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   Chapter 4 Weapon Refining Method (Part Two)

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The last piece of small gold foil pushed its way past his scalp and burrowed into Zen's brain. Zen felt as though he had been hit by a large iron hammer. His whole body shook violently as the fragments of gold foil joined together before emitting a bright light.

After the golden light gradually faded, these small gold fragments penetrated Zen's body. Some memories, which did not belong to him, emerged out of the void.

"Grand Weapon Refining Method..."

"The First Ancient Weapon Refining Method..."

"Use the flesh as a weapon. Use your body as the soul, temper and practice thoroughly, clean the body for great vitality ..."

'Is this the weapon refining method?'

Although Zen didn't know how to refine a weapon, he clearly knew that becoming a weapon refining master was a rewarding career. Despite all the strong financial resources the Luo Clan had, they couldn't even hire a weapon refining master of the lowest level. That was enough to show how advantageous it was to be a weapon refining master.

But use the flesh as a weapon? What did that mean?

'Does this method imply that I need to refine myself to be an effective weapon?'

As soon as the thought crossed Zen's mind, something incredible happened.

His body temperature rose sharply. He inhaled deeply with surprise when he first felt hot and then cold and then hot again.

So hot! Zen felt uncomfortable as his body temperature rose. Soon he felt as though he was burning from the inside out.

Quickly, he rushed to the water tank at the end of the cellar. This was where they left water for Zen to use for his daily routines.

He jumped into the tank without thinking.

He closed his eyes as his body sank deeper into the tank. The water around him began sizzling.

As the water bubbled and frothed, the tank began to shake. Soon, steam began billowing out of the tank. Before Zen's body could cool itself, all the water in the tank had evaporated. The whole cellar filled with mist.

The water failed to lower Zen's body temperature. On the contrary, Zen felt as though his body temperature was still rising. Unable to take it anymore, he writhed at the bottom of the now-empty tank. Slowly cracks appeared on Zen's skin and a dark red light, like a piece of red hot iron, broke through.

He thrashed around at the bottom of the tank as the mist swirled around him.

Not just his body, Zen's mind was also undergoing incredible changes.

Suddenly a huge black furnace with nine dragon reliefs on the wall came to his mind.

Each dragon was painted with different colors, including cyan, black, white, purple ... Each of the dragons had bared their fangs and seemed to be clawing at the air around them.

Eight of them closed their eyes, while the dragon at the bottom opened its eyes and stared at Zen.

With deep eyes that reflected the experience and wisdom of having survived tens of millions of years, or hundreds of millions of years, the dragon looked at Zen without emotion. He could feel the power emanating from the dragon.

"Cackle, cackle, cackle, cackle ..."

Zen's soul trembled under the intense gaze of the dragon. Soon he felt as though his soul would split wide open.

Just as Zen felt as though every inch of him was about to shatter, he heard whispers coming from the dragon. Then the giant furnace spun around continuously, and the flames lit up in the furnace.

A giant black flame rose.

Zen had never seen anything like this before. The flame flickered ferociously in the dark, quiet cellar. For a moment, Zen felt as though it would burn everything in the world!

The giant furnace covered Zen and shortly after, he felt the blazin

g fire wrap itself around his soul. It happened so quickly that Zen had no time to marvel at what he had seen.

Any ordinary person would have been devoured by the flame. Only someone very special would be able to endure the pain of their soul burning. Zen couldn't lose consciousness to this unbearable pain because it was his soul suffering, and this all happened in his mind. The only thing he could do was to grit his teeth and hope it would finish soon.

"Ah ah ah, let me die!"

Soon, Zen's limit had been reached and he screamed in agony. He would have done anything, even embrace death, to relieve himself of the pain he felt.

But for him, death was a luxury. In this state, a person couldn't do anything, not even bite his tongue to commit suicide.

As soon as his soul could not sustain the pain and was about to break, the furnace emitted a colorful glow to repair Zen's soul immediately.

Burning, crushing, repairing and then burning, crushing and repairing all over again ...

the torturous cycle seemed to be repeating itself endlessly.

Zen didn't know how long this deadly pain continued. It stopped finally.

He took a long breath and welcomed the respite. He barely had time to get over the experience when he found his soul exuding a golden light.

After a long time, Zen finally sobered up slowly.

In his mind, the giant furnace had stopped revolving, but the black flame in the furnace never extinguished. The fire was under control and looked less horrible.

Zen had already understood that his soul and body had been refined in that furnace.

In the great world, wonders never ceased to happen. Some weapon refining masters used all kinds of strange ways to refine weapons. Some masters committed innumerable murders to gather human blood for refining. What was worse, some masters even stole the souls of humans to fuel their weapons, thus making them a kind of evil weapon.

However, this weapon refining theory advocated refining a person's own body and turning it into a magical weapon. Zen had never heard of it before. It seemed so crazy ...

Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise, and vice versa. After calming down, Zen figured that what had happened to him might not have been a bad thing!

A magical weapon needed to go through five stages in this world, with the first being the mysterious weapon stage. After this, the weapon would become a spiritual weapon, a fairy weapon, a sacred weapon, and a divine weapon in succession. Each of these stages was further divided into top, middle, and lower grades. All had extremely high value.

Zen's body had just been refined into a magical weapon. Even though it was on the lowest level of a mysterious weapon, Zen felt powerful.

It was a strange thing to think of himself as a magical weapon. Zen's face revealed a bitter smile.

As he turned to look out from the only vent in the cellar, Zen saw that dawn was breaking. He had been so consumed by his experience that he had lost all sense of time.

Despite his sleepless night and this strange, harrowing experience, Zen didn't feel tired. Instead, his spirit felt rested, even uplifted.

After taking a deep breath, he calmed down. All the anxiety that had prevailed the previous night had disappeared. What the book said was absolutely true, everything happens as per destiny. Even eating and drinking are pre-determined. Only with a stable mind, can one deal with every difficulty.

After he cleaned the ashes of the burned book carefully and moved the water tank back to its original place, the sound of the cellar door being unlocked filled the silence. Zen frowned. It was time to receive a beating.

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