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   Chapter 28 The Imperial Capital (Part One)

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After traversing towering mountains and rolling hills, hiking over plains, passing many cities and various counties, Zen finally arrived in the Imperial Capital.

Standing in front of the high golden gate of the city, Zen was in awe. His mouth fell open in a silent 'wow'. Because he had thought that the C County was a large city. And he was surprised to see this golden gate which was several hundred feet high.

Having read many books on the Imperial Capital, in which writers elaborated on the grandeur of the capital, Zen was mentally prepared for the magnificence and luxury of the capital. However, he was still profoundly shocked when he first stepped into the Imperial Capital and felt like a country bumpkin visiting a city for the first time.

The books Zen had read were very detailed, and some had illustrations of the landscapes in the Imperial Capital, including illustrations like the golden gate towering over Zen now. The name of the gate was Heaven's Arch, which was four hundred feet high and one hundred feet wide.

Thirty years ago, the Princess Qi of Ogre was married to the Prince of the Burning Empire, and the princess Qi brought the Heaven's Arch with her as her dowry.

Even though Zen had imagined how the Heaven's Arch would look many times in the past, seeing the golden archway in person, he finally understood why this was the dowry Princess Qi brought with her. The Heaven's Arch was made of gold, and gemstones were inlaid over it, making gleam shine in the sun, with a rainbow of sparkling colors reflecting off it. Perhaps, Ogre wanted to make sure that the people in the Eastern Region knew every time they walked through this expensive dowry how poor they were.

After passing through the

faces. Waiting in line like that was boring, aside from gossiping with each other to pass the time, there was nothing to do. Zen's actions broke the monotony and were entertaining for the people standing there waiting for their turns.

"Where did this bumpkin come from?"

"He didn't know what the noble clan certificate was. How dare he come to the Cloud Sect? Do you see what kind of people come to the Cloud Sect these days? That's funny."

Ignoring the taunts, Zen didn't acknowledge the harassing opinions and gave the receptionist a nod before walking to the end of the line on the right. Contemptuous glares from other hopeful applicants followed Zen.

The past two years that Zen lived as a slave in the Luo Clan, and his harrowing escape from death had numbed Zen to the sort of insignificant provocations and ridicules these strangers tossed at him. Right now, nothing could annoy him.

The line was moving slowly, and since Zen didn't know anyone there, he decided to use the time to refresh himself and closed his eyes.

"Is this your first time here to take the initial exam?" came a gentle voice unexpectedly from in front of Zen.

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