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   Chapter 35 Away With Friends!

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Caroline's POV

Yesterday night was quite exhausting! First, I cried and cried and cried. Because I just couldn't believe that anyone could 'kill' a person like my Dad. I mean he never actually had enemies. And it's my instinct that whatever happened was done by someone very close to us. It's a women's instinct, her gut feeling. It can never go wrong. I even told Daniel about it and he guessed.... that it could be my uncle. Uncle ANTHONY? Like seriously? He's such a sweet person. Yeah we have our doubts set on him but...... I don't know.... he might be the one.. or not? I won't accept it until I have the right proof in my hand! Daniel hugged and kissed me the entire night so I'd stop crying. And I did. Poor guy! I slept on his chest and shoulder. By the time I woke up the entire right side of his body was completely numb!


It's already 2 in the afternoon. I know.. we know how to waste time! I wanted to be lazy and he was in the mood to make love to me. Obviously I let him get his way. Then, when my stomach finally decided to embarrass me by grumbling so loudly, Daniel so sweetly offered to cook breakfast. It was yummmm!!!! Breakfast in Bed!

"So how does my baby like her daddy's cooking? Is it good? Does she like it?" He asked excited but curiously.

"Oh yes she does. It's yumm! I really have to thank your Mom for teaching you how to cook. Because my cooking is a major disaster. I can only cook simple stuff like omelets.... breakfast is easy..... hey! How do you know it's a girl?" I asked he just shook his head smiling.

"My guess. I want a girl. I mean I hope you don't mind if I have a preference right?" He asked and I shook my head saying no.

"Nope. It would have been a problem if you'd say you want a boy and you'd hate a girl. But I know you're not like that..... but Daniel! I want a boy!" I said in a demanding tone.

"Hmm.... it's alright baby. We'll know when the baby is born....." he said coming to kiss me on my lips. I missed his lovey dovey pecks and kisses on my forehead. I was so eager that I moved my head forward a bit making him chuckle at my eagerness. He just placed his hand on my head moving me forward. But....

But! Damn!

"Answer the call... it's alright" I said dismissively. Yupp! You're right. His phone started ringing causing my irritation. You know even I think that I've gotten hormonal these days. I get so easily irritated. He pleaded me with his eyes to understand and oh I do.... he's a busy man. I hope he'll still be the same after the baby is born. He was frowning looking at the name on the screen. I tried to take a peek at it and....... it's Nick!

"What the hell man!? What's so important? You couldn't wait?" He asked irritated himself.

"Whaaaat? Ok..... I'll text you......-I have to talk to Cara first...... shut the fuck up and cut the call!" He said and cut the call himself. Typical Daniel!

"What happened? Why had Nick called?" I asked knowing that he wants to ask me something.

"Oh hell!" I cursed when I heard my cell ringing. "Just a second. Sorry honey" I said and he nodded asking me to just pick the call.

Katie? Why is she calling now?

"Kate?" I asked. I seriously realize now that I've been the worst friend. I never called her. Fuck! I always would have wanted for her to know about the baby first. Shit! I have to tell her.

"Yeah babe. It's me. Are you free tonight? We could hangout? Sleepover at my place? What say? I mean only if your free?" She asked in a depressed tone. Okaaaayy. So something really bad has happened.

"Katie? Is everything alright?" I asked worried about her. She's always the cheerful girl. Suddenly her depressed mood makes me sad.

"Yeah... so you're up for the meet? Anyways I can't talk on phone" she said chuckling a bit at her boring humorless joke.

"Actually.... give me a minute. I'll talk to Daniel and call you back. Ok?" I asked and she said a faint 'ok' and cut the call.

"Daniel...... can I go to Kate's tonight? I mean she sounded kinda off. Oh and I need to tell her about the baby as well. Can I?" I asked and he nodded with his eyebrows scrunched up. "What are you thinking?" I asked and raised an eyebrow questioning his deep thoughts.

"Nothing. Nick just called and asked me to meet up with him. I wanted to ask you before I go since I know I'll be back home late." Daniel asked.

"Oh no Daniel. You can go. I'm not gonna restrict you like a wife.... let's get away from each other for a while. Away with friends." I said winking and smiling at him. I know I sometimes throw tantrums for no reason. And that's why these days Daniel doesn't wanna take a chance.

"Ok..... get ready. We'll leave soon then" he said getting up to go have a shower.

I quickly pulled out my cell again and texted Kate saying 'Hey! I'm coming. Maybe..... at 5 or 6?'

