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   Chapter 45 Epilogue

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Daniel's POV

"Cara.. I asked you to sit!" I said furious with her now. I'm asking her to sit since the past hour but no she doesn't want to listen to me.

But when she finally sits, "Momma..." My five year old son Ashton ran into his Mom's lap making her wince.

"ASHTON! Get off your Mom's lap right now!" I yelled at him.

"Ashton.. baby could you please get up sweetheart. Momma is not feeling too well" She said and he got up with a sad sigh walking upstairs to his room. I didn't stop him but these days he is growing too wild, gets angry and upset over every single thing.

"I told you to sit down... But no you never listen to me.. now that you aren't even intimidated by me, it's very difficult to handle you babe" I said leaning into her lap slowly, such that my head is on her lap. "You should've stayed at the hospital...." I told her with a pout. Then we heard a cry.

"I just fed her. Now what?" She cried out.

"I'll go check upon her. You stay here I'll bring her to you" I said. I picked my 4 day old daughter from her crib and patted her stomach lightly waiting for her to drift back to sleep and walked back to my room where my wife anxiously waited to check upon the baby. "We still don't have a name" I reminded her.

"Yes, we do...... I have a name on my mind. But I'm not sure if you'll like it." Well we did think about names but I felt awkward hearing to all the girl names. I hope you know what I mean. "Vanessa?" She asked doubtfully.

"That's perfect babe" I said giving a kiss on her forehead. Yupp.. Cara only stayed at the hospital for two days. I wanted for her to stay longer. But she wanted to prepare for Dylan's high school graduation. Crazy sister I know! I handed the baby over to her. I need to talk to Ashton.

"Where are you going?" She asked biting her lip.

"To Ashton.. You know he's not behaving too well these days. I think we need to have a talk with him" I said sighing.

"No... you don't go alone. You'll end up scolding him and he'll end up crying." She said and got up to come with me. I agree on this with her. Me and my second son just don't get along. I don't know, he himself tries to stay away from me, always going to his Mom for everything. We knew that since he is angry we won't find him in his room. So we went to our backyard which has a small room like place where Ashton loves to hide. "Ashton baby where are you? Momma is here?" She called out. We heard a shuffling near the bushes to our right and there came our Ashton with puffy red eyes.

"Were you crying? Why were you crying?" I asked sternly. Too much drama. See this is why his Mom doesn't scold him and he's getting spoiled. But then he started crying again holding onto his Mom, hiding behind her legs.

Caroline's POV

I bent down down to pick him and ignored the slight wincing pain in the middle and sat him on my hip. "Why is my baby crying?" She asked him softly.

"You bouth don't loove me" He said in his cute baby voice rubbing his already red eyes. Wait! WHAT?!

I was looking at Daniel clueless, thinking what made my son think like that. Daniel's face suddenly grew grim and he escorted us inside to the livi

ince the last four months.... but that was because we had to be somewhere... I actually wanted for all of us to go on a holiday so that's why I had to finish my work before that." He said and we were all looking at him speechless.

"Where Dadda?" Ashton asked.

"Greece!" He said cheerfully.

"Greece?" My little boys asked. Oh well yeah...they have never been to Greece.

"That is where Aunt Kate lives"

"That is where Uncle Nick lives"

Will and Ashton said at the same.... Oh well they know something about Greece.

"Uncle Nick" Ashton said.

"Auntie Kate" Will said... and so continued.

"Uncle Nick"

"Auntie Kate"

"Uncle Nick"

"Auntie Kate"

"Uncle Nick"

"Auntie Kate"

"Shut up both of you. Both live in the same country, same house. You can ask whose it is. Uncle Nick's or Kate's. Now come on let's get ready" I said. I still don't know their entire story. What happened and blah blah blah... But thus time I'm gonna bring that story out of Kate's mouth! For sure! Just have to wait.

I quickly took Vanessa into the bathroom to bath her. Oh god it's easy to bath just born babies, they don't move but why do they have to cry? I always hated when my children cried, I remember that once when Will and Ashton fought I started crying because I couldn't stop them. Of course, Daniel handled it. He warned both of them, but since then they never fought with each other.

I wrapped my baby girl in a towel and came out to hear some scream! Oh god I still have to bath my boys and get ready myself. But what I saw in front of me warmed my heart.Daniel was sitting inside the bath tub trying to bath my boys but no they wouldn't even stand in one place. Poor my husband. I quickly joined them with my daughter in my arms.

Daniel came to sit next to me on the side of the tub while passed my baby girl to him and watched my little men playing with each other and I felt Daniel's hand sneak around my waist pulling me closer so that our foreheads touched and our lips met reminding me of the first time we met. A Perfect Husband, a Perfect Family. This is Heaven!


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