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   Chapter 29 Suffer & Search!

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 10878

Updated: 2019-01-06 23:40

Daniel's POV

"Dude! You're lucky! You got the love of your life" said Alex and started laughing. That bastard! As soon as Caroline left the room I called Alex and told him that Cara confessed and all that. I thought he'd give me a nice suggestion but that bloody Nick is with him and now both are making fun of me. And then I heard Alex's serious voice "ok listen..... there's nothing wrong in that Daniel. I meant it when I said that you got the love of your life. Me and Nick both approve of it. And she's like our sister. So you better don't hurt her otherwise I will personally kick your ass" he said and I heard Nick chuckling in the background.

"I don't need your permission or your approval! It's.... The problem is.... I don't know. You can say I'm scared. I'm sure Nick is still next to you. Look... I've h-had a very bad experience with love alright.. you remember Melanie right? She kinda spoiled me for the other girls. So one! I don't want to get hurt myself and two! After Melanie left me, you know how I turned into a Casanova. Soo... I don't know if I'll be able to be the perfect life partner to Cara. I don't want to hurt her as well. I know she has accepted me the way I am. But my past might overshadow my future and what if we fall apart one day. Whether the cause of it may be her or me. We both won't be able to handle it." I said including every doubt I had in my mind.

"That's where you're mistaken. You've had a bad experience in love? How many? Just one right? Melanie! Not all girls are like that Daniel.. Fuck! Forget other girls. Do you think Caroline's like Melanie?" Definitely not! "There's no comparison at all. So just chill out man. Give her a chance. She deserves it. Hell! She deserves much better than you. And if you know that, keep that in mind you'll surely improve enough to deserve her." He said and chuckled at himself. Asshole! "Wait!" He screamed.

"What? Stop screaming I can hear alright.." I said.

"When she said 'I love you', what was your reply?" He asked patiently.

"Uhmmm...... I haven't spoken to her since. I've been trying to ignore her. I can't just look at her sad, grim face. I feel like crying myself.. soo" I said sheepishly.

And then I heard a commotion and this time it was Nick's voice "Are you crazy? That's how you react to a girl who says she loves you. Asshole! Poor her. You definitely don't deserve her. You're a fucking piece of shit-" he was screaming but again it was blank.

And after a few minutes Alex spoke "You've messed up big time buddy. Go clean up. I don't think she's gonna forgive you. But anyways, it's Cara. The one with a big heart. But that doesn't mean you take her for granted every time" he said and screamed the last sentence and then cut the call.

Hmph! They don't act like my friends.. more like Cara's friends.

Sooo..... finally after thinking for an hour, I've decided that I'll take my Cara to a romantic movie and then we'll go for dinner where I'll confess my feelings to her.... in her way. The romantic way! Red Roses, lighting, a romantic set up with everything pink or red.... I think pink is too childish actually. So it'll be red and white. Great! Now I have to do something. I have to sneak out. Otherwise I can't trust myself.

he was adamant to cancel the merger. It's not like it'd make a big deal. Our company would still stand out be the best.

The only difficulty I'm finding now is.... how will I search Cara? That mad girl! Can't even think straight. Did she have to be so dramatic and run away like a movie heroine. God! I swear this girl needs some serious medical attention. What if something happens to her?

After another 15 minutes which I spent with crazy scary thoughts going through my brain, Sam called! Finally!

"I think we've got some clue. I've still been trying to trace her. Her cellphone is switched off. We found the company to which the cab belongs to. And in another 15-20 minutes I think I'll meet up with the driver and get the info that where was she dropped. Aah..... just a second wait. Be on hold!" He said and kept me on hold. I patiently waited since it's about my Cara. Otherwise, I would have already snapped at him for wasting my time.

"Dan! Are you there?" He asked.

"Yeah!" I replied instantly.

"Ok listen! I just met up with the driver. He says he dropped her at the central park. And by the looks of it I think he's telling the truth. Anyways do you know any of her relatives or friend's house nearby..? It's alright. You can come here. I've already traced her cell and we can follow that." He said and I nodded and then I remembered he can't see.

"Ah Sam..... just have your eyes on every bus stop, railway station, airport! See to it she cannot move out of this place. Meet me at the central park within half an hour. Alright?" I said and cut the call. Now I know where we have to go. I should've have thought about it before.

I ordered my driver to take me to the central park as fast as he can. Because right now I don't trust my driving. I sat on the back seat while fidgeting. Should I read the letter? Of course I should! She written it for me... she wants me to read it..

Caroline's POV

I stood in front of the door and knocked twice. I don't where I'll go, what I'll do after this. If I have to stay away from Daniel for his good. Then I'll take it. And if this is where fate has decided my destiny......

Then so be it!

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