I just sent it and soon I heard a beep.'ok... bring your clothes. And one party wear! Be quick!' As ever! The demanding, fierce Kate!

"So let's go? I'll drop you at her place?" Daniel asked and I nodded.

"Yeah. That would be great! I don't wanna go in a cab right now" I sighed rubbing my forehead.

"Yeah. Come here baby. You're not going in a cab or a bus. Ever!" He said when I went near him.

"Why? I like going in buses" I said excitedly holding his shirt.

"No babe... I don't like you going out alone. Liam will be always with you. Whenever you go out. I don't trust the cab drivers or bus drivers or any strangers around you."

"Now you're acting just like my Dad!" I told him casually. He can restrict me all he wants because it's not like I'm gonna follow everything he says. I kissed his cheek and left to change my clothes. I just heard a sigh from him. He never restricts me from going anywhere or doing anything. Only for security reasons he sometimes says don't go out anywhere without me. I wonder what kind of a father he'll be. Protective and possessive but caring...... I just can't wait t


And after some time "Cara.." I heard his voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw his calm face. Calm? Calm?! Remember? Silence before the storm? Yeah.... that's how I'm feeling right now. "You lied to me" he said taking the seat that was occupied by Kate seconds ago, who is now being pulled away from that annoying guy by Nick. I wonder what's happening between them.

"Yeah I obviously did" I said sarcastically replying to Daniel's question.

"May I know why?" He asked. Again! Why is he being so sweet again? Too much sweet is not good for health.

"I knew that you wouldn't let me go to a club. That too alone. That too with such weird strangers around us" I said pointing out to that guy.

"That is true! But you could have told me babe. I know what you're thinking. I know I'm taking this too calmly. But no. I'm angry with you right now but I'm quiet and calm cause I just don't want to scare you. You assuming something else and running away. Then I have to find you again. Convince you.. hmph! Too much work." As if he's tired telling. "And drinking is not good for the baby." He said pointedly at me.

"I wasn't drinking. I just accompanied Kate here. She was feeling depressed and lonely. But..... what are you doing here with your friends. Why do I have to tell you everything? Why do I have to say where I'm going? Instead why can't you do that? You don't tell me what you're doing or where you're going. Even you didn't tell me that you're gonna be coming here to find new girls" I said trying to change the topic. I need to pat on my shoulders because I finally said something that could make him gawk at me. Wide eyes with mouth hanging open.

"What? I didn't come here for a girl. Nick called me and Alex. So we just accompanied him. Nick came here for girls not me." He said and he definitely saw my mischievous smile cause he breathed a sigh of relief. He said the last words pointing at Nick which made Kate choke on her drink while Nick who was trying to get rid of that guy stopped his fist mid way as soon as he heard what Daniel said.

Kate quickly took hold of a drink and drank it in one breath! By the time Nick walked up to her to stop her from drinking she was already holding her last drink. "Mine!" She said when Nick came next to her and tried to take away that drink.

Finally Nick managed to pull the glass out of her hand, managing to spill half of it on the floor and his hand. When she tried to grab it back, he drank and emptied it's contents and then made a weird face after tasting it.

"What is this? Damn it's too strong!" He asked.

But she slumped back into her chair like she lost and replied "spyritus vodka".

Me and Daniel were obviously enjoying the show. They are worse than us. We then went into a private room. A VIP room. Alex was already there with a girl in his arms. Nick was trying to convince Kate of something but she wasn't even ready to look at his face. And my Daniel here was...... smoking? I didn't know he smokes. I mean... he can drink as much as he wants but I hate smokers.

I poked his arms and asked "Drinking is bad for the baby right?" I asked and he nodded. "Even smoking is bad for the baby" I said trying to make my point.

"You smoke?" He asked. Idiot!

"You're smoking and I'm breathing the same air. So is the baby" I pointed out for him.

"Ooooh.." he said and quickly threw it in the bin.

"I didn't know you smoke?" I asked while he was playing with my hair.

"No I don't. Sometimes.... If I get one I do. But it's not like I'm addicted or something. But don't worry baby I'm never gonna smoke" he said kissing my cheeks. I look around to see Nick and Kate missing. Alex..... he's being kissed by that girl. Forget him. She's all over him. I hope everything's fine with Katie and Nick. She never told told me clearly what's happening between them. And us? Me and Daniel? We are definitely perfect with each other.

Hmm... Everything seems normal...

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