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   Chapter 21 Refining The Body With Fire (Part One)

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As a level one weapons refiner, Evil Lan always refined weapons using very sinister refining methods, and it was those same principles he employed to create three mysterious weapons of the highest caliber. Although Evil Lan was impressed with them all, he was proudest of the 'Hell Fire Sword' one of the top three he produced.

Hungry as he was, Evil Lan wanted to refine something stronger than mysterious weapons. His greatest ambition was to perfect some beyond that. He aspired to create spiritual weaponry!

Currently, in the world, graded weapons were worth a big fortune which only proved how desirable they were. Spiritual weaponry was much more valuable!

As one of the powerful and wealthy families in C County, the Luo Clan possessed only one top grade mysterious weapon," the Green Wind Rider Sword" which belonged to Zen's father, Mike Luo. The first-rate enigmatic sword had no equal in the C County, and Mike rarely used it. So, most of the time, it was well kept in a top secret spot at the Luo Clan, which only served to make the sword appear more incomprehensible. It was a highly sought treasure. Since killing Mike, Bryson Luo had been searching for the unique sword, but, his efforts had been in vain so far, with no trace or clues to where it might be found.

Although the sword was the highest quality for mysterious weapons, it was not a spiritual weapon after all. Every clan vied to own one, however, if an individual from an ordinary family were to obtain even one spiritual weapon, it would be devastating not only for the person who had it but for the entire clan. If someone in the Luo clan were to get a hold of one, the weapon would have to be obediently handed over, or catastrophe would befall the whole family!

Along with cons there were pros to owning a spir

Still, some weapon refiners created some of the best treasures because of that ten percent luck.

Others however, spent a lifetime following the standard rules, only to end up with nothing to show for their work. In the long run, it all came down to fortune, and some refiners had none or ran out of their luck.

From that angle, luck was slightly relevant while at the same time, it might be considered the most critical part of the whole process.

Weapon refiners would say," Let's hope for the best" while refining the weapons because in their hearts, luck was important.

The tradition was the same as uttering "God bless us" which was used by some religious factions.

As he thought about everything, Zen couldn't believe how his life came down to just being a gamble on luck to Evil Lan. A profound unwillingness to accept the reality arose in Zen's heart, but, he laughed bitterly to himself, thinking, 'There's nothing I can do to change this.'

All he could do was sit there and blame himself for being too weak.

Although Zen was making fast progress in the past month, and he was able to improve from the flesh refining level to the organ refining level, it wasn't enough.

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