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   Chapter 39 A Step Ahead

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 12876

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Daniel's POV

"Cara!? Cara?" I called out but there was no reply from her and I quickly caught the phone that was falling from her hand. "Sam! Get the car started!" I shouted at him picking her up in my arms with Maria following behind. "Caroline! Babe! Wake up baby....." I tried talking to her in a soft voice. But no.. she didn't wake up. May be like last time.. the same thing happened the last time I fought with her. When we got to know that she's newly pregnant. What if I loose her? Have I stressed her out too much? Fuck! Why did I have to be so angry with her?! It was just a fucking dress that she changed only because I didn't give attention. I shouldn't have neglected her like that!

"We're here" Sam announced.

Sam held me back when I tried to get in the room the doctors took my Cara.

Almost after half an hour the doctors came out saying she's fine. "Then why the hell did she faint if she's fine?"

"Yes, she is absolutely fine now Mr.Rochester. Last time she was here, I guess she had suffered dizziness due to low blood pressure. Correct?" He asked for confirmation and I nodded to it. "It is the same case again. She's been stressed, causing the low blood pressure. And to top it, I guess she hasn't been eating well. She has to stay healthy and eat healthy. Or it might cause danger to the baby. It is a case of hyperventilation during pregnancy, it cannot be taken lightly. But for now she's fine, I suggest you try to keep her away from the stress as much as you can. And it's also a hormonal problem during pregnancy to overthink things." I nodded trying to grasp everything. I feel like I really did neglect Cara a lot. I don't even know a thing about pregnancy or her habits. "It might be surprising for you to hear this. But most women go into depression just thinking that their husbands or partners don't compliment them anymore, or pamper them. They over analyze each and every thing. So I'd like to warn you already. Anyways she'll be awake in an hour or so." He said and was about to leave.

"Can I go see her? I mean I'll just go sit next to her" I asked the doctor hoping it won't be a problem and that Cara will still be fine.

"Oh! Of course, but please do go alone or in pairs. I'd don't want you to crowd her and suffocate her" He said and left.

"That is true Sir, she hasn't been eating at all. Yesterday's food was completely untouched." Maria said with true concern etched on her face.

"She didn't eat last night? But I told her to have it!" I said. Crazy Girl! She didn't have dinner last night.

"And she might have been stressed Sir. That is as of I've observed. Last time also she was trying to get out of the house angrily. But I didn't have to try much as she went back into her room herself and then you came and managed the situation. And today she came running to find you. I even called you after that, but no use she still wanted to see you first. She's been too stressed." Maria concluded with a sad sigh.

"Sam...The phone! Her phone!" I whispered to myself and pulled out her cell from my suit pocket.

That's it! The messages. That's what has got her worried. But who the hell is this!? He can definitely not escape now. He has threatened my Cara! I threw the cell at Sam which he caught very easily. "Trace that number." I said and quickly went in to sit beside Cara who was already stirring.

Struggling to get up but finally opened her eyes. "Daniel....?" She asked.

"Cara. yeah I'm here. How are you?" I asked. Then she looked away and just nodded. "Not talking with me?" I asked with a slight smile. "I should be the one angry with you! I asked you to have dinner right? Then why didn't you eat last night?" I asked softly not trying to scare her.

But instead of replying she turned her body away from me and then replied "I didn't feel like it. Lost my appetite" s

a voice from behind making Daniel groan but then he sat me back in my seat again.

"Sam! What?! You have a great timing!" He spat at him.

"I'm... sorry if I... interrupted.. something...... but this was more important. I just found out that who is using that number. It's under the name of 'Edward'. What's more surprising is that we found a familiar number in his call history" he said and me and Daniel looked at each other understanding what's gonna come next. "He keeps calling Mr.Anthony or vice versa at least 5 times a day."

"Finish what you want to say Sam" Daniel said when he saw Daniel hesitating.

"It's confirmed that Caroline's uncle lied to her about the company's bankruptcy. They are trying to hide the fact that the company is safe and sound without an inch of loss. They are trying to prepare fake documents to buy out the company under the name of 'Sheryl'. Caroline.. I think you can still do something before it can be legalised. And you both have to owe me one! I had to keep an affair with their lawyer's assistant to find out what they are planning!" Sam said making Daniel chuckle a bit.

"Ok... Cara.. your father wrote under his will that all his money and property goes to you and only after Dylan's of legal age will half of it go to him. And part of it is under your mother's name. Correct?" He asked and I understood his plan and smiled to myself. What a brilliant fiance I have got. Now life partner! "If the company is going to be bought by others then this should have been publicized. So for others it'll seem like they bought it. But they are trying to just fool everyone showing fake documents. So no one knows that this company is for 'sale'. Huh! That's the chance! I will buy it before they could even understand what happened. And that they don't have the money to buy it. But what I'm not understanding is the connection between them. But about that, we can worry later. I need the exact time! When is this happening?!" He said Sam with a clenched jaw looking at the ceiling.

"Right on it boss!" Sam said with a salute and left.

"Cara! You will call your lawyer and write your company under my name. Before they can legalise the fake documents. I will legally buy your company! They wouldn't even know what hit them and we'll be already a step ahead of them!" Daniel seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

"What are thinking? Why my uncle and him are together?" I asked clearly able to read his mind.

Instead of replying he hugged me from side and whispered in my ear biting it. "Get ready for the wedding!"

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