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   Chapter 43 A Finished Part!

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Daniel's POV

What does this man want now? I'm damn sure he's planning to take me down so that he can have Cara for himself. Not even in his dreams! But I don't know what he is planning. That is why it's best to keep Cara away from him. Not telling her is the best option right now. Otherwise she'd demand for details and might even want to come along. Worst part is she thinks that it's her war. Now that she's mine. My wife. It's my duty to protect her from all the evils, to share my happiness and to support her during her difficult times. This is not her war alone. Especially with the come back of her ex. I feel like my jealousy has reached a whole new level. Not that I doubt my Cara, but I just don't like men around her innocent presence. And of course, now that she carries our angel in her, I wanna be extra careful when it comes to her. I don't know why Cara even felt like I proposed because of the baby cause don't blame me but I do forget that we have a baby on the way sometimes. She's so small, you can't even guess that she's pregnant. This might be a new responsibility which I'm ready for but it scares me a bit. Hope I can be a father like my Dad. Even anything near him is fine. But I'm feeling bad now. It was our first day as a married couple and I just had to scream at her for no reason. All because of that Bastard. I felt like she got suspicious about me having to leave her. But when I left she was fine.... I guess and I hope it's all my assumption. For all I know Cara might be following me right now.

With that thought in my mind I reached the place... it looks like a broken, burnt, old building. I thought before going in. I already have informed Sam about this. He has probably tracked me down already and after few minutes he'll send his team to surround the place. I've asked his best shooters to stand in the building around the one I'll enter. Police? Informed. Well actually that doesn't matter. I can handle this the way I want and then it'll be easily handled legally. How? Connections!

The front door opened with a happy evilly smiling Asshole. As soon as I saw him I knew it was him. I walked up to the door and suddenly two men appeared in either side of him. They checked my body for guns or any kind of weapons. God! They still think that just because he asked me to come alone, I'd come alone with weapons. I swear they are such fools. Sam is already with his men outside. They took my cell and I happily gave it to them. I did inform Sam to get in if I don't come out in an hour.

"Please come in. Have a seat. I'll order for them to bring in the drinks" he said with a evil gleam in his eyes.

I already had an idea that he's gonna proceed with his plan. "So what did you want and why did you want me here?" I said with a bored tone.

"Well... straight to point huh? I like it. I just want your money. Don't think that I'm such a big of a fool not to realize that you're the one who bought the company. When I said you're company I meant Caroline's father's company" he smirked.

"And what if I don't give you that?" I smirked back at him.

"Then you will loose your Cara and your baby" he said. How the hell does he know about the baby. We haven't told many people and we haven't announced it in public. He sure has a lot of information on us.

"How do I believe you? May be you're just bluffing" I said shrugging trying not to be affected by his words. Honestly? I really wasn't affected.

"You will just have to trust me on that... you will believe once you see them dead right. You just have to take the risk of trusting me. And you have advantages too... if you agree then I promise I'll never bother you and your wife. Agreed?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Soooo... all that you've done until now is only to get that company?" I asked though I knew what he wanted. It's definitely not just the company.

"Yes. If you agree then we can celebrate. I promise I'll never get back into your life" he said.

"Give me some time to think" I said so that it would make him think that I'm actually considering the option.

"Alright.. take as much time as you want. But remember I should get the answer I expect before you leave... or your dead" he said and I nodded casually. He picked up a phone and said "drinks and snacks". Then all he did was to evilly smirk at me. Why does he have to smirk whenever he says 'drink'.

Then a girl comes holding a tray which has two glasses. Our drinks..... something sounds fishy about it. That lady... damn! I could recognize her anywhere even with brown hair and a bob hair cut. What the hell is this female doing here!? Caroline is right. She is Blonde Bimbo. I act like I don't recognize her and sit stiffly in my seat.

She moves her hand to pick a glass but she stops and looks at the two first and hands the glass to her right. Strange! Why do they have to assume that am an easy fool!

Before we even picked our glasses. I heard Natasha say "can I have a word with you sir?" And Edward excused himself and they moved to the corner of the room. I quickly exchanged the glasses when they turned their back towards me. I feel like I'm watching a daily soap with Cara. I never thought such circumstances would enter my life.

I quickly sipped on my drink so that he doesn't say we exchange if he doubts on me... I need to play this carefully.... at least for another half an hour. Cause I asked Sam to come here after an hour.... only half an hour has passed s

peacefully got the company without any nuisance happening. But your brilliant husband had to enter this. He destroyed my plan. Anyways.... killing your father wasn't difficult. A few threatening letters and then I just had to prove his murder as an accident. Since I was with the police it was easy to find our what proof they have and then get the proof missing. And then your mother was scared to loose you... so the case was easily closed..." he laughed again like a psycho. Not a shock. I had an idea that it was him behind all this. So now it's not hurting much. He pushed Nick and pulled the gun out of his hand. Nick steadied himself...but.. "Kids shouldn't play with this" he said showing the gun to Nick and pointed at me.

"Dad!" I heard Edward get up who until now was unconscious on the sofa. He took out his gun to point at his father.

"Don't worry son....." he moved the gun a bit to my right... Daniel? Nick stood there helpless. How did all of it come down to this..

"Don't!" I screamed.

"Like I would listen to you" he said smirking at me and moved his finger to click.....

But before anything could happen... I shot him! I shot him on his chest. He fell on the floor with a loud thud. Edward looked at me with shock but then pointed his gun at me but Daniel moved fast and moved my hand to point at him and shot his hand making his gun fall.

"Cara mia where did you get this?" He hugged me from back and slowly removed the gun from my hand.

"Dad... he had gifted me one after he taught me how to use a gun." I said then fell on his chest like there's no energy left in me and closed my eyes.


"Cara......? You woke up?" I heard Daniel's voice. I felt it very difficult to peel my eyes open.

I looked around myself.. Daniel sat to my left. "Why are we here again?" I asked him.

"Because you fainted and I needed to know that you were alright!" He said.

"You know I'm already starting to hate hospitals" I told him.

"I know... doctor said your completely fine and you've been eating healthy soo... see.. you've just had to stay with your mom and my mom for one week before the wedding and they make you healthy. Why don't you eat when I ask you to?" He asked like nothing happened a few hours ago.

"What happened to them Daniel? Where are they?" I asked making him sigh..

"They're under treatment in the same hospital. Nothing serious.. both are gonna be fine. And since the police are here. I will let them handle this. Alex even got proof. He recorded everything that happened there. He had Natasha tied to a pillar. So after you fainted the police came in..... Nick's men had killed all his men. So.. that might be a problem but nothing we can't handle." He said proudly.

"Wow.. Alex said.. you break bones and limbs. Nick has his Mafia men.. true!" I said dazed.

"You wanna know what Alex does?" I nodded frowning at him. "Well he.. cleans up our mess. He'll handle the police. So I think we go home now.... and we have to go to our honeymoon as well... right? Come on" he said taking my hand in his.

"Why did you scold me there. In front of Edward. Only cause I checked your cell?!" I asked remembering our fight.

"I'm so sorry. I just didn't want you to be there. It could've been so dangerous... you should think about our baby too.. but even when we are having those little rough patches I will still love you and care about you unconditionally no matter what I say ok?" He said making my heart flutter and held my hand making me feel warm all over.

I hope we stay like this and nothing should be able to separate us. I want him to hold my hand like this always....

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