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   Chapter 20 Evil Weapon Refiner (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-03-10 00:12

Between rolling over and over as the furnace tumbled and smelling the fusty stench of Evil Lan's body, Zen wanted to retch.

After rolling on for a while, they suddenly stopped. The gleam of excitement flashed in Evil Lan's eyes as he came up and leaned in close to Zen to inhale his scent. Evil Lan questioned,"I have never come across a person with a body as special as yours. You are surreal! Your fragrance is so similar to my mysterious weapon!"

"You're kidding, right? Look at me; I have limbs! Touch me, and you'll see, I am flesh, just like you! How can I be anything but a real human?" demanded Zen seriously. "I won't be helpful to you in refining weapons, and I advise you let me go," Zen calmly informed Evil Lan. Not expecting Evil Lan's nose to be so sensitive that he would be able to smell Zen's subtle scent unnerved him, but, he remained calm and collected outwardly.

"Ha-ha-ha! Are you kidding? Let you go?" cackled Evil Lan wildly. "Hell no! I am so excited to find someone who has a body as unique as you have! I wonder what powerful item will result from tossing you into my weapon-refining furnace? I'm really looking forward to this!" Evil Lan said while reaching out with chains to secure Zen's hands to the inside hull of the bronze furnace before he jumped out.

Inside the metal beast, Zen lurched side to side and then began being bounced around slightly as Evil Lan lifted it off the ground, and took off running with his furnace on his back. They were moving even faster than they had been with Evil Lan inside.

At le

e horrific sight of the emaciated, almost skeletal people turned Zen's stomach. Although they appeared to be dead, the abdomens heaved as they breathed. They were living people!

Not far from the furnace, were about a dozen cast iron cages, three feet wide, holding one person each. Most of them had a dull look in their eyes and were curled up, shivering uncontrollably.

It was apparent that Evil Lan was more despicable than people said. Zen was stunned at Evil Lan's methodology.


The bronze furnace hit the ground. Evil Lan climbed into it, sniffing like an animal at Zen's flesh. Smirking like the Cheshire cat, he gloated,"I figured if I used flesh and blood to refine weapons and sealed in the grudges of people, then the mysterious weapon's power would increase with those strong hatreds in it!" Evil Lan added,"With your flesh and blood smelling so similar to the mysterious weapon, putting your body into the furnace with my Hell Fire Sword to refine, will likely transform the sword into a spiritual weapon!"

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