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   Chapter 23 Dream Destroyed

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Caroline's POV

I'm seriously confused right now. I called Mom to ask about Uncle Anthony. She says that he now stays in my late grandparents' small farmhouse in California. But...... then who was the one I saw in that car...? Was it my Uncle or just my imagination?

Daniel is sitting next to me and watching television. I look at his face only to see his eyes on me.

"What?" I asked.

"You seem to be deep in thought....? Something that I should know of?" He asked.

I laughed trying to make him believe that I am fine "Nothing..... Just that it's a beautiful place. Completely different from New York" I said. And he nodded agreeing with me. What I didn't know was that he knew I lied.

"And I should believe that? At least say something that's convincing. If you don't know to lie, you shouldn't even try" he said not happy with me lieing to his face.

"Alright alright..... Daniel.... I saw my Uncle.... I mean my Dad's brother. In Greece.." I looked at him and he was listening with all his ears. I laughed at his expression and he seemed... amused.

"Care to share? What's so funny" he asked smiling.

"Uhm..... nothing.... just that you're so cute.. can I continue?" Again he nodded.

"Daniel... we have lost everything. I mean when Dad died.. we were bankrupt. After he died, we had a month time.. which I obviously wasted. When I thought that I was ready to face the outside world and to take the responsibility of an entire company... uncle told me that he tried everything but he couldn't help us. And then we lost the company to someone else. We didn't even stay to see all that. Just got our things and left as soon as you offered a job and an apartment." I said and shrugged.

"Soo....?" He raised his eyebrows saying he didn't understand.

"Soooo...... he himself didn't have money to do anything. He said Mamma that he'll find a job and stay in California in grandpa's farmhouse. But I saw him in Greece. I mean now. While we were coming in the car. And I'm damn sure Daniel that it's him... Believe me! I just feel... I know there's something wrong" I said trying so hard that he believes me and does not think that it's my imagination or infatuation while I'm confused myself.

"Alright. I believe you. You..... want me to check up on him? I have an investigator. He can find out about him?" He asked.

But I just didn't feel right... investigating.... he's not a criminal. It feels like I'm invading his privacy. He's my uncle and I'm just worried about him.

"Cara..... I know what you're thinking. Investigating in the sense.... Obviously we can't go ourselves and check out if he's ok. Right? So we can send someone so that he can inform if your uncle is fine or not. Or maybe.. who knows.. he might be in some... problem? And we might be able to help him? If everything's alright then fine. If not then we can help him. Simple." He tried to reason out. And I think he's right in some way.

"Okay....." I said smiling at him.

"Okay babe. You go freshen up.... or.. wanna have a shower.... with me? I'll call up Sam tell him to find out about this so that my Cara can be in peace" he said smiling and kissed my temple. His words making me melt at his tenderness.

He left the room and I went to grab my clothes for the shower.

I really am in need of a hot shower. I feel like something's wrong. I felt it when I saw him. But now that I told Daniel about it, I'm feeling a bit lighter. I stripped out of my clothes and got into the shower after checking the temperature. I think I was really tired as I hugged myself and closed my eyes standing below the shower.

After sometime... I felt someone.... him.. my love.. behind me. Daniel........

Sometimes.... I know he annoys me a lot. But somewhere in my heart he sat like an angel in there.

I felt him hug me from behind spreading his warmth all over my body. I opened my eyes and looked at him. Still hugging me he turned me towards him and took my lips under his spell!

Those lips... so addicting! I opened my mouth for his sweet tongue to enter. But he kept biting and sucking on my lower lip.

He then pulled one of my leg around his waist and I eventually wrapped my other leg around him as well.

He bit on my ear and continued his journey to my neck and then.. ooooohh.... my breasts!

"Daniel.... ooooh... mmmm... b-baby s-slow down.." I moaned trying to catch my breath. Oh I don't know where his tongue learnt that from.

He kept biting and sucking on my breasts as thought his life depended on them.

"Sorry baby! You're just sooo...." he stopped his incomplete sentence and continued hi

d every word coated with jealousy.

"So that's why...?" He asked with his eyebrows raised and I nodded.

"I know Natasha's not the sweetest person. But definitely she wouldn't claim me like that. She knows that our relationship was temporary, just a little fling. So you don't have to worry about her....." he said irritated.

"What do you mean by she wouldn't claim you? She did. In front of me. So you mean that I'm lying?!" I asked with anger radiating from my body

"Maybe. But- oomph" huh! Take that! I couldn't handle hearing the entire sentence about whatever bullshit he was talking about. I cut him off by throwing my purse hardly on his chest. I don't think it made much difference to him....

"Cara! Stop acting like a child! She once used to be my best friend. Then fiancee. You know that. And I know her! You can't say such things about her just because you don't like her!" He said and I was staring at him with my mouth wide open. This is what he thinks about me? That I'm a child? And that I'd be so low and cheap to lie to him about her. As if I have no other better work.

"Fine then... if you don't trust me then why are you even with me? You could have stayed with her. You know what? I don't actually care. For all I know you can happily go jump into her bed and sleep with her. 'Your ex-fiancee..... And I don't need to give you any explanation about myself" I said angrily and picked up my purse that had fallen on the floor and my two bags. And thanks to God that I hadn't unpacked them.

I was trying to carry them all to the next room when Daniel asked me "where are you going?"

"I don't think I can sleep or even stay in the same room that you are in. It's your hotel. Your penthouse. Your fiance. Your life. So you stay in this room. And I'll move out" I said giving a fake smile and went to the next room slamming the door hard and quickly locked it.

"Cara! Open the door! Now!" He screamed from the other side of the door.

"Just let me be in peace. Let me sleep. And will you fucking leave?! Or even better! Go to you fiance" I emphasized on the word fiance with fake enthusiasm.

"Fine then. You know I have the keys right?" I could sense his bloody smirk.

"GET LOST DANIEL! STOP IRRITATING ME. AND DON'T YOU DARE OPEN THE DOOR. Why? Was this room reserved for your fiancee?" I said half screaming trying to say any fucking stupid crap so that he leaves already.

I heard him sigh and he said "I think you're too angry to think right now. Just.... sleep it off. Well talk tomorrow. Okay?" He asked in a soft voice but when he didn't hear a reply from me I could hear his footsteps. That was slowly fading. Maybe he went back to his room......

He thinks I'm a child! And he doesn't believe me....... so what am I doing with him when he doesn't even trust me? What am I to him? What is our relationship? Am I his personal assistant? Girlfriend? Or mistress? Or maybe...... was the bitch telling the truth? That he'll leave me when he looses interest and I failed to see it.......?

So many questions and all unanswered.

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