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   Chapter 42 Hide 'n' Seek

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 10578

Updated: 2019-01-07 01:11

Caroline's POV

"Why? Isn't Nick coming with us" I asked Alex.

"He'll be with us in a few minutes. He needs to bring his men. So that we could have a some protection" he shrugging.

"So we have a plan or we'll just go? I guess plans don't work well with me so we should just go..?" I asked Alex. Cause right now this is my mess. But Daniel just had to spoil everything. Couldn't he have at least told me that he was going to THAT Bastard?!

Before Alex could reply I heard a buzz from my cell indicating an incoming message.

Private number: Hey Sweetheart! Meet me at the Allen Street @11. Sharp! Don't try to fool me like last time. It's about your husband;-)

"Alex?..." I called out for him speechless and pointed towards my phone. What exactly is this man actually planning? I looked at Alex who has already finished reading and turned towards the road again with his jaws clenched.

"What do you think?" I asked wanting to know his opinion.

"You shouldn't have come here Caroline. This man, whoever he is, he's plotting something really sick. Remember the texts he had sent to Daniel? Daniel had replied that even the air he breathed wouldn't be able to come near you and to which he replied back saying we'll see. He wants you to be there Caroline and we are falling into his pit like fools!" Alex exclaimed hitting the steering wheel with his hand.

"I don't know what he's planning Alex. All I know is that this my mess. I'm the one that should've been trapped and captured. But Daniel..... he should've at least told me where he's going right?!"

"Caroline.... if you're worrying about Daniel? Then that's just waste of time sweetie. He is a different man. And you better not mess with him if you want your hands and limbs to be perfect. Well I guess you don't know the dark side to him" He said chuckling to himself.

Yeah yeah! That man! So infuriating.. Aaargh! I thought and looked out of the window and then into the mirror looking at myself. One thing that caught my attention was the black cars following us.

"Alex...?" I asked knowing that he already knew that they are following us.

"Chill.. that's Nick.... and his men." He said looking in the rear view mirror.

"His men" I asked and he nodded. Wow! Those cars look just like how they show in movies about mafia Dons.

"Caroline we are almost there. But I'll park my car here. Cause I can see Daniel's car there. Okay? Be careful. And always stay hidden!" He said with a strict face.

"OK big brother. As you say" I said bowing my head sarcastically.

I met with Nick standing outside our car waiting for us to get out. With his men of course. All in black suits wearing black goggles. Damn! Do I really know much about these two? "Are you the Mafia Boss or something?" I asked seriously.

"Uhmm... yeah. Something like that" he said not meeting my eye. I guess I really don't know much about him.

"OK guys. Listen. We'll not do much. Remember our work here is to bring back Daniel and stay hidden. Don't start a fight. We don't know what they are-" Alex started giving his instructions as usual but Nick had to interrupt.

"Only to bring back Daniel? I tho

an suit. Alex got up as well but now we were all looking at each other. I guess we needed a plan.

"I guess. Daniel needs us now" Alex said. "Guys we need to split up and find Daniel soon. Before he drinks that." Alex suggested.

"Yeah... Alex you go left. I'll go to the right. Caroline you go straight and... yeah. We'll be on conference. And don't cut the call not even by mistake. And keep your cells on silent. Don't care about me and Alex. But just stay hidden. And if situation calls for it you just please run out. Don't wait for us." Now Nick!

"Will you both stop preaching me?! I'm a grown up not a kid. Instead of wasting our time discussing this we need to go find that senseless friend of yours" I said. Frustration is getting the best out of me. And Natasha's gonna get it.

Where the hell is this Daniel. I guess this is the wrong way cause no one's in here. Right now I was walking in a small corridor like place. That had many doors to my left and the right side is where I came from. I was about to get in through one of the doors to my left when Nick and Alex came there.

"There's no where to go. This is the only place we haven't checked. So let's go in" Nick said while breathing heavily.

Alex opened the door slightly to peek in. "It's a big hall. All these doors connect to this hall" he said and I sat below him to see clearly what's this hall he is talking about.

We couldn't see the other half of the hall cause a curtain beside the door wasn't letting us to. There were like two men standing near the doorway on the other side with their backs facing towards us. I guess they thought we'll enter from the front door.

"Deal?" I heard the same familiar voice which I so much hated. Who almost destroyed my relationship with my father.

"Deal!" I heard Daniel's voice and then the clinking of glasses. I quickly pulled back the curtain with my hand to see clearly what's happening. There he was. My stupid husband drinking the shitty drink that that bitchy blonde gave. At least couldn't he have taken just a sip... why the whole glass?! Ugh! Oh Daniel! Why oh why!

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