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   Chapter 44 A Family!

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Caroline's POV

My life has been perfect... but here I'm sitting with my mom narrating the entire story listening to her sobs with Daniel next to me.

"Mamma... it's alright.. will you just stop crying?!" I screamed at my Mom.

"Oh stop shouting. I'm worried about you ok... and and.. what if something had happened to you or the baby?! Did you even think about the baby" Now she is screaming at me!

"No..... no I didn't. Cause I was busy thinking about the baby's stupid father!" I said now glaring at Daniel whose hand lay around my waist protectively.

"Stupid?" He asked amused with a smile playing on his lips.

"But children... all jokes aside. I'm scared that after they are out of jail.. then what? They might try to create problems for you again." Mamma asked Daniel.

"You don't have to worry Sophie. They've been pressed with charges of murder, fraud and attempt to murder on Cara and me. Even if there are chances that they might come out soon then I can handle it legally. If you're still worried don't worry I can ask Nick to finish them" he said.

"Finish them?" I asked for which he winked at me. "Oh god! Mamma I think I'll leave. I'm not sure I'm feeling well.. I wanna go home and sleep..." I said moaning into Daniel's chest.

"Okay Darling.. you both leave. Even I need to pick Dylan. He wants to shop for his gadgets!" She said in a childlike manner.

"Come on Daniel. Let's go please...." I said and pulled him onto his legs.

"Daniel.... sweetheart.. please get her to eat something. She always forgets!" She said rolling her eyes.

"Argh! Mamma! You just be quiet" I said pulling Daniel with me. But he stopped. "What?"

"Wait a minute darling.. I have a surprise for you mum." He cleared his throat and started. "Actually... aaahhh... you don't have to live in this apartment anymore.." he said and my mom looked at him expectantly. "You have the mansion back.. in your name.." he said.

Wow! Mamma was on cloud nine. She hugged us both and thanked Daniel for everything he has done for us.

Right now I'm sitting inside the car waiting to reach home. I looked at Daniel... don't you think I'm so lucky to have him?

When we reached our house. I called out for him... "Daniel....." I pulled on with extra love dripping in my voice.

"Yesss...." he pulled on too with a look of doubt on his face.

"Can you carry me up to our room?" I asked too sweetly.

"Sure babe" he said happily and quickly came to my side and picked me bridal style. "May I know the reason for your sudden love" he asked. "Not that I complain" he added with a grin.

"Just like that.. I realized I actually love my husband too much.. that's why the sudden love" I said pecking his lips.

He safely deposited me on the bed and jumped in next to me. "Come here" he said and pulled me into his chest. "What do you think it's a girl or a boy?" He asked suddenly all too serious with his eyes on my little bump.

"Why? Do you have a preference? I want a boy... I don't know why but I feel like it's a boy.. soo.. you? You don't mind if it's a girl right?" I asked a bit scared.

"No no.. not at all. It doesn't matter.. like I said before. Boy or girl... They're ours! But even I feel like it's a boy.. but Cara I want a girl" he said almost whining and pulled me into his chest again with his chin lying on top of my head.

"We will see about that...." I said trailing off.

"You slept with my sister!" I said referring to Natasha. Whatever I still find it weird.

"And you with your brother" he said.

"I never slept with him. I never even kissed him. Thank god. Thank god for that" I said sighing with relief.

"OK stop that now. We're not going there again!" He said making a disgusted face.

I heard a ring tone. That's Daniel's. We still have similar phones but I've put a cover on mine so that I can easily recognize it. I will never allow Daniel to throw it away. Even if it's not working.

"Hey Nick!" Daniel spoke... "uhm... okay.." I was looking at Daniel now.. "Cara... Kate and Nick are together and they want to tell us something" he said with a frown. 'Something is fishy' he mouthed at me..

I agree... what are these two up to..? "Caroline.. Daniel" Kate and Nick said at the same time. We waited for them to continue... "we're getting married" they said together again. There..... I got my life's biggest shock! Shock doesn't even seem to cover it.


"Daniel! What the hell are they up to?!" I came back to the room and screamed.

Right now we are both getting ready to meet Nick and Kate. "I don't know sweetheart. Yeah they had a thing for each other but marriage? Uhm....... that's a big step. But I guess it's fine. We fell in love and got married soon after we met each other... sooo" he trailed off.

"What soooo? Let me tell you it was not just a thing. Kate had a 'serious thing' for him. I know that! I could see it in her eyes!" I said with a glare and returned back to my room to get my clutch. But I came back to the living hall and reminded him "if anything happens to Kate.... I mean anything. I swear I'm gonna kill YOU!" I heard my phone's ringtone that I had set for Kate.

