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   Chapter 34 Bitter-Sweet Day!

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Caroline's POV

"Cara? Babe? Are you ready?" Daniel asked from the other side of the door. Cause I sent him to the other room to get ready, because I knew I'll be late and it'll be waste of his time waiting for me. Since half an hour he's standing out and knocking repeatedly. He's bought me a off shoulder knee length red dress. And it's very pretty. I guess he has an obsession with red. But..... the problem is that I don't have any matching sandals! Heels! It seems pregnant women are not allowed to wear heels. But it's fine cause my heels are not too long. Oh god! I don't want to go now! What shall I wear now? I opened the door disappointed with a sad face almost ready to cry. Daniel stood in front of me with a happy face as soon as he saw me but instantly had on a worried face.

"What happened baby? Why are you crying?" He asked and held my waist.

"I don't wanna come! I don't have the right sandals" I whined and leaned on to him with my hands around his neck.

"Oh that! Don't worry! I have the solution for that" he kissed my nose and carried me bridal style with my hands still around his neck. Oh I'm so tired! Obviously! I've been getting ready since three hours. He placed me on the sofa picked a box from the side that was next to the sofa and opened it "This one's for my prettiest princess!" He said with simple gold heels in his hands and took his time to make me wear those. He was careful not to hurt my legs anyway. My eyes filled with tears. I never thought my Daniel, the Daniel I know would ever be so romantic and caring. Then he stood up and gave me another blue box to open. It obviously looked like a jewellery box. And there sat a beautiful diamond necklace! I love Diamonds!

"Oh My God! Daniel! They're beautiful. But... you didn't have to" I said looking at him. And all the while he was grinning from ear to ear looking at my expressions.

"Of course, they are! Cause it's for my beautiful Cara. Can I help you wear it?" He asked and I nodded. He took his own time again..

"Stop kissing me and come here!" I said strictly stifling my laugh.

"No baby! There's more..." he said and opened another box with red earrings. Those are diamonds too.

"Did anyone tell you that I love Platinum and Diamonds?" I asked instantly after I saw the earrings.

"Mmhmm... you're best friend" he said and winked. Wow! I'm on cloud nine. I quickly put them on.

"Why are you being so sweet? Have you done something wrong?" I teased him.

He acted as if he's thinking something and said "Yes! I did.. it's a sin to fall in love with such a gorgeous lady like you!" He said dreamily.

"You know you have the worst pick up lines?" I said and burst out laughing.

He sighed and said "What to do Sweetheart? Love is messy and hard! 'I hate the sin, but love the sinner'!" He said and this time I smiled sweetly at him. Hmm... he's trying too hard to impress me. While I'm already head over heels in love with him. "Ok lets get serious now." He said and suddenly kneeled down in front of me. "Cara...... I know I've not been the sweetest guy to you. I already know I don't deserve you. You deserve so much better that I'm scared that one day you'll leave me for someone better. And I definitely don't want that. I know I'm being selfish! But I want you to be mine. MINE in every way possible. And I know it wasn't the best speech as well but anyways..... Will you do me the honor of being my wife?" He asked the last sentence happily. His hopeful eyes were pleading me to say 'yes' and I was still looking at him with shocked wide eyes. "Will you?" He asked impatiently. I can't get his hopes up like this. I need to give him an answer.

I need to tell him..

"No!" I said in a low voice but he heard it anyway and the smile his face held fell instantly. He wanted to say something. He opened his mouth but closed it again. SHIT! What have I done! But I know that the only reason he's offering marriage is because of the baby.

"It's alright" he said with fake cheerfulness interrupting my thoughts. "There's still time. I still have time to win your heart, still have time to make you say 'yes'."

"Daniel. I'm so sorry" I said and he just shook his head and sat beside me. He doesn't have to win my heart, it's already his! Of course, why would I reject a guy like Daniel?! But what can I do? What if he's doing all this for the baby!?

"Come on! Let's go. Our parents will be waiting" he said offering his hand. I took his hand and tried to get up but quickly sat down clutching my stomach. Fuck! What's this tightening in my stomach! It came and just vanished. I hope my baby is fine "What? What happened? The baby is alright right? You wanna go to the hospital?" He asked but I only managed to shook my head saying 'no'. There's no pain right now, but I'm waiting in case.. if it comes back.

Daniel sat back next to me on the sofa with a worried expression. "You really do love your baby. Don't you? Your next heir!" I said teasingly, chuckling to myself but I only got back a frown from him. Oops! May be that came out in a wrong way.

"Why did you say no to my proposal? Cause one thing I know is that you truly love me" He asked and waited for my answer which never came. "Is it because of the baby Cara?" He asked and I stilled. "It is" he said noticing how I stilled. It wasn't a question but a statement. He let go of my hand immediately and sighed leaning back on the sofa with his hands covering his eyes, like he's stressed.

