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   Chapter 28 Is This it !

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 11745

Updated: 2019-01-06 23:35

Daniel's POV

Shit! She just said she loves me! She loves me?

Caroline's POV

He stilled beside me. He stopped stroking my head. When I pulled back to look into his eyes, he was staring ahead with a stiff jaw, with no emotions on his face. It's like..... as though he put back his mask on like before, when I had just met him and was trying to figure him out. We've come back to the same place again and it's all because of my stupid mouth.

Shit shit shit!

I didn't have the guts to open my mouth so I kept quiet and may be after another hour he stood up with me. He let go of my body slowly and turned back towards the house. I silently followed behind him.

Then we entered his room and quietly slept, not a single word coming out of us. I kind of did feel sad that he didn't say back those words. But I did feel relieved that at least he didn't reject me.

And now that I think about it... I feel like I've been a fool in love. I was madly in love with him since the day I even saw him. That day in the cafe! I've been in love with him all along. That's what love does. I never believed in love at first sight. But you know what? When you love a person, you love as soon as you see him, 'first sight'! It's just that you realize it after a long time. Stubborn heart! Never ready to agree! But when it agrees and wants something, it wants it right away. So may be it's right 'The Heart Wants What It Wants!'

I stayed with him, I agreed to his offer, the business proposal that he had for me. I might have agreed to it cause of my family and our financial status. But whatever I had with him. Whatever I was doing was nothing that a secretary would do. I really really tried so hard to remember all the work he gave me at the office. None! I mean like None! Nothing! Just now I was glad that he didn't reject me but his silence was a rejection as well. I should stay away from him. He still controls me. He's the ruler of my heart. Seems like the saying is right. No matter what you'll never forget your first love. I haven't forgotten Edward. No matter what you'll never get your first love. I don't know why..... but I didn't get my first love. And no matter what you'll be more attached to you're first time. I am.. it's hard to resist Daniel..

Somehow... I don't know when but I went into a deep sleep. A really peaceful sleep!


I woke up with the sun hitting my face. I slowly opened my eyes slightly. Windows were all open, but that's my work. Daniel hates to be woken up by the sun and it was already 9. I turn towards the other side and see Daniel already freshly bathed with neatly combed hair all gelled up and in a hot hot grey suit. I finally reach his eyes after checking him out. He stood there with a clenched jaw waiting for me to look up at him which I just did. Oh! Now I remember...... it's all because of my stupid stupid stupid mouth. But it's alright. I've made my decision. I didn't do all the thinking yesterday night for no reason.

"Get ready. We're leaving in an hour. I'm going down for breakfast to have an important talk with dad" he said. But obviously my stupid mouth had to interrupt.

"What? Why? We are supposed to leave after a week?" I asked. Did I really have to ask that? Now that I had no time with him I thought I'd enjoy my time with him that's left.

He just glared at me and left the room. Oh god! What might he be thinking?! That I've come here to enjoy my holiday like a whore? God! When I first met him..... our phones got exchanged and w

seems even he has been sending a million every month to that account! He is still working on who that account belongs to. He'll get that info by tomorrow and he confirmed that it's a women. May be..... uhm.... a mistress. Your dad's mistress" he said out loud and I was shocked. I thought my Dad was always loyal to Mom. I don't think he'd even would've had time to cheat on her. FUCK! I thought at least my dad was loyal. But again.. may be all men are the same. But Daniel's voice interrupted me from thinking any further "It's not confirmed yet. So we can't believe that" he said and sat back in his chair behind the table. I sat there thinking about what I should do... but I think I will do what I've already decided. And now that Daniel told me such..... such.... what can I say? I really need time now. I don't want to know the truth. Because I believe my father never cheated. He was a good father and a good husband. As his daughter, I have full trust in him.

"She's not his mistress. Anything but not his mistress. He wouldn't cheat on Mom" I said and looked into his eyes and he nodded taking my words.

I got up from my chair. So this is it? That's it?!

I walked up to his chair and bent down until I was face to face. I kissed him with everything I had. So much hunger. The pain. This is it! He's free to go now. I pulled back and saw his shocked face with red lips. I laughed to myself! Omg. Didn't know I could kiss like that. I smiled at him and left his study closing the door behind me.

I went to our room and pulled a notebook and a pen. After I was done I left it on his bedside.... I slowly picked my bags. I had already packed them last night when I was going through Insomnia.

I slowly tiptoed and pulled my bag trying not to make much sound. I was finally out of the door and I slowly closed the door, it creaked a bit but I don't think he would have heard. Waiting for the elevator felt like a year.

When I was out of the elevator, I searched the lobby in case Daniel had come out here. God was on my side today. There was no one except the receptionist. It was almost lunchtime. I practically ran out of the gate and found a cab right in front of me. I jumped into it...... and here... I gave Daniel's life back to him.

He's free to have his life now. I was just being a burden to him and his life.

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