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   Chapter 36 Clue Unfolds

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 12858

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Caroline's POV

Daniel and me are lying on our bed. I'm actually sleeping on his chest while he held my body. Of course, we came back early from the club. Nick and Kate were nowhere to be seen. Alex obviously disappeared as well. So Daniel brought me back home with him. Cause he says I quote "the smell of alcohol and the tobacco filled air is not good for the baby"

Okay.. I agree but though. You know sometimes I still think Daniel is with me for the baby. I don't know why but it just gets into my mind. I do love Daniel with all my heart. But I don't know if he does. I mean I know he does. Fuck! What am I telling...I just don't want it to get to me. I know and I believe that he loves me. Anyways we are happy now I wouldn't want to ruin it. I thought and eventually went into a deep sleep.

I woke up to the smell of bacon. Yummy! I look around but there's no sign of Daniel. May be he's the one cooking. I mean obviously. I quickly finished my private business and ran into the kitchen. My stomach was calling for food. I'm really hungry. But it wasn't Daniel. But there stood an old lady in her 40's. She smiled at me as soon as she saw me. "Good Morning Ma'am". The lady wished me.

"Uhhmmm.... Good Morning.. Sorry. But I don't recognize you" I said in my soft voice. I know I should be scared when I find a stranger in my house. But no. By the way she's moving around, I just know that she knows this house very well. So I guess she might be working here.

She chuckled at my reply and said, "Of course, you don't recognize me ma'am. My name's Maria, I'm the housekeeping. I actually come here only on Saturdays, that's why you don't know me. But Master Daniel wants me to stay here everyday. Since you're newly pregnant. Right? Congratulations" she said making me blush. Gosh Daniel! Couldn't he have told me first!

"Aahh... Thank you... uhm.. Do you know where I can find Daniel?" I asked stuttering in between.

"Oh... He left already. He got a call and he left saying it was an emergency. I'm sorry I forgot to inform you Ma'am." she said apologetically. But she was still so cheerful. I think I'm gonna love her company.

"Oh OK. It's alright. I think I'll go take a bath first." i said and turned back to leave but again looked back as I forgot to tell her something "And Please don't call me Ma'am again. Caroline would be fine" I said pleadingly with a smile to which she nodded and smiled back.

I was so eager to eat, but now all my hunger's dead. I mean... It's not like Daniel to leave without informing me. OK. He couldn't have waited till I woke up. But there's not even a call or message. Dafuck! There's something really fishy going on here. I think I'll just go take a bath and then I'll call him.

I swear I took a really really long bath. I thought Daniel will be back by now and me staying in the bathroom will be a nice wait for him. But plan flop! That Asshole is not back yet. I'm in my white jeans and light blue crop top. I think it's light blue. I tried to call him many times. By now I've already called him exactly 23 times. And it goes straight to the voicemail. I think calling Sam will be better. He always keeps his cell phone on. It rings thrice and then I hear Sam's voice. "Samue-" I don't even let him finish and interrupt him soon with annoying myself.

"Hey Sam. Can you tell me where Daniel is?" I asked impatiently.

"Daniel? Aaaaahhhh...." He trailed off and there was silence on the line except Sam's whispering while someone was bickering behind. And then......... then I heard the voices loud and clear. It was Natasha and Daniel.

"Come on Daniel.. Why do you have to be so mean to me. Give me what I want and you'll get what you want. I'm sure your Bitch at home wouldn't mind." I heard her faint voice while Sam was still whispering that I'm on line. Idiots! But I hea

k Sara's husband. I'm damn sure he'll know where she is?" I suggested but I think Daniel would have already tried it.

"We did. We asked him and he said that before she left she asked for a divorce, when Uncle was not ready to divorce her, she told him to at least give her a break or sometime to think. He asked what if you'll leave me so she left Natasha here as a guaranteed card saying she'll come back. And you know Uncle Max right? He loves her blindly! Doesn't even see that she is just behind his money, he acts like her puppy" He said while shaking his head.. hmm.. yes.. true that. "So yeah..That's all.. And when I called Natasha, she thought I called her for sex, but then her hopes shattered when I said I called her to interrogate. But anyways when I asked her if Sheryl is Sara... uhmm... that's when you heard thaaaat... didn't know you had called Sam. But nothing happened anyway. Sam was there with me in my cabin." he sighed. I tire him a lot.

"I'm sorry" I told him sheepishly looking down at my fingers.

"No... Don't be sorry. I'm happy that you trusted me enough to let me explain... But baby there's a problem. Maria told me you haven't eaten anything" he said not happy with me. But in that case even I'm not happy with him.

"The baby is fine" I said.

"I said you haven't eaten anything" he said again with a frown trying to read me again as if he understood something.

"Yeah. I heard. I said the baby is fine" I said folding my arms. But it was too late when I understood what I said. And too late for me to correct it.

"Cara... I'm talking about you. And I know what you're talking about. Knowingly or unknowingly you told me something that your heart feels. I know you feel like I want the baby. Yeah! I want the baby but not more than you. I know it's still hard for you to believe since I was a Casanova before I met you.... But I love you now. Baby or not. I would have still loved you. I would have still proposed to you.I loved you yesterday. I love you today. I'll love you tomorrow. Even if I'm not on your mind, you're always on MINE." He said kissing my forehead. His eyes held a question if i believed him or not and I nodded to that saying I believe him with tears rolling down my eyes.

He tried to wipe them but failed when my dam broke and I was crying continuously out of happiness. "Looks like the pregnancy hormones have started to create wonders." He said laughing.

But I looked into his eyes and said "I love you" I said.

"I love you too." he said and pecked my lips with his forehead on mine.

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