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   Chapter 38 A New Culprit

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William (Daniel's Dad) POV

"But Sophia.. We need to tell them. I'm sure they'll get to know one or the other day. Let's not make it anymore difficult for them" Darcy said to Sophia. I was supposed to meet Sophie alone but Darcy insisted on coming.

"She's right. And you know Roger already warned us about some danger that we don't know about. Unfortunately, before he could finish all this he had to leave us. So the sooner we tell Daniel about it, the more easy it will be for him to protect Caroline. And Roger did say that there is someone very close to him plotting against him to get his family. But he just didn't know who. I think it's better to tell them" I said trying to get her to agree on it. May be if she gets to know the consequences then she might agree.

"OK. I'm ready to tell them" Sophia said with a sigh.

"Great!" Thank God my words had at least some impact on her. Cause me and Darcy have been trying since an hour. "Let me call Daniel then" I said happily.

"No wait" Sophie interjected and Darcy's smile slipped away along with mine. "Can we tell them tomorrow? I mean, give me sometime. I know we should tell them as early as possible but.... tomorrow?" She asked.

"OK! Tomorrow then. How about lunch with them? I'm sure Daniel won't say no, he's already too curious to know the truth cause obviously he didn't believe our words." I said. 'Okay' Darcy agreed.

"So Daniel didn't believe? No doubt! He was always the genius kid trying to figure out and solve things. And Carol? I hope she didn't doubt?" Sophia asked curiously.

"No. Carol was too upset to observe that we were lying."Darcy replied to that question. "I think you should call them for lunch tomorrow. I don't know how they are gonna take it."


Daniel's POV

"What happened? Why are you so worried? I think Mom was right even though she didn't tell me. But it was good that she never let the police continue with their investigation because she'd have only gotten disappointment. This is a dead end. There's no other way." Cara said coming into the room while eating ice cream. I replied with an 'I know'. "Why are you still here? Don't you have a meeting today. It's already 9" She said trying to remind me.

"Yeah I remember. But I cancelled it. Cara..... this is not the dead end. My Dad is lying. I'm sure your Mom is too. They are hiding something. Maybe not something big, but they are hiding something that might lead us to that something big. And I cancelled my meeting cause Dad called me today morning... asking me to clear my schedule immediately and he invited us for lunch." I said narrowing my eyes at my thoughts as doubts clouded my mind!

"Then we should go right? And anyways I wanted to buy some snacks!" She said determined to buy them and I chuckled at her. "Stop laughing! What do I do sitting at home alone when you go to office? I need something to munch on while watching movies right? And you know I hate popcorn!" She said making a disgusted face. I think she's the first girl I met who hates popcorn?

"Come here" I called and she came running to me.

"I think we should get ready? I don't want to be late" She whined and I nodded kissing her head and let her go so that she could get ready.

And I went back into my thoughts. There's something definitely fishy. I just don't have a good feeling. There's something bad gonna happen today. I should see to it that Cara, Mom, Dad... Sophie and Dylan... all! Everyone are safe.


Caroline's POV

"Daniel is this good? Am I looking fat?" I asked him almost for a hundredth time wearing a black skirt. Not too short not too long but I feel like my cheeks are puffed out. Chubby cheeks! Ugh!

"No Cara. You're looking fine. How many times do I have to repeat the same thing!?" He snapped at me at the end scaring me to death! And he himself left to change. I'm looking fine? Just fine? I think even I should change. I definitely don't look pretty these days and even Daniel snaps at me all the time. I think I'll wear some baggy t-shirt. When I can't look pretty I shouldn't even try I guess. I quickly changed into a yellow shirt with Grey pants and stood waiting in the living room for Daniel.

And Daniel soon came out with a suit looking all too handsome. See! We don't match at all. And this mad man goes to meet his parents looking all formal. Hmm.. Anyways I don't think his Dad knows anything regarding this case. He looked too damn innocent to know anything. Or I guess he knows to lie unlike me.

"Cara! Where are you? Lost in your thoughts? Why did you change? I told you, you were looking pretty in the previous dress." He said, his face in front of mine. He did? Huh! As if he even has time to compliment me.

"Oh you did? I didn't hear anything of that sort" I said with a simple shrug and quickly escaped out of the house away from his sight.

Inside the

come. I thought I should talk to him and went out in search of him. There he was, watching TV. "Daniel are you not coming to come to bed?" I asked standing in front of him.

"No, you go sleep. I'll come later" he said not even looking at me for once.

"What is wrong with you? Why are you acting so distant. I wanted to have a serious conversation with you. But no you have to spoil my mood with your tantrum!" I said angrily.

"Me? I spoiled your mood? I threw a tantrum?! You were the one acting like a kid. Changed your dress cause I didn't give my opinion. I didn't compliment you?! Grow up! We're gonna have a kid of our own soon. You wanna know why I don't want to come to bed. Well, actually I don't know but I guess I wanted to stay away from you and your annoying voice!" He said getting up, face to face with me. He closed his eyes and sat back.

I ran into the room and picked up my towel and few clothes and ran back into the living room and said "Please! Now you can go sleep in your peaceful room!" I screamed and went into the other room as usual before he could get up and say anything. I heard a knock then again and again and again. But when he didn't receive any reply I heard his retrieving steps. Good for him!

I nice shower really relaxes you. Especially after a fight with your fiance. I really need to go to a spa. Then I heard my phone buzzing. Again!

'You did very wrong by not coming babe! Meet me at the same place. Now!'

I think I should ignore it.

'Don't think about ignoring this babe. I hope you do love your Daniel enough. You do want to see him again right? Or he might never come back home again'

Daniel? Where's Daniel?! Where has he gone? I did a quick search of the entire house. But he's nowhere to be seen. I pick my cell and run out of the house but Maria stopped me. "Oh dear, where are you going? You shouldn't. Go rest Dear. I saw the fridge, I'm sure you haven't have had anything last night. I'll make you some breakfast. Come!" She said.

But I pulled my hand out of her hold and said "No I have to find Daniel"

"Daniel? Yeah he went out today morning. He said he'll be here soon. I'm sure he's coming. Wait I'll call him" she said and she did. I could clearly hear the conversation. "See Dear.. He said he's almost here. I think you should rest now" she said holding my hand again.

"No.... I should go find him. I want to see if he's fine first." I said running out and quickly got inside the elevator. It felt like a decade reaching the ground floor. I ran out into the lobby to find a taxi. But none were to be seen. Suddenly someone pulled my hand roughly and I turned to lash put at that person.

"Daniel!" I whispered.

"Cara, where were you running?! I told Maria to keep you at home right?" I smiled and hugged him tightly listening to his rambling. "What happened?" He asked a bit scared for me.

Why? Shouldn't I hug him just like that? Oh fuck! I fought with him! I quickly pulled back. Get yourself together Cara!

And yet again my phone buzzed 'Ooooo... got scared Cara? But that could have happened babe. So do as I say!'

A New Culprit?

I try to control myself. I can't breathe! I take a deep breath. In out. In out. In out... I can feel myself falling. Everything is a blur. Mushy....

I could hear a faint familiar voice from behind 'Cara! Cara!....'

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