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   Chapter 33 Unsaid Feelings!

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Caroline's POV

Do I tell him or do I not tell him? I know he would have loved our baby. But now that he doesn't love me, will he love my baby? The Doctor took my blood and said that I can come to collect my reports tomorrow.

Daniel came in after sometime with a guilty expression on his face and sat down beside me. I looked away from him.... typical nagging girlfriend huh? I will never ask him for anything again. "I'm sorry.. I know it's cause of me. Even the Doctor said I shouldn't stress you out" he said and I acted as if I didn't listen. "And he said you're good to go home. And this name card..... he said you can go visit this doctor if you want to" he said keeping a card on the table next to me.

Soon we were already in our penthouse. I didn't speak to him.. not a word. I quickly went into the other room. Everything was still scattered but who cares. I picked up the pillow from the floor and threw it on the bed and I jumped into it. I heard the door creaking and then I turned back to see Daniel throwing his pillow on the couch.

"What are you doing here?" I got up abruptly.

"Since you won't sleep in our room. And I know it's a waste even asking you to come back. So I thought I'll only come and sleep in this room" he said getting adjusted.

Hmm... alright then. He comes and asks me for forgiveness and I should give in to him so easily all the time. Not this time. He has only seen his sweet Cara. He hasn't seen how bitchy I can get if I try. I picked up my pillow and blanket and left the room so that I can sleep on the couch in his living room.

After some time, "Cara..... What are you doing here? Come back.. let's go sleep in our room." He said.

"Who's Cara. I'm sorry if I remember my name's Caroline" I said giving a fake smile.

"Car-... alright. Caroline. Come back to our room" he said. Actually demanded!

"Nope. You sleep in your room. I will sleep in the other room. If you want that room as well I'd rather sleep here or on the floor" I said angrily.

"Cara! Come on.. ok. You want to know the truth right? Why I don't touch you? Ok then. That's because I was scared that I might hurt you like that day" he said and I was shocked to know his reason. That's it? This was his stupid reason? But he continued "And there's something that I've been hiding from you.. I don't feel like getting into bed with you after lying to you. It's like I cheated on you! I feel the guilt. I can't even look straight in your eyes" he said and I was listening patiently all along.

"I know what. You're back with Natasha. That's what you were hiding all this time right?" I asked with a hurt broken heart.

"Yuck! Why would I go back to that women? Heights of imagination!" He exclaimed. Then what is it? Looking at my curious expression he continued "It's something related to your Dad and mine." He said finally.

"Oooh.... you asked Sam to continue with the investigation?" I asked to which he nodded. "That's the reason you're feeling guilty? That you told me that the investigation will stop but it didn't?" I asked and again he nodded. "Thaaat is why you stayed away from me? You couldn't lie to me? That's why you avoided touching me at any cost?!" I asked and yes he nodded again.

"I love you Cara. You should know that. I would never cheat on you. How can you even think such a thing?" He asked with hurt.

Of course, I started with my waterworks. "I'm sorry. You never spoke to me. You never touched me. I felt that you're being distant. So obviously the first thought that came into my mind is that you would've lost interest in me. And the reason for that could be a girl, given your ex reputation, I mean I automatically thought so. And again I guessed it could be Natasha, because you've been acting differently since.... your kiss" I said with hatred.

"Oh Cara. Why don't you always tell me anything that's going on in your mind? I always have to assume.. I can't even guess what's happening in your little mind" he said coming and kneeling in front of the couch to hold both my hands..

"I wanted to.. I thought as soon as you come home. I'll talk to you. But it's your fault as well. You never answered me. Instead you called me a 'typical nagging girlfriend'!" I said feeling the tears at bay again.

"I didn't mean that. I'm sorry.. I just wanted you to forget the topic somehow. Little did I know that you'd threaten me saying you'd jump from the balcany?" He said with narrowed eyes. I just shrugged it off.

"Don't lie to me ever again. It's alright if you don't want to spare me the details. At least tell me what it is about" I was saying and he was nodding to everything. "I got so scared. You had never ever screamed at me like that. Ever! You told I'm a nagging girlfriend..... and then in the hospital I got so scared that you'll scold me for being careless again. That you'd not want the ba-" I was gonna say baby but thank god I stopped right there. And he didn't understand anything!

"I'm sorry babe. You're not a typical nagging girlfriend. I just.. I wanted you to keep quiet a not ask me any question. That was the best way to... anyways I'm sorry and the doctor said you were too stressed out causing low blood pressure. And I gave you the name

this doubt. I think it really is yuuuucckk! I mean I know it's his job. But to me it's too awkward.

"Ok. You sleep for some more time. I'll be back" he said and I closed my eyes again.

When I finally woke up I took a loooong relaxing bath after a hectic few weeks I definitely needed it. By the time I finished my stomach was making weird sounds. I quickly ran down and Daniel came near me steadying me "You're not supposed to run!" He said with concern. I agree but I still rolled my eyes.

"Breakfast!" I whined but his eyes widened. "Sorry baby.... I was busy and I forgot to make it. How about we go out?" He asked and I said 'yupp'. He was already dressed in his suit pants. And I was wearing a white shirt and browny yellow skirt. So we were ready to go. "Ready beautiful?" He asked again and I nodded.

I was sitting in the car while Daniel went to bring our breakfast. But nothing seemed good to me. I made a weird face at everything he brought. No! Not the pregnancy hormones! Oh please! I just didn't feel like eating but I would've loved a Chocolate milkshake right now. Daniel was looking at me with disapproval. "Cara..." he started again.

"Who is Cara?! I'm still Caroline to you! You're not forgiven yet. And I'm moving my things to the next room. Huh! Can't even get a milkshake!" I mumbled the last sentence but made sure that he was able to hear.

Poor Daniel! He had a horrified expression on his face. "No! You'll not move out of our room. We'll go buy your milkshake right now!" He exclaimed. Wow! I'm loving it. I didn't know how girls managed to keep their boyfriends like dogs, who'd follow them everywhere, and would do anything they asked to. Obviously my Daniel's not like that. But I love him the way he is. Arrogant, Rude, and sometimes a fool in love!

I was drinking my milkshake. Actually that's my second. It's yummy! "Actually we have the doctor's appointment at 10:30, I changed your doctor..... a lady gynaecologist..?" he said carefully thinking that I'll scream at him. But I jumped into his arms.

"Thank you thank you thank you baby, I was so nervous...." I said hugging him while I was still sipping my milkshake! "Oh so that's what you were busy with?" I asked looking at him and he shook his head 'yes'. Sweet Boyfriend! He already changed my gynaecologist too?! Hmm... Sounds weird....

I was so nervous that I didn't go inside the doctor's cabin. But it seems that the blood test shows that everything is fine and doctor wasn't gonna conduct any test on me. So I finally went inside her cabin, and all the while I was holding his hand tightly while the doctor told me about the do's and don't's. She just asked me normal questions about when was my last period, any pains, or any blood patches, or morning sickness. That's all! Thank God! I haven't even told my Mom. May be she could have made me feel at ease.

Daniel looked at me after we came out. Looks like he is thinking something and I raised my eyebrows at him. "How about we invite our parents for a small dinner? They could meet each other and we could tell them all together? Anyways Mom invited us for Christmas celebrations. They'll fly back to Greece. I don't think I can go, I have to stay here for business. And moreover I could finally have my answer!" He said.

"Yeah good idea. What?" I asked for the last sentence he said.

"You'll get to know soon sweetheart!" He said with a light smile. God help me please! I don't have a good feeling about this....

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