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   Chapter 37 Lies!

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Caroline's POV

"But Daniel! Why do you think it's Sara. I mean what connection would she have with my Dad or Uncle. Oh god! All this is so confusing. everything started cause of uncle Anthony! Ugh!" I said. Yup. Me and Daniel are having a chit chat about what this is all about. And obviously with Sara is involved in it in anyway then she can't kill my Dad alone. There is a definite possibility that someone else has also helped her.

We are sitting in Daniel's office. Sam is working in his computer trying to trace Sara. I'm sure Daniel is bored but looks like he's thinking something with his hand stroking his jaw. Suddenly we hear someone's phone ringing, that is Sam's. "Yup......... OK. Forward it to me. OK." He said and cut the call. I mean what kind of a conversation is that. Like seriously?! Anyway. "Daniel! I think we've got a clue. My men just found few old articles about your Dad, Cara. And it seems that.... there were rumors that they are together. And there's also a picture.. Uhm look." He said moving the screen towards us. It was Dad. When he was really young. yeah.... I guess he was already married at that time? I guess so. He was holding a young pretty girl's hand trying to hide her from the paparazzi. But it was clearly seen that she..... had a little baby bump. It's not clearly seen but her hand was protecting her bump.

"Sara....?" Daniel muttered beside me. That's Sara?! Me and Daniel were looking at each other shocked.

"Yeah... So.. I think we've found a strong connection. And Daniel that's a picture from the year 1989." Sam said. And looks like Daniel did all the calculations in his head making his eyes widen to which Sam nodded his head.

"Will anyone of you tell me what's happening?" I asked and I hope it's not what I'm guessing.

"Cara, If I was born in 1987" He mumbled and then looked at me. "Natasha is 3 years younger than me. And I'm guessing that the baby is Natasha. I mean.... If it was Dad's baby...Uhm.. we don't know that. Oh God!" He said and closed his eyes with his hands.

"So you think If my Dad had an affair with Sara at that time. Then baby is his. Meaning Natasha is his daughter. Correct?" I asked and he nodded. Great! "Daniel, don't you think it's high time we ask Mom about it. Cause Dad was already married at that time and I'm sure Mom will have all the answers."I asked Daniel. But I know Will said I should make sure that Mom doesn't get to know about it.

"I think you're right."He said.

Here we are sitting in my home. Mom just went into the kitchen to make us some coffee which I hate while Daniel and me are having a fight about who wi

ove out of the place. She was behind your father but he never encouraged it as of I know. But later there were rumors saying they are in a relationship. To be married. It seems he was having an affair behind your mother's back. But now you know it's not true. And even she married Max few years after Daniel was born I think, cause Roger warned her saying he is happy in his life. And she promised she'll not come back" Dad said. hmm.... Maybe it's a dead end and I'm just trying to dig up things without reason"

"OK. Thanks Dad. I think we should leave. It's already too late. Bye Dad" He said and gave him a hug. So did Darcy, I mean Mom.

"Cara, you go out and wait for me. I'll be there in a minute. I have to talk to Dad about business." Daniel asked and I nodded. Mom came out with me just to accompany me.

William Rochester's POV (Daniel's Dad)

"Dad, I know you lied" Daniel came back to me and said.

"Why would I lie? What do I have to hide son?" I said. He looked at me suspiciously and was about to retort but Darcy came back at the right time.

"What are you father-son doing here? Daniel, Cara is waiting dear..." She said and Daniel left giving me a look.

"Thanks for saving me Darcy. I swear your son is so persuasive. Thanks to Sophie. She called me earlier and informed otherwise I would be caught off guard." I said.

"I know he would drill you with questions that's why I came back" She said.

Yes, I know everything. I would've actually told them everything. But Sophie asked me to promise not to tell them anything. I don't understand why she wants them to end this investigation. She is so scared to lose her children as well..... But one thing I know is that these children will find a way to find out things.

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