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   Chapter 25 Clearance..

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Daniel's POV

Cara.... Cara....... I kept repeating her name in my mind. I miss her so much. She hasn't spoken to me since TWO weeks! I don't know how am I even surviving! She still gives me looks from her eyes saying "look at you best friend. Look what she's doing!"

I don't know why I say such things to her and then expect her to forgive me! Obviously she won't! I mean how many times will she? Right?

Natasha asked for a drink and I was taking it to her, when I heard a loud scream coming from the pool area. I guessed it was Mom. Yes! Mom is screaming her lungs out. And what I saw made me stop in my tracks. My Cara was struggling to breathe. Drowning into the pool. When I saw her getting tired and she was about to sink to the bottom. And I was just watching with horror. It then clicked in me and then I threw the glass and jumped into the water to save her.

I caught her by her hand brought her close to me by her waist. When I got out of the pool I laid her on the floor. She was unconscious! And she wasn't breathing as well...... Mom pushed me aside and pressed her abdomen and then she coughed out water! But she was still unconscious but atleast now she was breathing! Thank god! She just gave me a panic attack.

I brought her to my room and removed her wet clothes immediately. Dried her with my towel and then dressed her with one of my t-shirt that's too long for her and my boxers. I insisted on calling a doctor but Mom said she'll be fine. I trust her words since she was a doctor before she met Dad.

I was sitting on bed beside her looking at her face. So innocent...... completely away from the real world. And finally after two hours she woke up completely clueless to what happened.

"What happened? Why am I wearing your shirt? Who changed me?" She asked innocently.

I raised my eyebrows saying 'really?' And then she turned her face to the other side trying to think and her eyes widened. Seems like she remembers everything now..

Now she is glaring at me.

"You want more proof than this!?" She asked. No. Scratch that. Screamed!

But this time I had no idea what she was talking about.

"What are you saying?" I asked clueless.

"Of course! You weren't there. I didn't accidentally fall into pool Daniel!" She said waiting for me to understand.

"What? What do you mean?" I asked again.

"I didn't fall. I was purposely being pushed into the pool. Or tripped?!" She said, angry again.

"You mean Natasha pushed you?" I asked when I already knew what she was implying at. She nodded and I closed my eyes. I was still in denial. I know Natasha's not the best person. She is not too good or innocent. But she knew whatever we had was just physical, no emotions. So I don't think she could do any such thing. She is not the jealous type.

But somehow every part of me wants to believe Cara. She thinks I don't trust her. I do. More than I trust myself. If there's one person who is giving me hope to live. It's her! How can I not believe her? I just don't want to give in so easily to her.

When I was shaking my head in denial and looked up at her face to say she held up her hand asking me not to speak. Her face still filled with anger. I could read her like a book. But more than anger it was hurt. As though she was tired.

"Enough Daniel.. I know what you wanna say. I can't say anything anymore. Even after all this, if you can't trust me..... then....." she tried to say something. She swallowed as if something was stopping her from saying it. "I work for you Daniel. And as you name it, I'm nothing but your Secretary or personal assistant or whatever that is.. you asked me to give you a chance. I did. But for what? What a

arriage, they cancelled the merger. And now after so many years they've again agreed for the merger. We should solve all that first. I'll speak to Dad about it. I want proof to show him. Dad really wants this merger to happen but I myself am not happy with it. I have this gut feeling that they have another hidden motive" I said.

Her face held shock!

"Wow! I didn't know..... and Nick? I mean you never speak out..." she said and all I did manage was to give a slight smile. I'm really not good at this talking stuff. I always say something I won't mean. Caroline was smiling as well but looking at my small smile she frowned and went back deep into her thoughts. God! I have to really bring her back from her thoughts and keep her away from it. Seriously! They are like virus. So infectious, so dangerous!

"Cara... what now?" Good things is that she can't lie. She's very bad at it. And I can find out easily cause if I ask two or three times she'll tell me everything. Not much of a problem.

"Is this all because... because I mentioned about the baby. That's why now you trust me?" She asked again with tired eyes almost ready to cry.

"No! Stop thinking so much Cara. It is what it is. What I said is true. You don't have to think about something that I didn't say, that's irrelevant or something that isn't even connected to what we are talking about. It's not because of the baby and besides you're not even sure" I said and she nodded, smiling at me.

Caroline's POV

All his words are so sweet. I don't even know (As he said) from where do such ridiculously stupid thoughts enter my mind.

He hugged me by side and almost carried me. We were walking out of the door that led to the back gate. Proof? Where is he taking me? I thought. But again Daniel interrupted my thoughts.

"So sweetheart. Don't forget we still need to confirm the baby" he winked and was so happy to talk about the baby. I could sense it in his voice, see it in his eyes. And I thought he'd get angry and throw things at me.

"Yeah. I know. But I still don't think there's a high possibility." I said...

Lie! Complete lie! I was silently freaking out about the baby. I just told that to calm myself.

"Whatever! Anyways we're getting married soon." He said and grinned mischievously... he is hiding something from me. But then I realized what he said. He said it so calmly as if he didn't say anything at all.

Only word that left my mouth was


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