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   Chapter 19 Evil Weapon Refiner (Part One)

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Evil Lan was a weapon refiner in C County.

In the Eastern Region, a popular profession was a weapon refiner. Most of the clans treated weapon refiners like exalted guests in the hopes that they would build many remarkable armaments for them.

However, most of the clans in the Eastern Region loathed Evil Lan. They detested his techniques. Instead of wanting to roll out the red carpet, anyone who knew him yearned to eliminate him.

There was a reason why so many people were eager to see Evil Lan dead. He used notably evil means to build his weapons. Evil Lan would pour blood from living people into his furnace while creating weaponry. Sometimes, he would even pull live people straight into his furnace like a sacrifice of some evil religion.

Although several clans in the Eastern Region attempted to catch Evil Lan, they failed due to Evil Lan's vast power. He also happened to be as slippery as an eel.

It was quite puzzling to the clan when Evil Lan showed up and grabbed Zen.

"Release him Evil Lan! This kid is a member of the Luo clan!" said Bryson. His guard was up because even though Bryson was just half of a step into the nature level, Evil Lan was a formidable adversary.

Snickering Evil Lan asked,"Why would you be pointing your swords at him if he is a member of the Luo clan?" He added,"I want to handle this for you since you want to kill him so badly. Don't you think it would be a better solution?"

"Damn it, Evil Lan! He is a member of my family and has rebelled against us, so, it should be me who deals wi

e, the Luo clan could boast that it was the top clan of C County, but, it had slipped so far that the tribe wasn't even in the top three.

In the past, the Luo clan members could walk the streets, and no one dared provoke them.

Now, they weren't respected or feared in town or at the compound and at times had even to bribe the Luo clan servants to get results.

None of the Luo children felt the Luo clan would be able to rise above the situation they had fallen into.



Squatting in the belly of the metal furnace, Zen remained silent.

Naturally, as the former young master of the clan, Zen knew about Evil Lan. His father, Mike, had told him more than once that if he caught Evil Lan, he would slash Evil Lan in half with his cyan-blade sword.

Zen heard about many of the monstrous atrocities that Evil Lan committed, including that he performed human sacrifices to build his weaponry.

After everything else that had happened to Zen, he thought being taken hostage by Evil Lan, was the worst luck.

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