Tears are my best friend. They quickly came out for help. "Daniel....." I called out softly. But he didn't respond, instead had a clenched jaw. "It's not my mistake ok!?" I stood up angrily. "You asked me to marry you suddenly. While a month ago you were not sure and confused if you even loved me or not. And now suddenly you love me, you're happy with the baby, and now you want to marry me?! It's clearly seen you only want the baby! And if you were so adamant about marrying me then at least you could have tried and asked me again!" I said fastly not taking a second to even breath.

"Oh yeah! Of course, it's not your mistake. It's mine! But you know... you know what's your problem?! Please stop assuming things!? I don't know about yours but it's definitely making my life hell!" He said now sitting on the sofa looking up at me.

"Actually you know what? Let me give you what to you want!" I said and bent down to find his suit pocket. He was startled at my actions but I continued to find the ring which I know he kept back in his pockets. When I found it I threw the box away and wore the ring in my left ring finger and showed it to him. "Happy?!" I screamed.

"I somehow knew that today wasn't going to be a good day. So I thought I could be a gentleman and do something good for you. At least I could propose and that would make you happy. B

just didn't see me. I was trying to prepare papers that'd say you both are to be married. Somehow I'd blackmail my son to marry you. It was pure coincidence and our luck that you both actually met and fell in love. Darcy doesn't know anything about it. But your Mom knows. Just.... make sure that she doesn't get to know that you know everything now!"

Wow! Everyone knows except me. "Dad! Give us a few minutes we'll be back" he said and Will got the message and left.

"I want the investigation to continue. I want to know who tried to kill my Dad!" I said crying in his arms.

"We will find out Cara. But now you stop crying. We have to go back and if your Mom sees you like this she'll ask what happened! Stop crying" he said kissing my head and patted my back. After sometime I calmed down after Daniel gave me some water. "We'll go? If you're fine now." He asked and I nodded.

"Wait a minute" I said when Daniel got up. I took out my make up again. I applied mascara and I was looking fine. "What?" I asked Daniel who was smiling at me.

"Nothing..... come on" he said and held my waist. While going out I saw that bitch lady giving me the envy look.

"Daniel is this your hotel?" I asked and he nodded. "And do you know that girl?" I asked and when he saw who I was talking about he was stuttering. I got my answer. "Change of question. Have you slept with her?" I asked with anger.

"Ah ya. I mean just once! Once!" He said with pleading eyes.

"I want her to be fired! Now!" I said and he was shocked that I would suggest something like that.

"What? Why?" He asked confused. This is heights now! He slept with her and he still wants his girlfriend to give him a reason.

"You slept with her once right?" I asked and he nodded quickly. "So.... do you plan on sleeping with her again?" I asked to which he shook his head 'no' vigorously. "Then do you want more reason from you're girlfriend to get her fired?" I asked and he shook his head. "Good! Cause anyways that Bitch was giving those looks from the second I entered here. And she purposely threw the plates and glasses on the floor. So that you'd get to know I was standing behind the door!" I said him truthfully. Well that was the actual reason but little did I know that this asshole has slept with every girl on this planet!

"What? You should have told me before. But anyway if it weren't for her I wouldn't know you were there" he said and started chuckling to himself. He stopped only when he saw me glaring at him. "Okay okay. He called out to the manager and didn't even let him greet him "I want that girl fired. Now!" He said and dismissed him coldly. He turned towards me and asked "Happy?" But soon changed the question when he saw my expression "What?"

"You're completely different with your employees. You know.... the cold, ruthless Billionaire!" I said emphasizing every word.

"That I am. But except for you baby." He said and escorted me back to our table. "Ready to tell every about our new little surprise?" He whispered and I nodded nervously. We sat down in our seats and he said "ok. Tell them" making my smile stop.

"What do you mean by 'tell them'? You tell them. Oh my God. Daniel it's so embarrassing" I said hiding my face in his shirt. While everyone around the table were looking at us, clueless.

"No it's not baby. There's nothing embarrassing about our baby...." he said frowning.

"I know that's not... what's embarrassing is what you did that resulted into our baby!"

"Oh yeah baby? You mean what we did?" He asked enjoying himself.

"Shut up asshole!" Now tell them" I whispered back.

"Ok ok. So....... aaah.. first of all you know we arranged the dinner cause we wanted to announce something right? Uhmm... we both have a surprise for you and I'm sure you're all gonna love it!" He said and never did continue further cause he busy grinning at everyone.

"Daniel! Stop smiling and now tell them already!" I said hitting his arm.

"Ok ok. How can I put it the best way? All three of you are gonna be grandparents?" He said and everyone was silent until Darcy started screaming out of excitement.

Of course, I was showered with hugs and kisses again again. But all-in-all I missed my Dad! I'm sure he would've threatened Daniel first. Everyone were screaming and planning on names, wedding, what not! And so many days after I saw a genuine smile on mom's face. It has been a bitter-sweet day... something good and something bad. Now that I know the truth. Half truth actually. I need to find out who that Bastard is.....

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