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   Chapter 27 Truth is Out

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 14829

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Caroline's POV

I didn't have the courage to do this. I looked at Daniel who was as tensed as I was. May be he didn't want the baby now. I looked at him pleadingly. He raised his eyebrows asking me 'what'.

I pointed towards the bathroom silently asking him to go and see. I gave the cover which had all the instructions written on it. He read them and went into the washroom.

After few seconds he came back with a grim sad expression. Oh god! Am I pregnant? Is that why he's so sad? Is he gonna leave me now? I won't even get a chance to tell him those three magical words. He's gonna leave me.

I sit on the bed and cry my eyes out in front of him. I don't care what he thinks about me at this moment. At least I have the right to cry for the love of my life! I heard footsteps coming towards me. And soon Daniel was sitting beside me hugging and smoothing my hair saying sweet words in my ears.

"Cara...... it's alright. We have all the time in the world to try again" he said and chuckled sucking at my neck.

"Try again?" I asked not knowing what he is talking about.

"Hmm? Yeah.. may be it was not time for us to have a baby. But we will... soon.. I mean if you want to.. that is of course." He said with a calm smile trying to soothe me.

"You mean I'm not pregnant?" I asked. And he shook his head 'no'

"Oh Thank god!" I said and sighed with relief.

"What do you mean by 'oh thank god'? You didn't want the baby?!" He asked now seriously angry with me.

"No! Obviously I'd love the baby if I had been pregnant! You came out with a grim face that I thought may be I am pregnant and that's why you're all sad. I thought you didn't want the baby and you'll leave me soon. You'll leave me all alone with a baby. And oh my god! I'd have to be a single mother" I said. Here comes my weird thoughts. But I was really hurt with my thoughts. What if I was really pregnant and all this would have happened?

Daniel shook me by my shoulders bringing me back from my world of thoughts.

"Cara! Welcome back to Earth! I don't know where you get these ideas from. But.... Do I look like such a bastard to you? Who'd abandon his own child?" He asked angrily and I didn't reply. Instead I looked down at my fidgeting hands on my lap. So he continued. "I wasn't sad because you thought you were pregnant. You assumed you were. While I was sad knowing that you weren't pregnant. With your own brain and creative ideas you already got to know that I deliberately tried to get you pregnant! Then how can you think I didn't want the baby. God! You make me sound like a monster" he sighed and got up from the bed with his hands on his waist.

"There's no need to be so sad about that. I was just voicing out my thoughts. That what if... and usually billionaires like you wouldn't want a stupid baby to come their way and screw their lives!" I said rolling my eyes as he was making a big issue out of it.

"Billionaires like me? Care to explain what do you mean by billionaires like me?!" He asked with anger blazing in his eyes.

God! He's changing the topic. I don't even understand why we are fighting.

"Can we just stop fighting? Please?" I asked with an irritated tone.

"No! I want you to explain to me first!" He said with his hands still on his waist and narrowed eyes.

"It means..... that you'd either leave me alone with a child or pay me to get the child aborted and leave me alone. Well... that's what the tabloids say! And I'm no wife of yours. You introduced me as your girlfriend to Mark, I don't even know if you mean it or not." I said with an unlady like snort.

"So that's what you think about me?" He said with a hint of hurt in his voice.

"I said that's what the tabloids say not what I think" I muttered more like to myself. I couldn't see him hurt.

I got up and stood in front of him but still could reach only up to his shoulders.. before I could say anything he just nodded at me and left. He left? Just like that.


It was already 10 at night. I already had dinner. Everyone was there. Except Daniel. The cook came and said that Daniel won't be joining us, he's out somewhere and he'll be late.. I don't know why we fight. But what I said was true. He should've understood what I said instead of leaving. I don't understand what I should do with him. He doesn't understand my feelings! I realized and accepted it long back that I love him. I've just been trying to keep those f

's it. Nick had a happy smirk on his face as he got to prove his point. His explanation to me was that, that if he would have told me before I wouldn't have believed him. And then if I'd even catch them red hand I'd think that he seduced her...... I think he was right" he said with hurt clear in his eyes.

I swear if I find that bitch somewhere, I'm surely gonna kill her with my own hands. "And then?" I asked like a fool.

He chuckled and said "And then.... I cancelled the wedding. I didn't come out of the house for almost a month. But again, it was Nick and Alex who brought me out of that depression. And that's how I turned into a Billionaire Casanova who never believed in love again. One year after that, Mom and Dad thought that I was turning into a playboy so they decided that marriage would do me good. And it turned out to be the same again" he said with a bitter laugh. "Natasha slept with Nick. But I didn't feel anything this time. Cause one, it was just a business arrangement and two, I was not in love with her. Anyways, Mom never liked Natasha. She was Dad's choice. So after that Mom never suggested Dad to get me married or find a girl for me" he said and laughed happily.

"Oh...." was all I managed to say.

"Yeah oh." He said teasing me but continued. "That's the reason I feel angry when I see you and Nick together. We were childhood friends. He only left for Greece so that he could get his masters in business and continue his dad's business. Before that in school.. he used to get every girl that I wanted" he laughed and continued "but we were still best of friends. I can't handle you both together. I loose it all" he said.

"Daniel..... I'm so sorry.... I-I d-didn't know.. but you have to know that there's nothing going on between Nick and I alright? He and Alex are like my big brothers I never had. They even call me sis... I m-mean except in front of you. They say they enjoy riling you up.." I said with a light smile on my face.

"I don't know Cara. I just can't see you with.. not just Nick. But not with any other man. After so many years.... your the girl I'm with. I did mean it when I introduced you as my girlfriend to Mark. But I can't see you with anyone. You're mine. I get jealous ok?-" He said and I started laughing. Daniel Rochester? And jealous? Omg! For me? Wow!

"You don't have to get jealous. I told you they are like my brothers. And the other men..... hmm" I acted as if I'm thinking trying to rile him up more.

"What? Why are you thinking so much? What do you have to think about so much?" He asked annoyed with fear and irritation clear on his face.

"Oh just shut up! You're such a big fool. You think I'm behind other men huh? Don't worry mister they are nowhere near you. Besides, they are no one to me and I have no feelings for them. But you? I love you so it's completely diff-" I stilled as I felt Daniel straighten beside me.

I just blurted out those words!


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