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   Chapter 40 Wedding!

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Caroline's POV

So yeah! True to his words, Daniel did succeed to arrange everything within a week. At first the Wedding Planner gave a big NO NO. But you know money can do wonders! So the flower and cake and all the decorations was on her. We just called her, quickly sat down and told her all the colors and flavors we wanted. I wanted chocolate obviously for the cake. And Daniel kinda hate sweets so he didn't talk much in that matter. Only thing that was left was my dress. It seems Daniel already bought a suit for him. And he also bought us a house. A new house. My mom and his mom took care of all the wedding arrangements so that everything is to my liking. Of course every girl has her dream wedding already planned in her mind. I wanted everything to be in white. Pure white! I know the color seems boring. But that's how I wanted it.

Aaaaand... about the house. Daniel says it's a surprise. The only clue he gave me is that it's big enough to luxuriously accommodate all our kids. I don't know how many he's planning. But I was excited. I don't care about how or where the house is. Wherever it may be, I just want to live with him forever now.

And the company? Well..... I sold it to Daniel. Wink wink. I signed the required papers undoubtedly. I just hope our plan works.

Coming back to the marriage topic. I asked Kate to be my Maid of Honor. She was squealing like a mad girl. I had to steal Alex from Daniel. So obviously Nick was the best man. That will be revealed to him why on the day. It was a simple wedding. Very few guests. I mean very few. None from my side of the family. Actually few. Like 25.... and another 25 from his side.... There wasn't any bachelor's party. Or any any spinsters' party. For one I can't tolerate Daniel with other girls. I'll blast his balls. And then he can't watch me with other guys. So cancel. But you know what the biggest problem was? Choosing a dress! And I wish I could ask for Daniel's opinion on that. But no! The groom is not allowed to see the dress before the wedding. Bullshit! And the problem that Daniel had was that we had to sleep separately. We are not even supposed to see each other's face. Actually Daniel could have got my mom and his mom to leave out that part of the tradition. But since I believe in that he had to agree. Poor man! My man!

I feel like a teenage girl jumping with happiness.

So here I am, instead of jumping happily, I'm shaking! Not that I'm scared to marry Daniel. Not that I have second thoughts about this marriage. But...... is Daniel having any second thought about this marriage. I hope not! I really love him.

I was wearing a diamond necklace that Darcy..... I mean mom gave. It seems every girl in their family wore it. William's mom's grandmother started it..... hmm... yeah I know too confusing. So they pass it on to the daughter in law. And on top of it I wore these greyish silver shiny stilletos. I don't know how I'll be walking.

"Sweetheart! Everything is ready Carol. Daniel is anxiously waiting for you. He's thinking that you might have ditched him" my mom said chuckling at her own joke as she entered in.

"OK yeah... I'm ready. I just hope Daniel doesn't runaway!" I said with a smile.

"No dear. He won't. I trust him. You should too. I know that he will protect you just like how your Dad did all these years. Knowingly or unknowingly your Dad already knew that he is the perfect partner for you. He never said so but you already had his permission and blessings for this marriage." She said with tearful eyes.

"Mamma stop crying! Your gonna make me cry as well!" I said already wiping my tears.

"Yes yes. Now c'mon. Everyone is waiting for you outside." She said pulling me out.

'Thanks Dad! For everything. Whatever I'm today. That's a

Kate and Nick will be fine. I mean Nick hasn't been with anyone for so long. So I guess Kate is already special for him. My guess is that.... that they'll end up like us" he said with a wink. Well that did not convince me a bit. Hasn't been with anyone for so long except Kate. Huh! That's what scares me.

Daniel pulled up near a tree. A huge tree. Empty road. No vehicles or people around.

"Cara.... remember last week I told you that give I'll you a surprise?" He asked.

"Yeah....... but I don't find any house here....?" I said unsure.

"The house... that's a different part. We'll be going there later at night. But before that I have another surprise for you."

"Ok!" I said excitedly. I tried to look for things around him but there was nothing. What surprise? I looked at him questioning with a frown on my face.

He then took out an envelope frothed inside pocket of his suit and handed it to be. He literally pulled my hand and placed the envelope on my palm. I opened the envelope.

See! I'm really not good at reading contracts. I didn't even try reading. "What is this" I asked in a soft voice.

"Read it!" He said.

"No I can't. I'm sure i won't understand a thing. You tell me. It'll be quick" I said giving it back to him.

But he pushed my hand and his only reply was "No! Read!"

Now this got me angry. "You don't order me what to do. You either tell yourself or I'll throw tear this!" I said. Joke

"Hey hey!" He said snatching away the envelope from me. "Listen. Uhmmm... I bought your company. As we guessed your company's money profit is all secure. They can't get their hands on that and so the fake selling and loss so that they can buy it though they don't have any money. But their lawyer could have handled that. And before any of that could happen. I bought it! And this is your gift" he said handing me the envelope. "I bought the company. Under YOUR name. I mean I bought it first and then...." he trailed off rubbing his neck like a blushing teenage boy.

"You did all this for me?" I asked. These pregnancy hormones make you cry at every small thing. Urgh!

But this is not small. OMG! "Daniel!"I screamed and hugged him like there's no tomorrow.

"I'd do anything to make my Cara happy!" He said and pulled out of the hug. "Come. Let's go before it gets too late. We can't miss today's night" he teased ne with a wink. "Let's go..... new house. New life. First night" he said the last two words whispering in my ear.

Asshole! But he's MY Arrogant Asshole!

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