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   Chapter 26 Proof!

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 11486

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Caroline's POV

"What the fuck Daniel?! I'm not getting married to you" I yelled at him and he looked amused.

"Yes sweetheart you are. And very soon...!" He said in a sing song voice. "And moreover your pregnant with my child. I don't want others to call him names. He'll be my legitimate child!" He said seriously this time. God he's so sick.

"No! And what do you mean by 'him' 'he'? One! It could be a girl. And two! AM NOT PREGNANT!! AND AM NOT MARRYING YOU!!" I was still screaming at him out of panic. You know it should get through his thick skull right. Here I was still thinking what I am to him and this asshole wants to marry me already.

"Why are you so against about marrying me?" He said with a fake sad smile, teasing me.

"And why are you so happy about my pregnancy? I thought you'd hate the baby" I too said with a fake sweet voice, rolling my eyes.

"Wait! Did you already know about my pregnancy? I just found out... I mean I myself got the doubt just a few hours ago. It can't be possible that anyone would tell you or you heard someone. You........ You purposely didn't wear a condom right!?" I asked him... first he was shocked as well but then he had a sheepish smile on.

"Asshole! You should have asked me first that if I wanted a baby. Asked me? Hell! With all the money you have you could have hired someone for that. I'm not even ready. What if I really am pregnant huh?" I said and started crying while he hugged me and just let me cry in his arms saying sweet words in my ear.

"I'm sorry. I guess I was in a hurry.... why'd you say you thought that I'd hate the baby. Not a chance possible darling! Aaaahh.... Alright. Let's leave the proof for sometime. Uhmmm... do you mind? I mean.. we'll go buy a pregnancy test or do we have to go visit a doctor..? It'll be easier for us if we know accurately right? I mean if your not pregnant we'll accept it and if yes then I'll be with you every step. Don't get scared. I know you're panicking. And you don't need to. But it's ok. I think it's the hormones." He said jokingly, I laughed and hit his chest playfully.

"Yeah. Come let's go" I said pulling his hand and suddenly I stopped him "No wait!"

"What" he asked out of concern.

"Can we send someone to buy those tests? Someone you trust, who won't tell anyone? I mean I feel kind of awkward.. people will all be staring at us and uhm..." I trailed off, not knowing how to continue.

"You shouldn't worry about whatever people say sweetheart. But it's ok, I'll send Sam. He won't tell anyone. By the time he'll be back..... I'll be showing you a surprise proof." He said and took out his phone to call Sam. I was near him but I still couldn't make out what they were talking. Then after the call ended he pulled my hand taking me towards the back gate again. Are we going somewhere? I thought.

But then I failed to see a small room near the gate. Maybe for the watchman or something. We entered the room and many bodyguards in complete black stood up. They were towering over me, maybe they could just crush me with a slight push. And they? Stood up as I entered as a sign of respect. Daniel was now holding my waist from behind. Then a fair, large, huge, tall man stood next to Daniel. Daniel instantly shook hands with him.

"Cara meet my childhood friend Mark. Mark, my girlfriend, Caroline" he said gesturing with his hand. What caught my attention was the way he introduced me. Gi

he'd fight again. Moreover I would have to pack my bag just to move into his room. He opened the door and asked me to sit while he put all the things into my bag again. Clothes, accessories, make up. In just five minutes my bag was ready and all I did was gape at him. Clearly, I know Daniel very well and he's never gonna change. For a moment I was shocked with his reaction.

He pulled my hand with him and now were in his room. You're asking why I didn't complain? Cause I silently prayed that he'd take me to his room. I haven't been getting proper sleep without him next to me. I miss him in bed.

I was lost in my thoughts as I didn't see Daniel standing in front of me expectantly. I raised my eyebrows asking him 'what', he moved his face trying to point at my hands. I looked at the white bag. Half scared. What could be the answer? Daniel nodded trying to encourage me. There were ten tests of different brands. I took four of them in my hands and read the instructions. All said to wait for 5 minutes.

Daniel followed me into the bathroom and I'm sure he'll want to see me taking the test. Not happening. "What? Why are you following me?" I asked.

"I'll stay" he said. This man is completely out of his mind.

"What the hell!? No Daniel" I said sternly.

"No! I'll stay. How would I know if you've taken the test properly. You could even add water and then show me saying that it's negative" he said as a matter of fact. That's such a ridiculous idea.

"What!" I asked now disgusted with him that he could even think so. I'm sure if I argue more he won't agree with me. So I took a different turn. "This is how much you trust me?" I asked faking a soft hurt voice. His eyes widened and he shook his head 'no'.

"Alright.... I'll leave. You're definitely pregnant. You're already acting like a hormonal pregnant women!" He grumbled to himself and left and I was frowning at him. Really? Hormonal pregnant women? Let's see....

I peed on all the four sticks and walked to set an alarm for after 5 minutes in case I forget. Obviously I won't, this is not something I can easily forget. Daniel was getting impatient with every second that passed. It was the longest wait I ever had. I looked at Daniel and him at me.. both worried about what the future holds for us.

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