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   Chapter 41 Secret Message

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Caroline's POV

"Come let's go now." Daniel said pulling my hand towards the car again.

"Where? This place is beautiful. I don't feel like leaving already" I started whining.

"We'll come back. I have actually bought this place. But now we have to go see our house" he said and sat me inside the car and fastened the seat belt around me.

Bought it? "You own this site? I asked when he came around to sit in the driver's seat. "You own this site. Then your taking me to our house?" I asked. I mean why would we need this site when we already have a house.

"I know what you're thinking. But I don't know. I just liked this place. And the house that I've bought is already built and I don't want to make any changes. I mean if you want you can. I guess I'll build my- no yours- no our dream place here!" He said winking at me.

"Great then..... I would love that I guess" I said giving him a smile. I don't know what to say. I liked that place a lot. Daniel's doing all that for me, for us, and for our future family. It just makes me too happy. I never thought I could be this happy. But Daniel did succeed in making me happy.

Oh my gawd! "Daniel! That's not just a small house. It's a freaking villa. Oh my gosh! It looks so beautiful from outside. I can't wait to go in" I was squealing sitting inside the car. It was so beautiful. Looks huge. I mean for me it is. Since I wanted to be in a small house with Daniel and my little one.

"Sure babe! C'Mon" he said after he opened the door for me and escorted me inside, all the while he was holding my hand.

"I know you love greenery but the lawn is a bit small with a huge pool!" He said with a hesitant smile.

"No Daniel. This house is just too pretty. I can already see that you're gonna spoil our kids rotten" I said giving him a tight hug which he returned back.

"Now it's time to show you our room. Let's go to bed and let me devour you" he said hitting my butt from behind.

"Daniel stop hitting me. It hurts you know" I said half liking it. Cause no it didn't hurt. Not much.

"Awwww......sorry princess. I'll give them a massage" he said innocently.

"Damn! You're too good. On how many girls have you tried it huh?" I asked teasing him slightly.

"It's our marriage night and you're talking about me with other girls. Wow! What a wife I've got! Awesome" he said like he's happy. And hugged me from behind with his arms too tightly, in a way protecting and caressing my slight baby bump.

"Don't get ideas mister! I did tell you before we cancelled the bachelor's party that I'd blast your balls. Remember? Want me to try it on you?" I said looking back at his face which actually held a painful expression.

"Thanks babe. But no thank you. I think we are good in bed together. So let's go there rather than arguing more. Right?" He said and carried me upstairs. Bridal style!

"So what do you have for me dear husband?" I asked cause I know the pain. The desperation. We haven't have had sex from a long time. And we didn't even sleep together on the same bed for two days before the wedding.

"That's a surprise baby. I'm not going to tell you. I will show what's up for surprise" he said and placed me on the bed. Looking around the room, it was a bit dark, lit up with candles everywhere. I sat on the edge of the bed while he was kneeling down.

"Remember? This is how you had decorated our room that night. But we eventually spoiled it together like always. But the only good thing that happened that night was

When we went to the hospital, we got to know about our baby. Though you told me a day later...... but... I just love you Cara. Thank you so much for staying by my side though I messed up so many times. I never could imagine myself with a wife and a baby on the way, but you've brought both good lucks into my life. A baby, my child... never thought I'd accept it so easily. You made it easy for me. I know that I've already told you many times but you need to be told this all the time. That I love you. Not because of the baby. But for you. I love the baby because of you" he said and kissed my forehead. "I guess you're tired. I'll let you sleep" he said and got up.

But I held his hand and frowned at him. Come on! It's our first night! "That's it? This is our first night" I said with puppy dog eyes.

"Don't do that. I can't resist! Babe.... you know it can harm the baby right?" He said sa

andsome" I complimented. He came to bed, near me and kissed my temple.

"I'll be back soon. Be safe. Call me if you're going out anywhere" he said with a strict face and eyes narrowed.

I nodded without any hesitation. He left looking back at me. As soon as I heard the door click I pulled out my cell. Sam is going to be with Daniel. So I called the only other two people I know.

I called Alex first and then Nick.

"Hey- Hey" they chorused together.

"Who was that?" Again! Hehe! I put them on a conference call

"Shut up both of you. Alex, that's Nick. And Nick, that's Alex. And this is me Caroline!" I said.

"Okaaaaayy" Nick pulled on.

"Guys I'm serious listen!" I shouted.

"OK OK. Nick keep quiet. Let her continue" Alex said. "Alright. Fine!" I heard Nick reply.

"You both do know about my uncle trying to buy the company. Him being with my ex.... right?" I asked so that they don't get confused later. I heard a serious 'yes' from both. "Yeah so. Today morning I saw Daniel's cell. By mistake okay!" I said so that they don't mistake me like Daniel. "I heard it buzzing and it said it was a private number. I wasn't as suspicious at first. I just wanted Daniel to attend to it. But by the way he snatched the cell confirmed my suspicions. I then checked his cell and I found few messages shared between them. About a deal. Anyways I'll forward them to you. I just don't have a good feeling about it. I need your help" I said with a sigh in the end.

"You don't have to worry. Of course we will help. You don't even have to ask" I heard Nick first with Alex continuing "Yeah. You just forward the messages to us both and we'll pick you in half an hour?" He asked.

"Yeah okay. I'll be ready." I said and there we ended the call.

Then I forwarded the messages.

Private number: You did a really big mistake by ruining my plan! You're gonna pay for it.

Daniel: That was clear business which you failed to understand. My game! So it's obvious that I win.

Private number: Not yet my friend. Meet me at the Allen Street this morning at 8:30? That much time should be enough with your wife right? Cause you won't be left with much time later.

Daniel: Meet me at the Allen Street at 9! I'm giving you half an hour more to live your life.

Private number: Thank you. But then you have to see the surprise I have for your wife. Aww she'll be de, devastated. That's been waiting for her since years. Deal?

Daniel: Deal. Not even the air you breath will be able to touch her.

Private number: let's see.

I got ready quickly. Had a shower and jeans and t-shirt. Alex and Nick were here exactly within half an hour.

"Where to?" I asked for confirmation.

"Allen Street" Alex replied who was driving next to me. With Nick behind us in his car. "And Nick will bring his men. Don't worry. Nothing will happen. Your uncle only wants your money he won't do any physical harm!" He said to assure me.

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