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   Chapter 24 Falling Deep into Emotions

The Billionaire Casanova in Love By Meghana_N_S Characters: 9481

Updated: 2019-01-06 22:44

Caroline's POV

Hmm... I just couldn't sleep after hearing what Daniel thought about me. It was already 6 in the morning so I thought I could get ready since we'll all be leaving to their private island.

By the time I got ready, it was nine. I know I took my own time. But I was too slow and deep in my thoughts. I was wearing pink shorts with a black sleeveless shirt. And just after I put on my accessories there was a knock at the door. I opened the door only to reveal The Great Mr.Daniel Rochester! He was looking completely hot in his casual T-shirt and jeans. What am I thinking?! I strode past him into the kitchen area to clear my thoughts. And the breakfast was already prepared. And my stomach chose the perfect time to growl. Daniel chuckled and filled a plate placing it in front of me.

"Eat" he said gesturing towards the plate. I pulled my chair to sit, only for him to sit on the chair next to me.

You know everything has a limit. And sometimes it gets quite annoying!

Every time he does something wrong I always find it in me to forgive him. What he did yesterday saying he doesn't trust me... he didn't say that exactly. But his hesitance said all that I've to know. And it hurt! Every other time I felt hurt, it was all about me. Saying that I was a one night stand, I was a fling, I'm nothing to him... was fine. But comparing me to some other girl? Did it all.

He trusts her! More than me. Well she once used to be his fiancee, best friend.. and me? I don't even know what I am to him. He did ask me to forgive him that night. He did ask me to give him a chance. But what was that? Are we dating? Am I his girlfriend? Or the contract girl? I can't even call myself his assistant, all his work is done by Sandra.

A hand waving in front of my face brought me back to reality.

"You alright? I called your name so many times and you didn't reply.." he asked with concern.

And I decided to give him a reply. Since I have no right to be angry with him. Why should I be jealous? He can go with anyone he wants. Neither are we dating nor are we married. I'm not his mistress, or girlfriend or wife!

"Yeah. I'm fine. What time are we leaving?" I asked as though I'm really thinking about it.

"We'll leave as soon as you finish your breakfast" he said with a frown due to my sudden mood change.

"Oh no. I'm done. I'm full" I said with a smile holding my stomach. I think I could have tried being an awesome actress...

"Cara.... you only had two spoons full of scrambled eggs. You haven't even touched those pancakes. Is it because I made them and that's why you don't want to eat?" He asked with a guilty face.

Na-ah. I'm not gonna fall for that face.

"No I'm actually full. I don't feel like eating. And I didn't know you prepared. I have to say it's better than mine" I said so excitedly

d! "Ohho... tell me when can my precious eyes get to see their grandchild? Are you not pregnant yet?!" She screamed so loudly with a sad face making Sara choke on her drink and me? Well.... I pushed the glass off the table spilling it's contents on the floor. Thank God! It didn't break. I was as red as a tomato now. I bent down to hide my face acting like I'm picking the glass. "Oh let it be dear. Only work you have is.. go work on making a grandchild for me already!" She said. OMG! That's what I was saying.. she is too dangerous!

"Aaahh... I'll go get a drink for myself. Excuse me" I said and walked forward. Then I slowed down. Maybe..... I might be pregnant. I mean my period is usually irregular. I'm not on any pill. And I'm damn sure Daniel definitely didn't use a condom last time... last time meaning many times. Oh god! I need a test! Now! I should go shopping and buy a test. I can lie that I felt like shopping or anything!

Just as I thought to take a step, I saw Natasha was standing in my way, leaning onto a table, smirking at me! I thought to ignore her and move forward. And as I was about to move past her, she moved her leg forward purposely trying to make me fall with my face front. Face front would've been better. But what she did next was scary. She pushed me into the pool. Now I really wished to fall with my face front cause I really don't know how to swim!

The water hit my right side of the body like someone slapped me hard all over.

I couldn't breathe! I can't.. I can't.. I tried to move my arms and legs like they say.. like they swim. But it pushed me even deeper...... I tried to open my mouth to scream and that's it! Water everywhere! They say your entire life splashes in front of you when you die.... but nothing of such bullshit happened! I'm drowning and drowning..... I'll die soon? Dad I'm coming I thought and smiled to myself....

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