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   Chapter 29 The Imperial Capital (Part Two)

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Keeping his eyes closed, Zen nodded. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes and saw a young man standing in front of him. Zen noticed the young man had a benign face and was about eighteen or nineteen years old.

When the young man saw Zen's eyes open, he smiled slightly and said, "This is my second time!"

"What's the initial exam?" Sensing kindness in the young man, Zen felt comfortable enough to ask. He knew the Cloud Sect's requirements for disciples to be recruited were very strict, and applicants had to pass multiple exams to qualify for admittance to the Cloud College. However, he was not from the Imperial Capital, so he wasn't very clear about the processes used in selecting recruits for the Cloud Sect.

The young man smiled congenially and said, "The Cloud Sect is a prominent place famous for having the finest refining instructors in the world. Countless people want to join the Cloud Sect, and each needs to be assessed. Since there are too many candidates, the Cloud Sect stipulates that, except for people from the noble clans, applicants must pass the initial exam before they become eligible to take the Cloud Sect's exams."

"Thank you for sharing that. If you don't mind, would you tell me, what are the contents of the initial exam?" Zen had heard it was difficult to gain admission into the Cloud Sect. After listening to this young man explain the exams, Zen realized there were a lot of rules which made him wonder what Perrin had sacrificed. Because Perrin not only got into the Cloud Sect but also was recruited as an inner disciple immediately.

Chuckling, the young man said, "At the professed initial exam, they will gather us together for a race. The Cloud Sect specifies that those who are permitted to participate in the initial exam need to be at the bone refining level at least, and although people who have reached the organ or marrow refining levels can participate, the requirements for each level vary. For example, applicants at the bone refining level need to run a predetermined distance, but, applicants at the organ refining level need to run further..."

'Is it just running?' wondered Zen. As he thought, he blinked. The initial exam sounded easy. After all, everyone could run. When Zen arrived at the organ refining level, his breaths were longer, allowing him to run longer and farther.

Now that he knew what the initial exam entailed, Zen was more at ease, and he chatted with the young man as they waited. Through their conversation, Zen learned the young man's name was Nory Mo, and he was part of a small clan here in the Imperial Capital.

The Cloud Sect's initial exam was held once a m

onth. Nory failed last month, so he was here for his second attempt at the exam this year.

The two men became engrossed in discussing trivia. The line moved along, and before they knew it, it was Nory's turn. And Zen was the next.

After registering his name, the receptionist handed Zen a jade pendant that had his identity information recorded on it.

As he carefully put the jade pendant away, Nory said, "Zen, make sure you rest well tonight. Running may sound simple, but the trail the Cloud Sect has is unique. You'll be able to receive more details the day after tomorrow." Nory thought for a moment and then he added, "Zen, you're not from the Imperial Capital. If you don't have anywhere to stay, you can come and stay at my place."

Indeed, Nory Mo was a warm-hearted person.

However, as kind as Nory was, Zen politely declined his invitation. After living in slavery for the past two years, he understood how cold the world was, and through his experience, he knew there was a price for everything. While he wouldn't suspect everyone completely, Zen also would not trust anyone easily.

Just then a group of people came through the gate from the Cloud Sect. A few were wearing black robes, but most of them wore white robes.

Noticing Zen watching them thoughtfully, Nory offered, "The ones donned in white robes are the outer disciples. We will earn the right to wear those if we pass the initial exam and the Cloud Sect's test."

"What about the black robes?" asked Zen.

"Black robes? They are the inner disciples! The standings of the inner disciples, as well as the pills they receive every month, are superior to the disciples in white robes. My father's goal for me is that I can become an inner disciple and wear a black robe," stated Nory with a look longing on his face.

Acknowledging Nory with a nod, Zen reflected on the day Ken declared that Perrin was enrolled as an inner disciple. What was the reason behind that? Was it for the effects of the Magical Pill that Perrin could progress more rapidly with his refining skills?

While Zen was lost in thought, six or seven disciples dressed in black robes walked towards him. One of them stared at Zen with a strange look on his face. "Zen! Well, isn't this a surprise? You're not dead! Do you want to study at the Cloud Sect? How dare you come to sign up for the exam? That's absurd! Ha!"

Hearing his name, Zen squinted, looking at the man who was shouting at him. Inside, his chest constricted with disgust when he got a good look at the man. What a coincidence! He was just thinking of him, and now, surprisingly, Perrin was standing in front of him.

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