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   Chapter 2 Repaying Cruelty With Kindness (Part Two)

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"You should know that our family has two Magical Pills. Well, I took one of them some time ago." Perrin Luo said with pride, "This pill is really extraordinary. The pure magical power empowered all my flesh, and helped me to improve from the flesh refining level to the bone refining level. And to think the efficacy of the pill works only one-tenth! The rest remains in my body and supplies my flesh endlessly. I just need to cross a fine line to get to the organ refining level, and the marrow refining level will be just around the corner!"

Zen gritted his teeth when he heard Perrin Luo. These two pills were the most valuable treasure of the Luo Clan. They were holy pills left by Luo's ancestors. They were stored carefully in a sacred place only known by a handful of people in the family. Most people were not allowed to see or use these pills.

According to the old doctrine, only those who reached the bone refining level before the age of 16 were eligible to use the Magical Pills.

The practice of the body includes five levels starting with the skin refining level. Those who mastered it would move to the second, the flesh refining level. Bone refining was the third level. The final two levels were organ refining and marrow refining. Each of the five levels was different, and it was incredibly difficult for most people to master each level without decades of practicing.

It was a miracle if a person reached the third level before he turned 30. The entire Clan would recognize such a person as being talented.

According to the doctrine, only those who reached the third level before turning 16 were eligible to use the Magical Pills!

People who reached the bone refining level before that age were undoubtedly strong. In all these centuries, no one in the entire C County had seen someone like that. That was the reason why the Magical Pills hadn't been used in the past three hundred years.

Before the adversity, Zen Luo had been recognized as a promising child.

At the age of 14, he entered the top of the flesh refining level. For his talent and efforts, he had been praised by the king of C County. The king had said that Zen was the hope of Luo Clan's prosperity, the one favored by God, and the talent amongst talents!

However, it was a pity that at such a crucial time, the family suffered from internal strife and his father had been killed by his own brothers. Zen Luo had been banished to slavery, and had become a sandbag and a prisoner. Since he couldn't practice any more, he had lost the chance to take the pill.

Perrin Luo was ordinary and didn't have any talent. He had just reached the level of flesh refining at 16. He was not eligible to use the Magical Pills but he still took one.

This Magical Pill rightfully belonged to Zen Luo. Unexpectedly, it was taken by this moron who had no talent. Even though Zen Luo had two years to calm himself and accept the fate of his family, his heart wa

sn't at peace. He could not help but get angry. "Perrin Luo, you son of a bitch! How dare you ignore the ancestors' doctrine and take the holy pill without permission?"

"Well, you are as insignificant as the insects in the crevices. A good-for-nothing! I have stepped into the peak of the bone refining level. I can hold a thousand pounds in one hand! You are a slave. I can crush you with one hand. Today, I finished the practice, and in order to congratulate myself, I want to find a sandbag for me!" Perrin Luo ignored what Zen Luo had said and pointed at someone randomly. "Okay, I choose you!"

He did not choose Zen Luo, but found a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man saw Perrin Luo pointing at him and trembled. Although he wore a thick leather armor, which could resist a lot of damage, the man was fearful for his life. Perrin Luo had reached the bone refining level, and the armor would not protect him. The man could not help shivering and peeing.

Then Perrin Luo took a deep breath before assuming the unique posture of the Purple Light Fist. This was exclusive Kung Fu of the Luo Clan. He was trying to show off, and used his inner strength to the best, which covered his body in purple light.

"Please... Please...young master! I beg for your mercy!" When the slave saw Perrin Luo's momentum, his eyes revealed a desperate look. He would die if smashed by Perrin's fist. He fell to his knees as he continued groveling for mercy.


Perrin Luo would never listen to the begging of a slave. He punched his chest. The leather safeguarding his chest collapsed abruptly. The man flew back with the impact and hit a wall in the Martial Arts Hall. His lifeless body fell to the ground with a dull thud.

One punch by Perrin had killed the slave.

"Your fist is very powerful! Young master! Nobody from among our Clan's youngsters can be stronger than you."

"Our young master will ensure that the Luo Clan thrives, and he will carry the whole family forward."

Impressed and even fearful, the children patronized the young master.

Perrin Luo seemed to be very satisfied with the effect of this punch. He then turned to look at Zen Luo viciously.

Zen Luo stepped back. Although he was much stronger than the middle-aged man, he could not take Perrin Luo's punch.

Perrin Luo laughed and reached out to fiercely tap Zen Luo's shoulder twice. "Relax, I will not kill you so quickly. I want you to watch me, and know that I, Perrin Luo, am much stronger than you!"

Perrin Luo stopped talking and turned to leave. Just then, he remembered something and turned around and said, "Yeah, I forgot one thing. I heard that my genius cousin isn't doing well in Cloud Sect because she offended an influential person. She has been sent to Hell Mountain as punishment. I will rescue her when I reach the organ refining level, ha ha ha..."

Upon hearing these words, Zen Luo's chest tightened and his heart beat quickened.

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