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   Chapter 30 A Hard Time For Everyone !

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 17081

Updated: 2019-01-06 23:55

Daniel's POV

I unfolded the letter I had in my hand.

"Dear Daniel, Or should I call you my love? It's ok... I know you'll feel awkward. So I think Daniel is fine for now. Whatever.. but I just can't deny the fact that I love you.

I'm leaving. I'm sure you would've figured it out by now. It's for your own good Daniel. You'll get your life back. I was better as a one night stand for you. Being lovers or being in a committed relationship doesn't suit us. You were never wrong to have any kind of relationship with Natasha that day or now. Because you never promised me anything. I should've understood. But I was so desperate and I was so in need of love that I forgot who you are.

I was a Billionaire's daughter. Keyword: WAS. I don't match your status anymore. You deserve a girl who is so much more better than me. That day when we met at the cafe so that we could exchange our cell phones. You were right then too.. you said I was a gold digging whore. It hurt. But what more could I do? When I was school everyone had the same opinion about me. So obviously how could all of you be wrong. They thought I just want money and I play with other's feelings. And that I only value money. Only because I was a rich girl. I don't know how much true that was because I never even spoke to anyone in class. I was the lonely girl who used to sit in the corner of the class. But thinking about it now.... whatever they said and you said has come to be the truth. That's all I did. Right? I used you for your money. That's all I've been doing since I met you. I even slept with you which proves that I am a whore.

Anyways... money reminds me. That.. I've left all the clothes and jewelries in your drawer. I've kept my clothes next to yours since it'll be easy for you to find them. Can you please give me two weeks of time? I'll somehow find another house for Mamma and Dylan.

I know you don't have girlfriends. It's rather mistresses. I wanted be at least a girlfriend to you but I know it's difficult for you. A mistress.. that's all I am and I was to you. And I think I have finally understood and accepted that. But I can't continue to do that. I'm not capable. I only wanted love in return which you are not capable of. But instead you buy me clothes and accessories and every luxury in the world only cause I sleep with you. I felt cheap. But I know it was not your intention to make me feel so. You're like that with every women and I'm no different. Actually I'm worse, I don't look like your model like girls. I'm pale, fat and unattractive.. compared to them. So anyways, can you buy me my last luxury, a last favor from you? Please cancel the contract. Any girl would jump at the chance to be your secretary. I'm not even experienced. I'll find another job. And..

I'm sure you won't even read this letter. But I hope you do. I'm sure you won't even look for me. But I hope you DON'T. That's how things will go back to being easy for me AND you. Have a nice life Daniel. And I'm sure you'll be able to forgive Natasha for what she did with Nick right? You both will make a good pair. You even trust her so much. Or how about Lillian? I have to say she was very beautiful. She was like a definition for beauty. You too seemed to know each other.. very well actually. But anyways a relationship should contain trust, only then will the love live in the relationship. If there's no trust.. all the love just vanishes. If you don't have love in a relationship and succeed to have trust in it, then I think love automatically makes its way towards them. The love I had for you was enough for the both of us. Our relationship could have survived without your love. But you just didn't have enough trust in me. And now I don't know anymore if it was even any kind of relationship. Or was it just physical and plain sex for you?

You were right again Daniel. I was nothing. And I'm still nothing to you. Thinking about it before felt like my heart was being stabbed, every time I thought about it. But now.. I think I should be practical and start living in reality instead of living in my dream world. Cause it only gave me hurt. The entire time I was with you.. I thought if I should really tell you first that I love you or not. If I wouldn't have said it, I would've regretted it my entire life. Since I told you about my feelings, I know my instincts were right as your reaction to my feelings was as I expected. So I don't feel so bad about myself anymore. I lost my first love. I didn't know fate never destined me to have love. And now I lost you.

Have a happy life Daniel. I know one day you're gonna fall in love so bad. You'll have a wife, a family you'll love more than your life. And I know you'll be a loyal husband. May be not now.. but some day. I hope at least on that day you'll remember me? I love you Daniel. It feels so good to say it.. I love you but if your happiness is not with me then I'm happy to let you go and see you with some one else cause I know I'll see you being happy. I'm sure she's a lucky girl. I wish that was me ;-)

While I started writing I thought a lot a

e. I just speak to them once in a while." I said realizing my mistake. I met him accepted his offer for my family. But I don't even visit them regularly.

"Oh don't worry about them. I spoke to your mom that day. She said that your lover boy is really sweet and that he has been paying Dylan's school's fees. Her account's filled every month. He sends men to check up on them regularly and oh! He gifted your Mom her favorite car so that she doesn't have to take a cab everytime cause last time he saw her walking and waiting for a bus he got serious angry. He takes care of them like they are his own family." She said and I was beyond shocked. He'd do all that for me?

"But Kate... I left him.. I just couldn't do it. So I left him" I said and now she was frowning with curiosity, meaning she wants more information. "I love him. And he doesn't have the same feelings. It was getting awkward. And I left. I mean how else do you think I should have reacted to that?" I asked. But she shook her head saying 'yes'.

"I know your not telling me the entire thing.. but it's ok. I can wait. Tell me sometime later. But you are going to tell me" she said and I nodded with a smile. But soon that vanished as we heard a commotion outside and the sound of few things falling and breaking.

We ran out into the living room shocked to see Nick and Daniel rolling upon each other to throw punches and kicks at each other. Kate started screaming next to me but that was a good thing since they stopped and looked at us. I quickly pulled Daniel away from Nick and slapped him hard on his cheeks.

"Are you crazy?! Why are you hitting him? Look at his face.. and look at your face. Idiot!" I scolded him, hitting his chest out of pent up frustration and anger.

He just turned away from me without answering, I felt hurt again. What can I do with this idiot? God please help me! I pulled him up from the floor and sat him on the sofa.

And then came..... Nick with a swollen face. Kate sat next to him hugging his arm like her life depended on it. They are such a cute couple, I can see love in both their eyes, but they just don't realize that. But Kate was right, they don't realize what they have and that's what's the mistake they are making.

Daniel suddenly stood up and said "I want to have a talk with Nick.." both me and Kate shouted "NO" together.

But Nick stood up as well and nodded while he was still glaring at Daniel. Daniel just shrugged and then they both went into Kate's room and closed it. Obviously they didn't lock it. Me and Kate were curious so we practically stuck our ears to the door.

But let me tell you, we couldn't hear a thing and we both were staring at each other in confusion. And then the door opened and we both didn't have the time to run back. Caught! I could sense Daniel's smirk already even without looking at him.

We went back into living room and sat for a bit. Me and Kate decided to clean up their wounds. It was nothing serious. But it was still bleeding. Daniel was still smirking at me and I purposely dabbed the cotton on his face so hard so that his smirk would slip away from his face. But no such luck for me.

After sometime he straightened on his seat and turned towards me. "Come on, let's go back home" I think it was originally a question but actually it was a statement since it came out from his mouth.

So obviously my answer was "NO!"

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