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   Chapter 24 Black Flames And Dragon Scales

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The vivid yellow lotus flames became unusual golden red, and each flare emitted intense heat.

Since the fire's strength had grown steeply, it would be impossible to withstand, and Zen's face paled as he watched the red lotus flames shot at him.

As expected, the fire was far more potent than it was earlier.

Searing pain coursed through Zen as the golden-red flames slammed him. Just like the day he was in the cellar, Zen's body inexplicably turned to dark red.

Usually, any average person ravaged in such a high-temperature fire would mummify as the moisture sizzled into the air leaving the dried husk burning until it exploded raining ashes and soot everywhere.

However, Zen's body was anything but average. Instead of being destroyed by the lotus flames, he slowly turned red hot, glowing like an excellent mysterious weapon.

Small golden foils that lay deep in Zen's skin were drawn out and hovering over his skin. Now covered in gilded shimmering fragments, Zen's entire body sparkled brilliantly gleaming.

While his body glowed bright red, the golden flecks became ornate obscure tadpole text and spun. The speed they spun increased faster and faster at a hypnotic rate until, unexpectedly, small whirlpools formed on the surface of Zen's skin.

As the whirlpools grew, the suction they produced drew the lotus flames from the furnace to Zen and sucked into the whirlpools.

The fire was refining his body!

Surprisingly, his body drove all the fire into him.

One after another, flames were absorbed into Zen's body through every pore on him, including his arms, legs, and neck .....

It was more excruciating than any pain he had experienced of his flesh. As the lotus flames went through his skin, they burned every inch from outside to the inside of him.

To endure the searing pain, Zen clenched his mouth.

What he sustained physically was mild compared to what his soul had suffered from the black flame back when he was in the cellar.

Zen felt the toxic Bone-smashing Powder with Ten Flavors gradually fading beneath the burning fires.

While his body reacted to the flames, Zen felt a giant furnace come to life in his mind. It had always been there, dormant and quiet until touched by the black flame. Suddenly, the calm furnace blazed out of control, flames growing and blazing. The flames hit Zen's consciousness and flashed out his brows!

There in front of Zen, the black flame appeared like a living creature.

An odd cry ripped from the black flame when it emerged before it rushed at the Hell Fire Sword.

When the Hell Fire Sword was forged by Evil Lan, it glowed red as though it was sitting in a blazing fire for a long time. As soon as the black flame touched this allegedly top grade, priceless mysterious weapon -- the Hell Fire Sword,

rb as much fire as this throughout the condensation process.'

Without hesitation, Evil Lan immediately breathed more fire from his body into the furnace immediately.

Though Evil Lan sent a ton of fire into the furnace, it appeared there was a small black hole in the furnace which devoured as much fire as Evil Lan sent in.

Six hours later, Evil Lan was panting and drenched in sweat.

As a weapon refiner, Evil Lan was further along than other refiners and maintained more control over fire than the others his rank. While being a half-step into the nature level, releasing too much fire at once was still difficult for him.

At the same time, Evil Lan was concerned about whether or not he had done enough. A weapon refiner knew precisely how vital the condensing stage was. If he didn't correctly refine the weapon during the condensing stage, the weapon within the furnace wouldn't be forged successfully!

Impatient as he was, Evil Lan could only grit his teeth as he waited and fed the dying fires.

Twenty hours later......

Squeezing the final fires out of his body, when Evil Lan couldn't keep himself up anymore, he plopped down to the ground, exhausted and gasping for air.

He sat slumped on the ground gulping in air and recovering for some time, and then, he got up slowly. Evil Lan took several black pills out and popped them into his mouth. It wasn't too long for him to feel rejuvenated, and replenished after he swallowed the pills and headed for the furnace.

Still unsure whether or not he had succeeded, Evil Lan had a puzzled look on his face as he stood in front of the furnace.

Reaching out tentatively, Evil Lan turned the handle and opened the door. He could not sense anything still, which gave him an unsettling sensation. Just as the door swung open fully, a golden fist slammed into his face with the brutal force.

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