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   Chapter 25 Freedom (Part One)

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Since Evil Lan had been half-step into the nature level, he reacted promptly to danger. Faced with an oncoming punch from Zen, he pedaled his feet and quickly flew back to elude the blow.

However, Zen was quicker. His fist made contact with Evil Lan's body. Since Evil Lan had moved backward, the movement had offset some of the power from Zen. Upon impact, however, Evil Lan's face suddenly became red, veins throbbed on his forehead, and his blood rushed around. Evil Lan spat out the blood pooling in his mouth. He stared at Zen before saying, "You are still alive!"

"Well, thanks to you, I am not dead yet!" Zen replied. With fists clenched, Zen remained outwardly composed. However, his chest heaved with the effort to control the fear surging through him. Zen had just stepped into the organ refining level, and he could withstand a weight of 3000 pounds. Moreover, with the dragon scale on the cyan dragon relief, his strength could be tripled. Since he had planned to catch Evil Lan off-guard, Zen's punch carried almost all of his full strength.

He hadn't expected that Evil Lan would react so promptly. He had almost avoided being hit by Zen's punch.

Evil Lan was even more shocked than Zen. 'This young man is just at the beginning of the organ refining level. Logically, my strength is superior to him. I should have no trouble killing him. But his strength increased rapidly after he emerged from the weapon refining furnace. Could this be human refining? What is going on?' Evil Lan frowned in confusion as he thought about what had just happened.

If he hadn't been quick enough, Evil Lan might have been killed by the first punch thrown by this young man. That would be an unbearable shame to Evil Lan. That could not happen again!

"Where is the Hell Fire Sword?" Evil Lan asked. Although Evil Lan had many things to worry about, the whereabouts of his sword concerned him the most.

Zen lifted his shoulders and spread his hands. A smile stretched across Zen's face, exposing two rows of white teeth. Then he said, "You don't know? Apparently, I ate it!"

"You ate it? You are lying to me." Evil Lan roared. His eyes widened, and an expression of total disbelief filled his face. The Hell Fire Sword was a top grade mysterious weapon. How could it have been eaten? That too by a person? A human stomach could not digest a sword let alone a mysterious one! Evil Lan's eyes roamed over Zen. The young man was completely naked. There was no place to hide the Hell Fire Sword. The weapon refining furnace was also empty. Since the sword was nowhere to be found, Evil Lan was certain that Zen had done something to it. But all other factors concluded otherwise. And yet, Evil Lan couldn't believe Zen.

He screamed with anger, "Where is my Hell Fire Sword?"

"I'm not kidding. I really did eat it," said Zen. Zen was telling the truth. The Hell Fi

re Sword had turned into hot metal essence by the black flame. Then the cyan dragon in his mind had swallowed it. In other words, it had indeed been 'eaten' by him.

"Well, since you say that you ate the Hell Fire Sword, I will open your body to see if it is inside your stomach or not!" said Evil Lan viciously. As soon as Evil Lan finished speaking, his body moved rapidly, and his hands, like dead branches, flew toward Zen's chest. He was going to rip open Zen's stomach with his bare hands!

Of course, Zen wouldn't just stand still and wait for Evil Lan to kill him. After staying inside the weapon refining furnace for such a long time, Zen felt as though his physical strength had increased to another level again. His body felt as strong as a middle-grade mysterious weapon! He shuffled his feet lightly to invigorate the life energy inside his body. Soon his bones rattled and the sound, as loud as thunder, echoed in the caves.

"Purple Fist Strength!"

He would have to fight Evil Lan! Zen was not weak. His body had become a mysterious weapon, and so, he was confident of his abilities. And the fire from Evil Lan had calcinated his body further. As for strength, although Zen was only at the beginning of the organ refining level, with the help of the awakening power of the dragon scale, he could beat someone who was half-step into the nature level. He could by no means allow himself to be trampled upon.

What was more, Evil Lan had been burning him for twenty hours. That was nearly a whole day and a night. After twenty hours of weapon refining, Zen thought that Evil Lan's strength might have diminished and he would be like a spent arrow.

The moment the two men were about to fight head-on, Evil Lan moved aside quickly, his body drawing an arc in the air. And then he brought down his arm, as swiftly and precisely as a sword.

"Flame Sword!"


Evil Lan was indeed strong and powerful since he had been half-step into the nature level. His attack was also fueled with the burning power of his life fire. His hand tore open a crack in Zen's skin like a sword would do.

They both were shocked!

What surprised Evil Lan was that Zen's body was unusually hard. Evil Lan's attack had managed to open only a crack on Zen's skin! From what he could remember, even the bodies of special races on the savage land were not as hard as Zen's. His Flame Sword contained the strength of his fire. The force he used could rive the muscles of iron.

But the moment that his sword cut through Zen's body and touched Zen's bones, a sound like that of steel colliding could be heard. 'What happened? Is the young man's body a mysterious weapon?' thought Evil Lan.

What surprised Zen was that Evil Lan had been agile enough to escape. No matter how hard Zen tried, he could not even capture Evil Lan's shadow. This frustrated Zen.

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