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   Chapter 27 Freedom (Part Three)

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The space ring was indeed special. As the name implied, the ring contained a space in it. A space where a person could hide something of value.

This kind of space ring was an incredible one! Even though it looked like a small space ring, and the storage space was also small, the value could be comparable to that of a top grade mysterious weapon.

No one had ever owned such a treasure in the Luo Clan!

Although Zen had never seen a real one space ring before, he had learned about such magical items from books.

Since Evil Lan was now dead and his soul had vanished, this space ring had become an object without a master. That meant that Zen could be the master of this space ring.

Something clicked in his mind, and Zen felt his spirit merging with the cold spirit that had come from the space ring. Then Zen saw all the things Evil Lan had saved in the ring.

The space inside the space ring was not large. He estimated that the space was no larger than a few square meters. This was surprisingly little for a space ring. However, there were many treasures inside.

Evil Lan had stored in the ring various precious ores used in weapon refining. This included pure iron, red seal stone, blood amber steel, and many others. They had all been piled up neatly in the corner. These ores were certainly very precious treasures for weapon refiners! They were also very expensive. Zen estimated that he could sell them for a good price.

Beside the ores, there were also semi-transparent spars. Spars were also known as cubic crystals. Zen knew this from his studies as well.

This kind of cubic crystal was the real currency in the Empire. Gold and silver were common people's currency, and they used it for trading. But for the cultivators, gold was as worthless as dirt. But cubic crystals were different!

Although these cubic crystals seemed like the regular kind, they could store pure life energy, which was a must for masters at the nature level.

Because cubic crystals were easy to cut and carry, they had gradually become the preferred currency of the world of cultivators.

Zen estimated that there were hundreds of cubic crystals in the ring. This was a considerable sum. So Evil Lan was not poor!

In addition, there were other treasures such as a long sword with demonic gleam, a bloody red hammer, etc. The grade of these treasures was not low. Since Zen was not a specialist, he gauged that they were probably middle-grade mysterious weapons.

On the other side of the space ring, there were a variety of refining books, as well as some unknown pills. Whi

le all these treasures and seemingly common items had been placed together, in an unorganized pile, a knife that lay hidden in the pile caught Zen's attention.

The knife appeared to be very old. The surface of the knife was pitted, and the handle was broken. Even though the blade of the knife was completely rolled up, Zen could see that in some places it was charred.

Despite its appearance, Zen felt as though the knife had a very special magic power. It was this special magic power that had a strong attraction to Zen. This broken knife was definitely precious! Maybe it would be of some use to him.

Thinking of that, Zen reached in and took the broken knife out of the space ring. Then he examined it carefully. The longer he held it, Zen felt as though the knife was becoming clearer and sharper. After a while, it looked as if it could cut anything in the world. "What a knife!"

The knife, even though broken, still had a strong flavor. Its grade must be unimaginably high. Surely Evil Lan also knew that this knife was not a common object. Probably he hadn't found a good way to fix this knife till now. No wonder he had saved it inside the space ring.

'Since Evil Lan couldn't fix it, I am afraid that I have no way to fix it either.' Zen told himself. After playing around the knife for a while, he put it back into the space ring and walked out of the cave.

He followed the long winding path, all the way to the outermost part of the cave. Once there, Zen stepped on the big tree and began to climb. He needed to get to the top of the cliff. There was a handrail alongside the cliff section, which saved him a lot of effort. After borrowing force from the handrail several times, Zen quickly reached the top of the cliff.

Once on top of the cliff, Zen took a deep breath of fresh air and bathed in the warm sunshine. A big smile finally lit up his face.

He had been lucky to leave the Luo Clan safely, escape from Evil Lan, and get so many treasures from Evil Lan.

More importantly, he had attained his freedom.

After being a prisoner in the cellar of the Luo Clan for two years, Zen had finally escaped. He was free. He could go anywhere he wanted!

He looked to his right and then dashed forward.

Although he was in a good mood, Zen was not intoxicated by it. He knew that he had more important things to do.

His next destination was the Imperial Capital.

More specifically, he had to reach the center of the legendary Burning Sky Empire, as that was where Cloud Sect was located. And his sister Yan was trapped in the Hell mountain at Cloud Sect.

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