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   Chapter 31 Lost Love Found

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Caroline's POV

He was still looking at me with those sad puppy dog eyes which I can't resist. So I turned away and repeated myself "NO".

He took a long deep breath and then released it. He got up calmly and suddenly turned towards me with a mischievous smirk. He picked me up put me on his shoulders like he's carrying a sack of potatoes.

"DANIEL!" I started screaming and hitting his back. "DANIEL PUT ME DOWN NOW!" I said.

"Not happening sweetheart. For the first time in life I feel like I'm doing something right. Everything's not right yet.... but I will make everything right for us..." he said and I was already sitting in his car. He quickly strapped me in the seat and went back to the driver's seat.

You think I didn't try to run away? I did! But he was a step forward than me. He had locked it and unlocked it again only when he came to his side of the seat to drive. Asshole! I kept looking out of the window or stared ahead of me. But not even for a second did I look at him.

Soon he brought me to a hotel...... and it's beautiful! It's already 6 in the evening, almost seven. And after everything happened he brings me here, to a hotel! Brainless bastard! He took my hand in his and pulled me towards I don't know where.. he was acting like a kid wanting to get his candy. Strange!

Soon we enter a large, huge, tall door... wow! It's so long. I was busy admiring the door and didn't notice what's in front of me. And when I did..... WOOOOWW!!

Everything was in red and white.. shining candles and red satin clothes around them... this setting is just so beautiful. I feel like taking all those red shining decoratives to home. Red and white balloons everywhere.. like there's not even place to walk. But it's pretty. It really looks soooo pretty and in the middle of that big hall was a small table and sitting opposite to each other were two chairs.. Daniel again held my hand and brought me to sit on the chair like a gentleman... pulling out the chair for me and all that stuff. He doesn't know I hate that!

Soon a waiter came I thought he was gonna take our order, but he was already bringing something. I gave a curious look to Daniel. He waited until the waiter left and smiled at me...

"Let's have dinner first. I'll explain later" he said and I agreed. I was hungry. Don't ask why I'm still here, I want to stay with him... may be he could do something right?

That red wine was yummy! I don't know much about alcohol but Daniel somehow knows what kinda drinks I like. And look he knows how I love steak... and every spicy food. For desert.. Chocolate! A chocolate cake. I don't know which kind of cake it was but it tasted different. I mean good different. He doesn't eat sweets much so he didn't have any desert. He was smiling and looking at me the entire time. That's creepy! Am I looking pretty today? May be that's why he is looking at me. Oh shit! I'm just wearing a normal jeans and t-shirt.. without make up. My hair would be frizzy, I haven't straightened it. And flats! Cause I thought it'd be easy for me to run away.

I didn't know when my fork fell but it clattered on my plate. And Daniel was anxiously waiting for me to say something. It's funny to look at his scared face! "What happened?" He asked thinking I might run away any time.

"Nothing..... just that.. you've brought me to such a beautiful place and I'm not even dressed right. I'm looking ugly!" I said to him. And he started laughing. Wow! How does he laugh like that, I don't know how to describe it. But it's so loud, like it's echoing.

"You're looking gorgeous Cara. And there's no doubt about that. You're the Goddess of Beauty who I'd love to worship" he said and I blushed so hard.. I'll be looking like that bright red balloon. "Come here" he said and I only gave him a frown in reply. Again, he signaled with his hands and I finally stood up and went near him. Why do I do everything that he says?! Soon I was sitting on his lap and he held me bridal style on his lap. How does he do that? He's so fast.

"What are you doing Daniel? Just leave me. I'm tired.... tired of everything" I said dejectedly.

"I know I know.. and I am sorry for that. But promise me you won't interrupt cause I have something really important to tell you" he asked and I nodded "I want to give answers to all the questions and doubts you had, that I saw and read in your letter. You already know about Melanie right? I.... I don't know how to explain to you. Cause I don't know if it's reason enough.." he said and kissed my temple then hugged me to his body so that I was leaning on him and his lips stayed on my temple. I wanted to hug him back. But I don't want him to think I already forgave him or I don't want to give in so easily. He sighed amd continued "You can say I was scared.. yes I was scared! And to be honest with you.. I didn't want you to turn out like Melanie. And after what Melanie did, and how I changed after that, I didn't feel like that person, that Daniel deserved your love. I don't want you to leave me after you realize wh

on the verge of bursting when he stopped and then suddenly he put his fingers in. Oh my my! He is awesome. I don't know who taught him all this or from where did he learn all this. It's been always me who takes advantage of him... I mean.. I hope you understand!

I wriggled out if his arms and pushed him on the bed. Soon I took him inside my mouth. He was huge. Like really huge. Even more huge than before. His length was too long and I couldn't take it in so I pleasured him with my hand. I graced him with my teeth. He was groaning and moaning all along but he held my shoulders to stop. I looked at him unsure. 'Wasn't it right?'

"No.. it was awesome.. you don't have to worry about that but I don't want to come in your mouth." He said and came near my ears to whisper "but inside your vagina" he said and I almost choked on my pwn breath.

He pushed me down on the bed again changing our places. Before I even had time to think he pushed into me hard and I bit on his shoulder to stop myself from crying. First he had a teasingly slow pace but a hard thrust. But then he moved really fast, it was difficult to match up with his pace. Soon I felt him growing inside and my walls clenched as well.

"Let go Cara. Let go" he said in his lustful, sexy, husky voice. And I finally came..

He picked up his pace even more and I know he was near and suddenly he kind of jerked forward releasing his seeds deep inside me.

All night we made love in every way, every position.. discovering each other and satisfying each other's needs.

By the time I woke up in the morning.. I was sour and I was in no mood to bath or shower. So Daniel had a quick shower alone and ran to make breakfast for me. I was alone so I put on my loose robe and left but before leaving there.. there...

Daniel! He had given me hickeys! Love bites! Everywhere around my neck and breasts. Now I know why he had to spend extra time with them. But I don't want to spoil the mood so I'll ask him later. Not now.

I did feel like I was limping.. uhm.. no I wasn't... but I'm sore. Daniel fed me breakfast with his own hands like I'm a child. I kind of did special and then soon Sam arrived with a worried expression. "We got to know who that lady is.." he said and I again remembered all that Daniel told me in his study....

"Wait Sam" I said and turned towards Daniel in his arms. "I don't want to listen to the name.. I don't wanna know who it was.. please please... why don't we end this investigation here" I said expecting him to say yes.

"But Cara we need to get to know.. otherwise how will we get to know about your uncle? This is getting serious NOW Cara... how can we back out just like that?" He asked..

I know I can't make him agree no matter what happens. "Ok.. you speak with him and I'll leave" I said getting up.

"Wait!" He held me by my hands. "Ok. I won't ask him to tell me anything. That will remain unknown to both of us. Sam! Stop this investigation right now!" Hevsaid the last sentence to him. He was scared that I'd leave.. I would never...

Sam rolled his eyes and left. I hugged him and reassured that "Daniel.. I was just going in.. I wasn't leaving. And I will never again! I love you!" I said..

"I love you too" he replied. That's all I wanted.. a happy life with the love of my life! I have it now, but I know happiness doesn't last forever.....

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