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   Chapter 32 Perfect Life Struck!

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 16338

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Caroline's POV

It's been a few weeks or a month may be, since me and Daniel got back together as a couple. As in "boyfriend-girlfriend" relationship. And I've been soo happy cause he has changed..... he changed to be a sweet, romantic, attentive Daniel. But now everything changed..... thinking about it makes me cry. I remember.. a month back may be... no... may be a week after we got together.. while he was still trying to win my forgiveness.. I even told him that..

"Cara.... baby.... where are you? I'm home.." he said in a sing-song voice. But I could feel that something was wrong just by his voice.

I quickly ran downstairs to see his face. I've been lonely these days since I've stopped working. Because he says that now that I'm his girlfriend I shouldn't work for him. First his explanation was that that it won't be good if I work cause he's already earning, he doesn't like to see me working.... but then when I started glaring at him he said.. 'oh it's fine.. you can work.. if you wish to..' he said with a sad voice.. So since that day I decided I won't work. Wait wait wait.. don't get me wrong. I mean I won't work for him. But I haven't found a job yet. I'm inexperienced and half of the people won't give me the job since I'm his girlfriend and if he gets pissed he'll ruin them.. uff!

As soon as he saw me he threw whatever he had in his hand on the sofa and picked me up and we were already inside our room. He actually was super fast today and I was already naked in front of him. He pushed me on the bed. I was lying with my stomach front. I didn't even have the time to relax or take a breath, he pulled my hair and entered me deep from behind. It feels deeper.. I can feel him...

But one thing I know is that..... it was not love-making. We just fucked. I could feels his cold self. It was pain and pleasure mixed. The Daniel I know never was so rough with me. Not even on our first night together. He waited for me to let go and released inside me.

Again, before I could take that in. He turned me around on the bed so that we were now face to face. He pulled both my legs onto his shoulder and came forward to bite my breasts. And suddenly he pushed inside me again. The pleasure was too much. He was too hard. And too rough. I felt like something tore inside me. I screamed but he didn't let go or stop. It's like he didn't hear me... I didn't try to complain until we finished, until he emptied all his juices inside of me. And then he pulled out, satisfied. He pulled out quickly making me hiss in pain and he was stroking his dick looking into my eyes. He turned down to look at his hand and his libido which had traces of blood and then he looked into me.......

I could see the look of shock in his eyes.. "Didn't know I had another hymen huh?" I said laughing at myself. But it was paining. Surely laughing wasn't a good thing to do at the moment.

"Cara..... oh fuck! Stay here..." he said and quickly pulled on his boxers and ran into the washroom. He came back with a towel in hand. He cleaned me up with that warm wet towel.. but I wasn't finished with him yet.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! What the hell happened? Why were you acting like that?" I asked him confused with myself as well. I didn't know if I asked the write questions. "What's bothering you? What's got you so worked up?" I asked.

"I did a mistake Cara.. something happened today.. and I feel so guilty. Not something. Everything was like a roller coaster today." He said with a tired expression.

"Tell me Daniel..... I know something really bad has happened!" I asked him.

"Just promise you'll hear me out completely without interrupting ok? Oh and no misinterpretations or no jumping into conclusions. Ok?" He asked and I nodded.

"I swear.. I didn't do anything. I had just finished with a meeting and I was sitting in my cabin when Natasha suddenly barged in and kissed me. I swear I had nothing to do with it. I didn't kiss her back. I pushed her off me. You can even see the CCTV footage. I didn't cheat on you.." he said continuously without taking a breath.

I did feel bad.. that she kissed MY Daniel. But it wasn't his fault as well. He didn't know she'd just barge in and kiss him! I swear I'd pull her hair if I could. I was still on the bed and didn't speak a word. I could see Daniel fidgeting for the FIRST time.

"Cara.... I love you. I was once cheated. So I know what you might be feeling. Please forgive me" he pleaded.

"Daniel! I'm not angry with you. I trust you. I know you would never cheat on me. Even though you have a Casanova image. I know what you are now.." I said holding the blanket up to my chest.

Daniel came and sat back next to me and said "Thanks" and kissed my forehead. I snuggled closer to him. I was happy that Daniel trusted me enough. He didn't lie to me or hide it from me. I smiled to myself and wen

e Doctors know me here. I immediately admitted Cara. They pushed me out of the room.. god! Why don't they let the family in?

Caroline's POV

I woke up in a bright room. There was light everywhere and people with white coats on. They look like Doctors. I look around myself...... it looks like a hospital. "Who are you all? And where am I?" I asked. And they suddenly had a scared expression on their faces.

"What was the last thing you remembered child?" I man almost in his 50s asked me. I touched my head and it was bandaged. And when I tried to think..... I was waiting for Daniel.... the merger got cancelled... we fought! Lol! I was throwing a tantrum. Which he deserved I thought bitterly.

"I remember. I collapsed in my room hitting my head on the floor" I said and they all heaved a sigh. All the other doctors went out and a nurse came in with papers in her hand.

"Thank God! Otherwise your husband would have killed us ma'am" the old man said smiling, who was not so old. He took the papers from the nurse and started reading it.... hmm... they are my reports I guess.

"Mrs. Rochester....." he called out to me. Now I know why Darcy used to say that when people call her with that name why she feels old. I looked up to him and he continued "I think you're perfectly fine. Well actually, it's common to faint at this time. But it's good that you actually came to the hospital, I'm not trying to scare you, and all is fine right now, but we need to do few tests to know that the baby is fine" he said with all seriousness.

Wait what?! "What what what what what? Did you just say baby?" I asked shocked.

"Yes Mrs. Rochester. I'm sorry I didn't know you didn't know. Anyways it's a very early stage. You're newly pregnant. But I think we need to check whether the baby is fine. And I think I'll let you to share the happy news with your husband yourself?" he said smiling and left.

Holy fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Husband? My ass! What am I gonna say to Daniel!? He's gonna kill me! I know he wanted a baby at first. But now? He has obviously changed. He doesn't even desire me anymore. He's gonna hate me for this. He wouldn't have expected a baby at this time of his life. God! I can't imagine him with a baby and diapers. I'm gonna ruin his life. But it's not my mistake! He knew I was definitely not on the pill, he should have had the sense to wear a condom. I'll kill him if he tries to say or deny that it's not his baby or if he tries any such tactics. I touch my non existent bump and speak to my baby in our thoughts there's a baby in there. Like really? But I'm not sure yet. I can't believe the doctor's words. I would want him to conduct the test in front of my eyes and prove it to me. But Daniel? He'll never accept the baby. What if he doesn't want the baby and tries to kill me. Or what if he forces me to abort it. Remembering the way he screamed at me today.. I know it is very much possible. At the end, it's his decision. I will NOT abort this child or give it for adoption. And if that's the only option for me to stay with him then I rather not. I'll leave with my baby. But he could get angry like before if I try to tell him..... do I even have to tell him? He might hit me like Edward. He'd kill my baby......?

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