as he took a defensive stance. Perrin's strength seemed to have improved with his training at Cloud Sect. But Perrin didn't know that Zen had become stronger as well! 'I have already defeated Evil Lan, a master who was mid-way to the nature level. How can Perrin beat me?' Zen thought.

Just then, a black-robed disciple caught Perrin's left arm and said, "Hey, Perrin, calm down! We are at Cloud Sect. You've got to be careful not to violate the rules, or you will receive severe punishment."

Perrin frowned when being reminded of the rules. Apparently, the penalty for breaking Cloud Sect's laws was severe. And so he hesitated.

Then, a young man with distinguished bearing, named Billy, walked out from amongst the black-robed disciples. It appeared as though Billy was the big shot amongst these guys. He said," Perrin, has this guy ever clashed with you?"

Perrin bowed respectfully to Billy before nodding and replying, "Yes, he is a rebel of my Clan. As the young master of the Luo Clan, I am obliged to punish him."

"Kill him then! Though the rules of Cloud Sect are strict, this guy has just registered for the initial exam. Thus, it doesn't break the rules if you kill him, and I can cope with any trouble that you may encounter after that," Billy said impassively. It sounded almost as though Billy could determine whether Zen would live or die.

Perrin had intended to fight with Zen, but he gave up this idea after hearing what Billy Wang said. It was all known that there was no free lunch, so Perrin didn't want to owe Billy one due to Zen. So Perrin turned to Billy and said, "I'm in no hurry! I'd like to see if this guy can pass the exams to enter Cloud Sect. If he fails, I will kill him as easily as I can kill an ant. If he succeeds, I will be able to find many opportunities to kill him in the future."

Then Perrin turned to Zen and said, "I will let you live for a few more days. Don't get comfortable though. I will kill you someday soon!"

Zen split his sides laughing at Perrin's threat. He pointed at Perrin with his index finger and said, "a-hah! That's complete bullshit! Perrin, did no one from the Luo Clan tell you the truth? I defeated Ken Luo not just Andrew! How can you kill me?"

After saying that, Zen exuded an aura using his full strength. His body had been refined and burned by Evil Lan's fire for twenty hours. The intensity of his body had thus reached the level of a mid-grade mysterious weapon.

Although Zen was still at the organ-refining level, his exuding strength was so powerful that Perrin felt as though a tsunami was crushing him. The intensity was too much to bear, and Perrin found himself short of breath.

Perrin took a step back when faced with Zen's power. Two days ago, a Luo Clan carrier pigeon had brought a letter to Perrin. The note had been very brief. It had only mentioned that Zen had made Andrew unable to use his power any more. It said nothing about the fact that Zen had beaten Ken Luo.

Not long ago, Zen had been at the flesh refining level. But now, it seemed as though his strength had increased tremendously.

Originally, Perrin was quite confident about his ability to beat Zen. He had taken the Magical Pill, which had led to an incredible improvement in his cultivating speed. Moreover, as Perrin had built a friendly relationship with Billy, he had been accepted as an inner disciple at Cloud Sect.

In the past, Perrin's strength had been far superior to Zen's, and so he had never felt threatened by Zen.

Since it was said in the letter from the Luo Clan that Zen must have died because he had been grabbed by an evil weapon refiner Evil Lan, Perrin didn't pay much attention to it. He had almost forgotten about Zen.

However, Perrin didn't expect that Zen was still alive and would show up in front of him. Furthermore, Zen's strength had improved to the extent where Perrin was worried that Zen was no longer weaker than him.

Seeing Zen's arrogance, the faces of several inner disciples standing by Perrin's side darkened.

Zen was even not a disciple of Cloud Sect. Even if Zen successfully passed the exams and entered Cloud Sect, he would only be an outer disciple. How could he be so arrogant in front of a group of the inner disciples?

The only thing they were eager to do now was to teach Zen a lesson with their fists.

They all stared at Billy because of his status in the group.

Billy smiled calmly before speaking to Perrin. "Perrin, it seems that this barking dog of your Clan is a bit fierce and annoying. What are you waiting for? Go beat him!"

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