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   Chapter 22 Refining The Body With Fire (Part Two)

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Add to that, the fact that there was still a considerable gap between how far along he'd progressed next to what Evil Lan and Bryson could do. His growth had been too slow.

Fate could be a cruel mistress! It was only recently, Zen had finally gotten the chance to hone his skills, practice and strengthen himself, and he was hopeful that he could go so much further, becoming more powerful. Now, he was at the mercy of Evil Lan, and his situation was desperate.

While Zen bemoaned his predicament, Evil Lan was busy in the cave. Whatever he was preparing, it took a long time and was loud. First, Evil Lan was in the corner, hammering away, and then he disappeared into the weapon refining furnace carrying some object. Zen couldn't see what he was doing in there. After a while, Evil Lan came out, sat in front of the stove in an odd pose and clapped his hands.

As Evil Lan sat clapping, the dark weapon refining furnace was lit up. Complex yet elegant runes appeared one after another, as though blooming along the surface of the furnace wall, emitting a dazzling red glow, and lighting up the entire cave.

Hanging, skewered by spears on the walls, living creatures contorted in pain. Their anguished screams filled the room as their blood flowed along the spikes, while it was all sucked into the weapon refining furnace.

The blood flowed along the currents on the weapon refining furnace wall and filled the fragments, making the red light more vivid and fascinating.

After he fired up the furnace, Evil Lan picked up a sword. The black and white sword in Evil Lan's hands must be the Hell Fire Sword which was a top grade of the mysterious weapon.


'Is this it? Does my life end here?

Once a predator, now the prey. I have only myself to blame for being this weak! My flaw was I let myself be bullied, and now I can't even reconcile myself with events.'

He gritted his teeth, and a desperate look was on his face. In the midst of his thoughts, a flame burst up in the middle of the weapons refining furnace.

The bright, yellow flames reminded Zen of a fiery yellow lotus, and Zen realized they must be the fire of Evil Lan.

The fire spread almost instantly when it appeared, filling the space of the weapon refining furnace. Zen felt the heat on his face, and quickly realized he was enveloped in the flames.


He heard the sound as his clothes ignited, and instantly burned to ashes.

As the flames engulfed his flesh, he felt the heat, and as he began to sweat, Zen shut his eyes, bit down preparing for pain. After what felt like a long time, he didn't feel any pain and wondered, 'What's going on?

That's strange!' There was a slight amount of heat, not even enough to make him feel more than minor discomfort.

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