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   Chapter 26 Freedom (Part Two)

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"Hum, despite being at the organ refining level, you are physically hard. Nonetheless, you are going to die here today. I will refine your body when you die to compensate for my losses!" said Evil Lan. With these words, he swooped toward Zen with a burst of shadows.

"Ping!" The sword cut Zen.

Another incision was seen on him. A moment later, blood gushed from Zen's wound.



Every time Evil Lan attacked him, a terrible wound could be seen on Zen's body.

The situation was disheartening for Zen. Although he was physically strong, he was not as fast as Evil Lan. With the advantage of speed on Evil Lan's side, Zen felt that there was a very real chance that Evil Lan might kill him.

In this case, he had no choice but to take a risk!

All of a sudden, Zen closed his eyes, and his arms fell to his sides. It seemed as though he had been defeated.

Since he couldn't catch Evil Lan, it was useless to keep trying.

"Giving up so soon, poor young man?" Evil Lan said contemptuously. Evil Lan was battle-hardened. When he saw that Zen had given up resisting, he raised an eyebrow. He knew better than to drop his guard for even a second. Without any hesitation, he continued to slash Zen at very high speed. Two more wounds were seen on Zen.

"Hey, hey, let me see what else can you endure!" Evil Lan continued.

His shrill laugh echoed off the walls as he lunged at Zen again. This time he seemed to slash at Zen one more time. Just as he neared Zen, Evil Lan changed direction and went round to Zen's back. Then his hands burst with blossoming lotus fire.

With another shri

death by Evil Lan's fire. Their bodies looked so horrible that Zen closed his eyes and turned away. 'Poor people!'

Zen silently mourned for the people in his heart. After composing himself, Zen began wandering around the vast cave. Although he had examined the cave twice now, he saw nothing of value except some broken copper and iron.

Now in the center of the cave, Zen frowned as he thought about what he had found. If a general weapon refiner was wealthy, then an established weapon refiner like Evil Lan could not be so poor. There must be some treasures!

After searching for a while longer, a thought occurred to Zen. He rushed to the hole and dragged Evil Lan's body out. Evil Lan's body had now become a skeleton. There was not a single part of the body that was left intact.

Zen's gaze fell on Evil Lan's right hand. On the middle finger was a black ring.

An idea spurred Zen to reach for the ring from Evil Lan's middle finger. However, as soon as Zen touched the ring, a sense of coolness enveloped his fingers.

Sure enough, this was a space ring!.

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