Daniel answered and put it on loudspeaker. "You know what Carr?! I'm not getting married! That man is just an asshole and please tell your husband to stay away from him!" She screamed and cut the call.

Daniel and I were looking at each other with our mouths wide open. Daniel's cell beeped as well. "Nick texted on our group saying 'no marriage'!" Daniel said.

Wow! Just wow.

"We should just forget about all this" he said coming to hug me.

Two and a half year later....

"Daniel..... could you hold him for me? I gotta go pee...." I said passing the sleeping baby to him.

Baby? Yes you heard me right.

It's been two years. We just celebrated his second birthday last week. "I'll put him to bed?" I heard him ask and I turned back and nodded at him.

I finished my business in the bathroom and went back to bed. Damn am sooo tired. When I went back into my room. The scene in front of me made me tear up. Daniel had the baby on his chest while he had the pillows on the other side of the bed so that he wouldn't fall.

I went behind Daniel and made some place for me to sleep hugging him. While the baby w

That's why I didn't want to tell you" I started freaking out and got up, sitting on the bed with my baby boy's head on my chest.

"Hey... no.. I'm just... you just caught me off guard. Are you sure? I mean... you've been hiding this from me since a month. You're trying to tell this to me from a month. You knew you were pregnant since a month?!" He asked again making me feel nervous and guilty all at the same time. I feel like crying now. "Cara...... stop crying. I'm not trying to scare you or scold you.... but you could have told me right? I mean are you still uncomfortable talking about such things with me? You know I'll support you no matter what. Whatever might be my opinion.. whether it be the baby or about anything. It'll be your choice in the end. And frankly speaking. I did want another baby. I didn't find the right time to talk to you about it" he said pulling me to his chest. My favorite place in the world!

"Momma.... am feling hawt" my baby boy whined who was squished between me and my husband. We both chuckled at his cuteness.

I just hope I will still be able to equally love both my children. I'm not sure if I'll have enough time for Will.....

"Momma..... Dada...awe we going to grampa's tonight?" He asked.

"Yes baby. We are.... why do you ask?" I asked him.

"Awe auntay Kate and Uncle Nick coming? And Uncle Alex?" He asked but wiggled out of my arms so that he could go to his father.

"Yes they are all coming together.... there is some one else who is coming as well." Daniel said eyeing my little bump. A very very little one.

"Who Dada...?" He asked innocently..

"So time to tell everyone?" He asked and I unfortunately nodded my head to that...

"Son how about a sister? Or brother?" He asked him. What the hell?!

"You know what a brother and sister is right honey?" I asked and he nodded.

"Offo... yes momma... like Deedee and Dekshter.." he asked trying to remind me.

"Who's Dekshter?" I said that name.

"Dexter honey..... you know the cartoon he watches in the evening? The laboratory guy!" Daniel said.

"Oooohh" I said.

"Momma.... His sishter i-is very byad... " oh Shit! "Evan in Phineas aand Ferb... Candice is veeryyy byaaad" he started whining again. "Momma....." he said excitedly climbing onto Daniel even more like he got an idea. He started jumping on Daniel's thighs. "I well be Phine-as I wa-want a Ferrb!" He said smiling brightly.

"Now what?! What if it's a girl Daniel?" I asked. OMG! Will's gonna hate us

"Sisters are bad?" Daniel asked him and Will nodded with a sad pout. "But your Momma isn't bad.. ask Uncle Dylan..." he said and Will made a thinking face. "If it's a brother you can play together. If it's a sister.. you can take care of her. You protect her like a hero!" He said making Will's eyes shine brightly.

"OK.. I want a sishter!" He said and I groaned at that.

Daniel sighed and gave me an assuring nod. "But we don't know if you'll get a brother or sister...... God will decide. If he thinks you can take care of a brother well he will give you one. If you can take care of a sister then he'll give you a sister." He said and Will was thinking and nodding with his lips in the form of an "O".

"OK.... now whey awe they? Gi-me my brother and sishter!" I was laughing at that one and he looking at me puzzled.

"No Will.... he won't come so soon... first he have to become a bit big and then he'll come out." Daniel said now tired of answering his questions.

"When is he cooming? Whey will he coome out fom?" He asked.

"It's here.. come here" I pulled him into my arms and pulled his hand down to my stomach.

"Hoow did they go in theey?" He asked... okaaaay..

"I put it in there!" Daniel said grinning from ear to ear. Okay this is getting weird now.

"Ssshh.. no more questions. We have to get ready for the party. Come on" I said pulling my cute family up to their feet.

Well this is MY Family... my cute little family. The love of a family is a life's greatest blessing.... a family.. it's like branches of a tree, they may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one......

Who would have thought that a Billionaire Casanova would fall in love with me...

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